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Trying to make as many new pages about 8th edition (or just anything 40k, really) things as i can. I'm relatively new on the 40k lore, so please complete the pages if you see it fit. I accept suggestions for new articles. Thanks.

Possible things to write about if I find enough info:

- Canoness Errant Setheno of the Order of the Piercing Thorn. (done)

- Hive Fleet Jormungandr.(done)

- Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax. (someone else did it already)

- Update the Octarius War.(done)

- Hive Fleet Colossus. (done)

- Hive Fleet Dagon. (done)

- Hive Fleet Gorgon. (done)

- Hive Fleet Hydra. (done)

- Hive Fleet Kronos. (done)

- Hive Fleet Moloch. (done)

- Hive Fleet Naga. (done)

- Hive Fleet Ouroboros. (done)

- Hive Fleet Tiamet (done)

- Android (general). (done)

- Many minor xenos species, there's a ton of those (currently in the process)

- Other things I may think of later.