Urban Fantasy

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Urban Fantasy (also called Modern Fantasy) is a form of Setting Aesthetics where modernistic societies and technologies are interwoven with fantastical elements. Whilst usually set in our "present day", most accept any point between the Victorian Era and the present as valid for it. This is helped by the fact that, despite it being perfectly possible to design a fantasy world where magitek or dungeonpunk has continued its evolution, most such settings are literally "Earth, but magic is real in some way".

The big divide between urban fantasy is whether the magical elements are out in the open, or exist in secret as a kind of occult underground

Notable examples of Urban Fantasy include:

  • Call of Cthulhu: Roaring 20s (or later) in a world where god-like aberrations exist and mortals are all but powerless against them.
  • Conspiracy X: Conspiracy theories and urban legends are true; it's your job to keep that fact under wraps. Basically X-Files: The RPG.
  • Delta Green: Call of Cthulhu's mythos are embroiled in the depths of society through conspiracies, with a secret government agents to fight it.
  • Dark Matter: Earth, but every conspiracy theory is rooted in actual fact.
  • The Dresden Files RPG: The somewhat well-known Urban Fantasy /lit/erature series had a FATE System-based RPG.
  • D20 Modern: Easily supports any Urban Fantasy story you want. The Urban Arcana sub-setting is literally "Earth, but races are migrating from the Dungeons & Dragons universe to here".
  • In Nomine: Angels and Demons: The RPG.
  • Masque of the Red Death: Victorian Era Earth is under attack by an evil god that basically wants to turn the world into a Demiplane of Dread style "realm of gothic horror".
  • Monsters and Other Childish Things: You're a kid on an Earth where monsters that want to kill kids really do exist.
  • Monster Hunter International: Monsters exist. You hunt them and get a ton of money for each kill.
  • Scion: The pagan gods of Earth are real, and their demigod children still secretly walk amongst us. You play as the demigods.
  • Unknown Armies: There is a literal occult underground where mad mages and twisted avatars of god-like aspects of humanity's collective subconsciousness duke it out.
  • Witchcraft: A world akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but where witches and other magical beings are often humanity's only protection against even worse monsters.
  • World of Darkness: Earth, but monsters hide in the shadows of civilization.