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Urgathoa, The Pallid Princess, Lady Despair
Urgathoa symbol.jpg
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Gluttony, Disease, Undeath, Hedonism
Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War; Subdomains of Blood, Daemon, Divine, Ferocity, Murder, Plague, Undead
Home Plane Abaddon
Worshippers Undead (esp. vampires & ghouls), Necromancers, Hedonists, Cannibals, the Diseased, Necrophiliacs
Favoured Weapon Scythe
Slaanesh & Nurgle don't like to talk about their illegitimate daughter.

Urgathoa is the Neutral Evil Goddess of Excess/Gluttony, Disease and Undeath from the Golarion setting of Pathfinder. Sort of a more hardcore take on Evening Glory, the demigoddess of Undying Love from 3.5's Libris Mortis, or the spawn of a really freaking weird threesome between Slaanesh, Nurgle and Nagash. Urgathoa earned her divinity by being the first mortal ever to reject the rulings of Pharasma and forcibly shackle her soul to her rotting carcass out of a sheer mad determination to keep enjoying life's pleasures. This made her the first undead, and thusly a full-fledged god, but also caused her to bring plague to the world. The Excess/Gluttony thing came about because she is, as you probably guessed, a huge hedonist. The hedonism and protection from disease aspects make her unusual in that she's an Evil deity that has worshipers other than kill on sight death cultists. She shares this distinction with Asmodeus who is the patron of some lawyers, which are not kill on sight but should be.

Needless to say, Urgathoa's worshippers are an eclectic bunch of master necromancers, plague victims, people praying to be spared the ravages of disease, hedonists, cannibals, necrophiliacs and sapient undead. Weirdly, though, her worship does have some positive aspects. For one, thanks to her own very long happy marriage to her equally-depraved husband, Urgathoa is very much a family woman, and expects all of her followers who get hitched to try to prove that a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. No divorce! Murdering your spouse and reanimating them as an undead slave is a-okay though. Maybe even just the dash of spice your relationship needs.

Also, while she's a bit of a monstergirl, usually manifesting as a sexy naked chick from the waist up and a gore-covered skeleton from the waist-down, well... she's a gore-covered skeleton from the waist down. In fact, by her offcial artwork, it'd be more accurate to describe her as a gore-covered skeleton who happens to still have enough flesh on her head and upper chest to let her keep her face and her tits. Indeed, at least one official source contends that it's the loss of her lady-organs that made her get even worse after she died. Without the ability to engage in that particular pleasure any more, she started turning to other, weirder delights, like cannibalism and shit.

She's not popular with most of the deities in Golarion, but she doesn't have any real enemies besides Pharasma. This, incidentally, makes her one of the few deities who can be seen as allied with Zyphus, who shares a similar motivation to topple Pharasma and replace her carefully woven tapestry of fate.

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