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The Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG (UESRPG) is a d100 RPG set in The Elder Scrolls setting. The last version of the first edition was 1.05. The much improved second edition is no longer in development in favor of a third edition.

The game focuses on providing a solid rules foundation for as many aspects of the setting as possible, with the goal of allowing players to explore almost any part of the universe, or play almost any character. This means that the game includes more than the "base" ten races seen in the video games, as well as rules for obscure forms of magic only found in the lore, amongst other goodies. Of course every game needs at least some focus, so the game is written assuming that most campaigns will take place in Tamriel, though nothing is stopping you from going elsewhere.

Third Edition[edit]

In November 2016, Seht and Anon133 announced they would no longer be working on the (still technically unfinished) Second Edition. They opened a Discord and declared the reddit page the place they would henceforth make their announcements on. Calling on /tg/'s ability to get shit done, they are growing the number of helpers thanks to both sites in an attempt to make a proper Third Edition of the game that is further streamlined, more balanced and generally easier to understand.

There are two main core books:

  • Core Rulebook (current version 2.0, with v3.0 coming soon™): Contains all the rules needed to create characters and play the game.
  • The Player's Handbook (current version 1.0): Contains advice and additional rules for players along with additional races, racial talents and character traits.

And multiple supplements, each with a specific focus:

  • Book of Circles (current version 1.0): Contains rules for Shehai Shen She Ru and extra equipment.
  • The Scroll of Undeath (current version 1.0): Contains rules for necromancy and undead statblocks.
  • Scroll of People (current version 1.0): Contains profiles for dozens of NPCs for use in campaigns along with rules and advice on using them.
  • Tamrielic Artifacts (current version 1.0): Contains rules for many of the famous artifacts that have existed throughout Tamriel's history, as well as the Elder Scrolls themselves.
  • The Scroll of Oblivion (current version 2.0): Contains advice for exploring the planes of Oblivion and dealing with the Daedric princes, along with conjuration magic rules and stats for various monsters from Oblivion.
  • The Scroll of Beasts (current version 1.0): Contains rules and statblocks for all sorts of animals and beasts inhabiting Tamriel.
  • The Scroll of Thu'um (current version 1.0): Contains rules for Thu'um and statblocks for Draugr.
  • Wonders of the Ayleids (current version 2.0): Contains an assortment of rules and stablocks for everything relating to the Ayleids and resources for fleshing out dungeons.
  • Secrets of the Dwemer (current version 1.0): Contains Dwemer player race, statblocks for their animunculi, and lore and advice to assist players and GMs.

3e receives slow but very large updates every few months.

Rubery Roleplayers Edition[edit]

During the creation of 3e, one of the designers worked on his own version of updated rules on the side, that was tailored to how his group liked to play. Some people liked what he had done which led to him getting his own channel on the discord server, where he could post all the information about his edition, for whoever wanted it.

The rules can be found in three separate books:

  • Core Rulebook (Current Version 1.5): Covers all the core rules to play the game, including conjuration, diseases, thu'um, rituals and necromancy. Includes some of the common summons and a lot of setting information for those new to the Elder Scrolls.
  • Inhabitants of Tamriel (Current Version 0.7): Covers Rules on handling threat ratings and rules for all sorts of creatures, ranging from the basic wolves to behomoths to Daedra to Dwemer constructs and many more! Generic Human NPCs, rules to help create said NPCs, rules for Lycanthropy and loot tables are also included.
  • Mordane's Guide to Everything (Current Version 0.3): Extra player options, new talents, new magic effects, variant rules for experience, fear and skills. -Super WIP-

RRe constantly receives many mini updates, often a couple of times a week.

Second Edition[edit]

The second edition had been in development since the end of the summer of 2013. The developers moved away from Dark Heresy for second edition, instead attempting to create a new system that solves issues with first edition. This new edition drew heavily from Runequest (for its combat system), though it does maintain a few structural elements from Dark Heresy.

Second edition's structure is quite different from first edition's. There are three main core books:

  • Core Rulebook (current version beta 1.21): Contains all the rules needed to create characters and play the game.
  • GM Handbook (not yet released): Contains optional rules and advice for GMs who want to run the UESRPG.
  • Player Handbook (current version beta 1.1): Contains some advice for players and additional races.

And multiple supplements, each with a specific focus:

  • Arcane Arts (current version beta 1.04): Contains rules for advanced forms of magic. This includes things like Necromancy, Thu'um, Shehai Shen She Ru, Shadow Magic, and more!
  • Dark Paths (current version beta 1.1): Contains rules for playing Vampires and Lycanthropes.
  • Inhabitants of Tamriel (current version beta 1.01): Contains profiles for dozens of beasts, monsters, and NPCs for use in campaigns.
  • Secrets of the Dwemer (current version beta 1.01): Contains rules for Dwemer Animunculi, rules for playing Dwemer characters, and advice for the GM about certain aspects of the Dwemer.
  • Tamrielic Artifacts (current version beta 1.03): Contains rules for many of the famous artifacts that have existed throughout Tamriel's history, as well as the Elder Scrolls themselves.
  • Planes of Oblivion (not yet released): Contains rules and advice for exploring the planes of Oblivion and dealing with the Daedric princes.
  • Heroes of Tamriel (not yet released): Contains rules for many of Tamriel's famous heroes, villains, and other characters from the series that you may wish to use in your campaign.

The developers' current goal is to have the game finished by Thanksgiving of 2015.

As of November, 2016, the Second Edition is no longer being developed.

First Edition[edit]

The first edition was released on /tg/ in early 2013. Its mechanics are heavily influenced by the Dark Heresy system, to the point where it's basically a conversion. The first edition received updates up to the beginning of the summer of 2013 (version 1.05), at which point development stopped. The game is clunky in places, but functional, and also quite extensive.

Game Files & Resources[edit]

The latest version of the game, older versions and editions, and additional resources (including character sheets) can be found here. RRe files can be found here.

You can follow the game's progress through the dev blog(discontinued), on the subreddit or on the discord (see below).

The game's developers used to hang out in #UESRPG on, however it has since been discontinued in favor of discord, the link to which can be found in the above link to the file compendium. Anyone is welcome to drop in and ask questions, give feedback, or post terrible Vivec fan-fiction.