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I dare you to put your fingers into one of its nostrils.

Ur-Ghuls (Ghala troglodytes) AKA One Ugly Motherfucker are a Xenos species employed by the Dark Eldar and are native to the labyrinth ziggurats of the Dark Eldar city of Shaa-dom. Their nature means that they are one of the many atavistic beings that can be recruited by an Archon for his court. These creatures are noted for being the most hideous of all the creatures that a Dark Eldar Archon can summon. Being sightless instead relying on its huge sense of smell (Those holes on its face aren't eyes, they're noses). They are also quite agile for their size, their tracking abilities are quite renowned and once a prey has been caught by the beast's quivering scent-pits, it is known that nothing is able to escape these whip-thin horrors.

While anthropoid, the Ur-Ghuls are beyond tough to kill. Their skin is incredibly resilient to damage, almost as hard as steel. They can also contort their bodies to extremes, meaning that those steel bars you have behind you are as useless as wet toilet paper. They are also fucking fast and able to track their quarry for kilometers using an easy loping gait that covers long distances with low effort. It can keep up such a pace for a long duration, meaning that it will find you and it will kill you.

Ur-Ghuls are not only found in the open cesspits of Commorragh but also everywhere else in this Emperah-forsaken Galaxy. They can be even be found on a Blackstone Fortress; how they and the Ambull managed to get into the ship is relatively unknown.

On the Tabletop[edit]

On the 7th Edition Dark Eldar Tabletop, Ur-Ghuls are decent on the charge but fail in every other regard. Take them only if you need warm bodies (they have FNP, so they'll last) and lots of regular attacks in your retinue. Than came 8th Edition and Ur-Ghuls are only 15 Points with a crapload of S4 attacks for a single model, particularly on the charge. Unfortunately those attacks have no AP and only do 1 damage. It has no access to Power from Pain though. That said, 3W a unit does make them excellent Smite shields to protect a more important character.

In Blackstone Fortress (The game, not the ship), Ur-Ghuls are neutral entities that act more like stage hazards than they do an actual unit. They are one of the three neutral units along with the aforementioned Ambull and the Blackstone Fortresses' Spindle Drones.

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