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Fluff can be found here.


  • This is a Squirmish papercraft game created by B&hammer40kun.
  • Miniature templates have been created by James Bowen and Nutjob.
  • Dark_Matter and Hats contributed to graphisms
  • Dark_Matter, Indonesian Gentleman and SquashMonster contributed to fluff.


Once again, discussion, criticism, comments and advice are very welcome, so don't hesitate to quote and comment anything that seems to be wrong.

Beginning the game[edit]

There are two kinds of maps in Unlimit3d 8 : the meta-map and the territorial maps. The Meta-Map is a map where all the territories are noted. A Territorial Map is a map where the buildings of each territory is noted. At the beginning of a campaign, 1000 Stellar Credits (SC) and one territory of the meta-map is awarded to each player. It comes with a Station, Command center, Power plant, Radar, and Landing pad. Once the players have noted on their territory map the place of each building, they can begin their first turn.

Strategic turn[edit]

Commercial phase[edit]

In the commercial phase you can ship resources to the mining cooperatives to earn money. This will allow you to gather Stellar Credits that you will be able to spend later. In this phase you can also trade resources or services with your different opponents.

You can also purchase Buildings, Equipment, Vehicles, Weapons, and hire Operatives. The Buildings may appear in any territory you own. The other elements may only appear in a territory with a landing pad.

Activity phase[edit]

In the activity phase, you have to choose which buildings are active and which aren't. Each active building consumes energy and you can't use more buildings than you can put power in.

If active :

  • Your mineshaft will produce minerals.
  • Your foundries and refineries will be able to produce refined minerals.
  • Your factories will produce goods.
  • Your turrets will be able to fight invasion.
  • Your forcefields will be active.

No Resource can be produced if there is no room in the Warehouses of the territory where the resources are being produced.

This is also the phase when you can swap equipment on vehicles as long as both the vehicle and equipment are in the same territory. Empty vehicles must be parked on the according territory but any weapon not attached to a vehicle and any exo-armor must be stored in a container and placed in a warehouse. A container can contain one armor, or five light weapons, or three medium weapons, or one heavy weapon.

Move Phase[edit]

In the Move Phase, any of your units can move to any territory you control, or any territory adjacent to a territory you control.

The only restriction being that the unit has to travel through territories you control. Meaning that if for any reasons one of several of your territories were to be separated from the others, none of your units can travel from the first to the later freely, and reciprocally.

The moves you decide are to be kept secret from your opponent, and only revealed at the beginning of the Tactical phase. This means you have to decide where each unit will be at the end of this turn, and list your moves in an appropriate fashion.

A player can grant passage over his territories to another, in which case they must define which territories the opponent may consider theirs for Movement purposes. Of course, betrayal is always an option, and the passing player can then attack. Any territory adjacent to the territories where they were granted the right of passage.

You only have to announce which territories you move if your units finish their move on a territory that isn't yours, and don't have to reveal which of the units was moved until they meet with enemy units.

In this phase, any two pilots in the same group of territories can exchange equipment.

Tactical phase[edit]

If a unit or a group of units move to a territory where no enemy unit is present, they take possession of said territory.

If a unit or a group of units move to a territory where there are enemy units, they engage into battle until all the units of one side are either destroyed or retreat to an adjacent territory. You can only retreat to a territory you control.

If, through game-play, a unit can't retreat to an adjacent, controlled territory then they are removed from the map and reappear at the beginning of the next Movement phase on any territory that unit's player controls. That unit cannot change any Equipment or Pilots until the beginning of the subsequent Strategic Turn.

When all battles are resolved, the next Strategic Turn begins.

Territorial maps[edit]

The territorial map records what's being built on the territories each player owns.

The Territorial Map is divided into 16x16 squares. Its suggested each square is represented by 2"x2" squares on a gaming board.

The Unit Card[edit]

Unit Card

The unit card displays useful information about the units you control. Pilot and vehicles have certain attributes that don't affect combat directly. The card sums it all up for you.

  • A - Unit and Name: keeps track of who pilots what, and what the pilot's Pilot Skill level is.
  • B - Unit logo: A recognizable symbol, or a number should be placed on every model to make an immediate link between the card and the miniature.
  • C - Size and Weight class depend on the vehicle.
  • D - Base Defense depend on Size, Weight class and Pilot Skill level.
  • E - Move and Max move depend on the vehicle propulsion, weight, and driver’s piloting skill. They determine how fast a vehicle can move.
  • F - When noting the damages, tick half of them (rounded up) with a cross, the other half with a slash. The damages ticked with a cross can’t be repaired, and the damages with a slash can.
  • G - Armor depends on the vehicle, it absorbs damage.
  • H - Skills depend on the Pilot Skill level. The seven columns are the skill scores multiplied by 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 respectively. Halves are rounded down.
  • I : Weapons stats depend on the weapon base stat line. Cool-down is the weapon base minus the Pilot Skill level.

Making a roll[edit]

To roll, you need three eight-sided dice (3d8). You must choose and announce before rolling which die matches up to each of the following BEFORE rolling:

  • The active die (most often used for damages, suggested color: red, orange, or yellow. Eventually white)
  • The passive die (used to trigger special effects, suggested color: blue, cyan or green. Eventually black)
  • The nemesis die (used for critical hit and miss, suggested color: purple, pink, with glitter or marble effect. Eventually metallic)
  1. Add up the three dice and find the sum on the J row of the unit card.
  2. Read the result on the according column for the skill you rolled.
  3. Then compare this result to the difficulty you rolled against. If your score is equal to or above the difficulty, it’s a success.
  4. The active die determines the effectiveness of the action.
  5. The passive die determines if a passive effect occurs.
  6. The nemesis die determines if something special happens.


You can build any structure on any territory you own, if you pay the price, and if you have already built the required buildings on the same territory.

For combat purposes, all buildings are considered to have a defense value of 0. A roll is still needed to hit, and Range Increments are still in order.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
50 none 4 30 Command center

A bunker can shelter up to five of your operatives if they use an exo armor. They can get out of the building with a move action, and get in if a move action leads them in contact with the structure. You cannot make an assault action when entering a bunker.


  • Turret (cost 100) : As the turret described further.

Command center[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
200 20 3 25 Station

When a territory is attacked, if a Command center has been built on it and is activated, it allows the player to move units from an adjacent territory to the attacked territory.


  • Tactic Control (cost 50) : Grants the highest level character a +1 to their Will skill for the duration of the battle. If the bonus could apply to multiple character, pick the one who will receive this bonus.
  • Turret (cost 100) : As the turret described further.

Concrete barricade[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
20 none 2 30 Station

A barricade can protect any vehicle or exo armor in contact with it. Any range attack aimed at a unit hidden behind a barricade will receive two additional rang increments, but any missed shot will damage the barricade instead of the unit hidden behind it. On the other hand, a unit in contact with the barricade can « see » through it as it wasn't there.

Upgrade Ablative armor (20) : Ablative armor gives the barricade an additional 10 Hit Points, with armor 5. Once these ten points are depleted, the barricade gets back to its original armor value.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
500 30 2 30 Station

A factory produces supplies. With the right amount of refined resources, it will assemble products. You have to choose what kind of product the factory assembles when building it. It can be re-fitted, but you need to spend a whole activity turn during which the factory will consume energy to do so.

One factory can produce elements for either one building, two vehicles, or five kinds of exo-armor, weapons or equipment.

For each 100 Credits needed to purchase what you need, you will have to bring the factory 1 unit of common gas, 2 units of minerals, 2 units of common metal and 1 unit of precious metal.

Finally, a factory can only build up to 500 Credits worth of material each strategic turn.


  • Power efficiency (Cost : 100) : The energy needed to make the factory work drops from 30 to 15.
  • Extension of production (Cost : 50) : The Factory become able to produce up to 800 Credits worth of material each strategic turn.

Force Field[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
100 10 1 15 Power Plant

A force field protects a 4" x 4" territory. No projectile (missile or grenade) can enter the force field, and any unit and building the force field is considered having an additional armor of 5.

To disable the force field, the opponent must destroy all 4 force field generators. Stat line is for one functional force field, and each force field generator has 15 Hit points.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
200 15 1 15 Mine Shaft

A foundry turns raw minerals into refined minerals. It can convert 20 units of mineral every activity turn. The resources it converts don't have to be on the same territory, but the refined resources have to be stored in a warehouse on the territory they are produces until next commercial turn.


  • Power efficiency (Cost : 100) : The energy needed to make the factory work drops from 30 to 15.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
300 60 0 10 Station

You cannot activate any more Laboratory than the number of Scientist you've hired. It produces a research point each turn, except when a scientist is on the same territory. It would then produce as many research point as the scientist's level.

Landing pad[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
100 10 1 15 Radar

You can ship five containers each commercial turn for each landing pad you own. Each container may contain up to ten units of one single resource. This done, you earn the amount of credits your shipment is worth.

Mine Shaft[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
200 15 1 15 Station

A mine shaft produces resources according to the exploration roll made on the territory they're built on. Every resource produced by the mines of a territory must be stored in warehouses built on the same territory before being shipped to space or transformed in a refinery or a foundry.

Missile silo[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
200 5 1 15 Radar

A missile silo houses up to five tactical missiles. They cost 100 SC each, and you need a whole activity phase to produce one. It needs a radar on the territory it's built on to operate.

To fire a missile, you need a unit using a missile pointer.

Power plant[edit]

Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
100 None 1 15 Station

Each power plant produces 50 points of energy for the other buildings on the same territory to consume.


  • Enhanced generators (cost  : 200) :The power plant of a territory may receive an upgrade, allowing it all the power plants on the territory to produce twice as much power as normal. It can only be fitted on one power plant, and should the later be destroyed, the enhancement would be lost.
  • Extended power grid (cost : 100) : The power plant may produce energy to other territories with a Power Plant with extended power grid has been built.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
50 None 5 10 Station

Radars allow the landing pads and missile silos on their territory to operate


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
300 20 1 15 Mine Shaft

A refinery turns raw gases into refined gas. It can convert 20 units of mineral every activity turn. The resources it converts don't have to be on the same territory, but the refined resources have to be stored in a warehouse on the territory they are produces until next commercial turn.


  • Power efficiency (Cost : 100) : The energy needed to make the factory work drops from 20 to 10.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
20 None 0 10 None

A station is a glorified beacon : it keeps the territory yours and allows your units to travel through it.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
200 20 5 20 Command Center

Cost : 200 Energy needed : 20 Armor : 5 Hit Points : 20 Turrets are automated defense devices able to open fire against enemies without human control. They attack when the player controlling them sees fit, and these attacks don't take the player a turn. The turrets get CDT as any other unit, and can fire as soon as the CDT are depleted, but can't take technical orders. The turret can be fitted with any one kind of weapons.


Cost Energy / tun Armor Hit points Requirement
10 None 1 20 Station

A warehouse can store up to eight containers, all of which can contain up to ten resources.


Level and experience[edit]

After surviving a battle, a character is awarded one Experience Point (XP)

In addition, the characters may obtain more XP depending on what they've done during the turn. This way of gaining experience is unique to each character class.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
XP 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40


Hiring Cost : 10

Level Pilot Fight Tech Will Init
1 10 8 8 8 1
2 11 9 8 8 1
3 12 10 9 9 1
4 13 10 9 9 3
5 14 11 10 10 3
6 15 12 10 10 4
7 16 12 11 11 4
8 17 13 1 1 5

A Bandit gains one extra XP if :

  • They manage to steal a cargo of any kind.
  • They manage to destroy one enemy unit.


Hiring Cost : 10

Level Pilot Fight Tech Will Init
1 8 8 10 9 0
2 8 8 11 10 0
3 9 9 12 11 1
4 9 9 13 11 1
5 10 10 14 12 1
6 10 10 15 13 2
7 11 11 16 13 2
8 12 12 17 14 2

A scientist gains one extra XP if :

  • They manage to succeed in a piracy attempt
  • They are part of the exploration of a territory where xenotech material is discovered.


Hiring Cost : 5

Level Pilot Fight Tech Will Init
1 10 8 8 8 0
2 11 9 8 8 1
3 12 10 9 9 1
4 13 11 9 9 2
5 14 12 10 10 1
6 15 13 10 10 3
7 16 14 11 11 3
8 17 15 11 11 4

A soldier gains one extra XP if :

  • They destroyed an enemy unit during a battle (this XP can only be earned once per battle)
  • They destroyed an enemy building during a battle (this XP can only be earned once per battle)


Hiring Cost : 5

Level Pilot Fight Tech Will Init
1 9 9 9 9 0
2 9 9 10 9 1
3 10 10 11 10 1
4 11 11 11 11 1
5 11 11 12 11 2
6 12 12 13 12 2
7 12 12 13 12 3
8 13 13 14 13 3

A Worker gains one extra XP if :

  • They manage to repair another unit
  • They are part of a team that discovers an exceptionally pure depot of mineral.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Weapon Type Base Dmg. Misfire Range Inc. Base CDwn Special Cost
Cannon Solid A+10 1- 3 8 - 16
Machine Gun Solid A+7 1- 4 6 - 8
Shot Gun Solid A+8 1- 5 5 - 8
Beamer Energy A+14 - 5 6 - 20
Buster Energy A+5 - 6 8 - 8
Blaster Energy A+6 - 6 5 Spread 8
Grenade Lnchr Projectile A+8 2- 3 6 No line of sight, Blast radius 4" 10
Missile Lnchr Projectile A+10 1- 2 8 No line of sight 20
Missile Pod Projectile A+14 4- 5 8 No line of sight, Blast radius 4" 24
Grappling arms Contact A+10 - - 5 Weight lifting 8
Road header Contact A+16 1- - 7 12
Warp Drive Equipment Special - 5 10 Warping 40
Thunder wire Equipment Special - - 8 Piracy 20
Shield Equipment - - - - Shield 10


  • Designator (cost : 20) (L) : This isn't a weapon as such, but is used by a unit to designate a target to a missile sent from a missile silo. A missile deals 40 damages in a 4" radius.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Spread : A weapons with Spread deals 1 less point of damage for each 4 inches of distance. At pointblank range, on 7+ on the Nemesis die, its base damage is doubled.
  • No line of sight : The model firing such weapons doesn't have to "see" its target, but an ally must still have line of fight on it. These don't mishap like the others. Instead, they deviate 1/4 of the target distance on a random direction.
  • Blast : Measure the according distance from the point of impact. Every unit and building in that distance sustains the same attack as the original target.
  • Warp : The unit aims at a point it can see, where there is no building or other unit. Then it takes a Tech skill test with a difficulty of 8 x each 4" of distance (2" if the Warp drive is Light, 6" if the Warp drive is Heavy). If the pilot is successful, the unit crosses that distance instantly, and produces a blastwave that deals (5 x Unit Mass) damages to anything in a radius equal to the number of range increments taken.
  • Piracy : this allows the unit to take control of an enemy Unit or building :
    • Used on an enemy unit, it will give it Active die + 5 CDT
    • Used on an enemy turret, it will allow the pirate to use it as if it was their own, on a Tech skill roll of 20
    • Used on a laboratory, it will allow the pirate to steal a technology on a tech skill roll equal to the number of Research Points necessary to get the technology.
  • Shield : A shield grants some ablative armor : extra health points with extra armor value. They also add to difficulty to touch in close combat. Once the extra hit points are depleted, all the bonuses are lost.
Size Extra HP Armor bonus to defense
Light 5 +1 +4
Medium 10 +2 +6
Heavy 15 +3 +8


A weapon can have up to three different templates added to its stat line, only one of which can induce passive effects. When purchasing or building a weapon, it must have the different templates applied on it and paid for.

General Templates[edit]

Template Effects Cost
Heavy Dmg +25% (rounded down), CD+1, passive effect threshold -1 +50%
Light Dmg -25% (rounded up), CD-1, passive effect threshold +1 -50%
Accurate Range increment -1 +50%
Low quality Range increment +1, Mishap Threshold +2 -50%

  • Passive effect Threshold : If a weapon is made "Heavy", and its original passive effect threshold was 7+, it becomes 6+
  • Low Quality cannot be combined with Accurate

Solid / Explosive[edit]

Template Effects Cost
Concussion Passive 7+ : double damages +10
Corrosive Passive 7+ : target's weapons increase their range increment by 1 and reduce their max movement by 2 +5
Explosive warheads Dmg +2, Mishap Threshold +2, count as energy +20
Hardpoint Ignore half armor +5
Haywire Dmg 0, target fires all weapon with Mishap Threshold +2, and all Command tests have +5 difficulty +5
Roaring Machine gun only, obtains spread quality, Damages+2, Mishap +1 +5
RoF up Cooldown -50%, Range Increment +1, Mishap Threshold +2 +5

Energy Only[edit]

Template Effects Cost
Chain Reaction Passive 7+ : closest Unit sustains the same attack as the original target +10
Combustion Passive 6+ : target loses one point of damage each turn until it takes a 2CDT action +10
EMP Damage-1, adds 3CDT to target +10
High Frequency Ignore armor, Mishap Threshold +2 +5
Overload damage + 25%, cooldown +25% +5
Plasma Passive 6+ : Damage +4, Target CDT +2. Mishap Threshold +2 +10

Explosive Only[edit]

Template Effects Cost
Tactical Warheads Adds 4" to blast radius +10


Assault Vehicles[edit]

Vehicle Weapon Slots Size Weight Armor Hit Points Cost
Arakne 1M, 1H 3 3 2 10 50
Arbeiter 1H 6 7 1 25 50
Centaur 1M, 1H 5 4 2 20 120
Golem 1H 7 7 5 25 150
Heavy Charger H 4 8 4 15 120
Hellound 2M 4 4 3 15 100
Kanker 1M 4 7 4 20 100
Lycaon 2M 4 3 2 15 100
Minotaur 1M, 1H 3 4 3 20 130
Paladin 1M,1H 5 5 4 20 170
Pillbug 1H 2 3 4 20 130

  • Extension : for 25 credits, the Blood Hound can see one of its M slots turned into a H slot. It will gain 1 weight. The extension is considered like an equipment and can be removed.

Utility Vehicles[edit]

Vehicle Weapon Slots Size Weight Armor Hit Points Cost
Lorry None 2 3 0 10 20

  • The Lorry can receive the content of a container, but must be loaded by a unit equipped with grappling arms. If the Lorry is within 1 inch of the unit, the latter only needs its lifting action to take the container and empty its contents into the lorry. If a lorry is destroyed, its cargo is lost.

Exo Armor[edit]

Vehicle Weapon Slots Size Weight Armor Hit Points Cost
Epaulard 2L 0 1 1 10 30
Shark 1L 0 1 1 10 20
Spectre 1L 0 1 2 12 30
Stakanov 1M 1 2 1 15 20

All exo armor count as having a pair of light grappling arms. This does not count in the calculation of their weight. They lose the use of the base arms if they take a weapon, but even when given a weapon, they can always take an additional light shield.

Each weapon adds 1 to the weight for light weapons, 2 for normal weapons and 3 for heavy weapons

Weapon slots[edit]

You can fit as many weapon system on a vehicle as it has weapon slots. A "H" Weapon slot means you can fit either a Heavy weapon, a Medium weapon or a Light Weapon on it, a "M" slot a Medium or a Light weapon, an a "L" slot a Light weapon.

Pilot Skill 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Total Weight Move Increment / Max Move
1-2 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4 2 / 4 1 / 4 1 / 5 1 / 5 1 / 5
3-4 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4 2 / 4 1 / 4 1 / 5 1 / 5
5-6 3 / 2 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4 2 / 4 1 / 4 1 / 5
7-8 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4 2 / 4 1 / 4
9-10 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4 2 / 4
11-12 4 / 1 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 4
13-14 4 / 1 4 / 1 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 3 2 / 3 2 / 3
15-16 4 / 1 4 / 1 3 / 1 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / 2 2 / 3 2 / 3

Base defense = 15 + Pilot skill - (Size + Weight)
Minimum Base defense is 1
To calculate the Move increment, Max move and Base defense of a character in exo armor, replace Pilot skill with Fight skill.


When you take control of a territory no-one owned before, you make an exploration roll to determine the resources present :

Score Resource type Raw value Refined value Can be refined with :
3-8 Water 20 10 Refinery
9-10 Precious gas 15 30 Refinery
11-12 Common Gas 10 20 Refinery
13-14 Minerals 10 15 Foundry
15-16 Common metal 10 20 Foundry
17-18 Precious metal 15 30 Foundry
19-24 Unique Material 20 50 Foundry or Refinery

Active die : The active die states how many resources units are extracted by each mine shaft each Strategic turn :

Result Units / Turn
1 1
2-3 2
4-5 3
6-7 4
8 5

Passive die : on 7+, the resources are exceptionally pure. It means that you can sell said resources at 150% (rounded down) of their raw price without refining them. However, the refined price of the resource doesn't change.

Nemesis die :

  • 2- : the ground is unstable. Roll a d8 for each mineshaft each turn : on a 1, the shaft doesn't produce any resource.
  • 8+ : you find something unexpected, roll a d8 :
  • 1-4 : A shipwreck, where you can salvage hardware worth 1d8x10 SC
  • 5-6 : Xenotechnologic elements, worth d8x20 SC
  • 7 : Xenotechnologic artifact. You can either sell it for 200 credits or house it in a laboratory, allowing it to produce twice as many research points / turn
  • 8 : Xeno craft : all your laboratories produce twice as many research points. There can only be one craft in a campaign; if this result appears twice, it's turned into a simple artifact.


The tactical phase is when the battles are resolved. They are considered simultaneous, meaning that whatever happens, one character can only participate in one battle each strategic turn. When the tactical phase begins, the players choose randomly one of them, and this player will decide which battle will be played first. Then the next players chooses the next battle and so on until all battles are resolved.

  • All the defending units are placed within the limits of the space represented by the territorial map
  • All the attacking units are placed within the relevant section of the retreat corridor and at a minimum distance of 4" of any enemy unit
  • Is considered "enemy" any unit that is on the territory and doesn't belong to the player that owns it, even though they might have come as allies.

Tactical Turn[edit]

Here is how a turn plays :

  • The player removes one Cool Down Token (CDT) off all their unit cards.
  • They then choose an unit on which card there is no CDT, and an action to perform.
  • The action is resolved
  • Then they put as much CDT on the unit card as required
  • Turns end, next player’s turn starts


Assault (Fight)[edit]

  • An assault is taken when a unit makes both a Move action and Ranged Attack action
  • The range increment penalty adds up every 2 inches instead of 4
  • The unit takes CDT for both actions

Close Combat (fight)[edit]

  • Difficulty is Base defense
  • Damages are weapon Base Damage + active die result
  • Passive effect depends on the weapon caracteristics
  • Nemesis effect depends on the weapon characteristics
  • Unless stated otherwise, the target’s armor is deduced of the damages dealt

  • A unit can be used to tackle and imobilize another.
  • To do so, the player must first declare they try to immobilize, then make the roll.
  • The difficulty is the same, plus 6.
  • The player trying to immobilize may state if they're tackle agressively or not.
  • If so, the attack, if successful deals half the damages.
  • If not, the attack will only deal damages on a Nemesis score of 1


The designation of a target needs that the unit performing this action uses a designator. It must be within 12" of its target. When designating a target, the unit takes 2CDT by territory that separates the silo from the target. No command order can reduce this amount. When the CDTs are depleted, the missile strikes.


Any Unit equiped with Medium or Heavy Grappling Arms can lift a container and take it away. While the unit uses its arms to lift the container, it cannot use them to fight.


A vehicle can move up to its max move x 2 inches in a turn, an exo armor can move up to its max move inches. It takes as many CDT as its Move Increment for every 2 inches traveled. It does mean the first 2 inches are “free”.

Order (Will)[edit]

A character that doesn’t do anything else than moving can issue an order to those who have a lower character level. There are two kind of orders :

  • The first one is the cohesion order. The player chooses any number of units with no CDT and able to perform the same order (shoot at one particular target, move toward one particular spot, etc.). The difficulty of the test is 3 x (number of target units )
  • The second is the technical order. The player chooses a unit with CDT on it, and states how much they want to take off. The difficulty of the roll is 3 x ( number of tokens)

The players has to choose the target difficulty. If the roll is a failure the order doesn't have any effect.

A character who issues an order takes two CDT, in addition to the CDT they take for moving, if they do.

Ramming (pilot)[edit]

Ramming is making one vehicle run into another.

  • Difficulty is Base defense
  • damages are weight class of the attacker + every 2 inches crossed + active die result
  • Passive : on 7+, the target takes 2 CDT
  • Nemesis : on 1- the attacker takes as much damage as the target, on 3- they take half
  • Unless stated otherwise, the target’s armor is reduced by the damages dealt
  • If the attacker takes damages from the ram, he also reduces his armor

Ranged Attack (fight)[edit]

  • Difficulty is Base defense + range increment x every complete 4 inches of distance. Less than 4 inches doesn’t give range increment penalty and is considered “point blank”
  • The range increment distance is of 2" instead of 4" for infantry units.
  • Firing against an opponent that took cover adds a range increment penalty
  • Damages are weapon Base Damage + active die result
  • Passive effect depend on the weapon characteristics
  • Nemesis effect depend on the weapon characteristics
  • Unless stated otherwise, the target’s armor is deduced of the damages dealt

Repair (Tech)[edit]

  • A unit equiped with repair tools can attempt a repair on another mech.
  • The roll difficulty is 2 x the target number of hitpoint to recover.
  • Once the repair is made, all the remaining hit points ticked / become X
  • If the repair is a failure, half of the hit points ticked / become X (rounded up)

Maps and Sheets[edit]

Char Sheet MetaMap