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I got my entry into traditional gaming through a roleplaying system with very limited rules, requiring the GM to come up with supplemental rules, which is when I started writing rules for games. I fell upon Warhammer when while searching for a place to do live roleplaying and started playing soon after. I grew tired of my Necrons being cut up with sweeping advances and started writing a fandex in order to settle the issue. I grew tired of my Monoliths being blown up by lances and my C'tan shot dead by poisoned weaponry so I decided to write a fandex for the Dark Eldar. I grew tired of the lengthy pre-game exercise of generating random gifts for Chaos Daemons as well as their over-elaborate warp storm table, another fandex was begun. I decided to make these on 1d4chan in order to get help making the projects as fair as possible and to allow people to fix my horrible punctuation and just point out mistakes in general. I've always been a powergamer and an experimenter, I enjoy trying to find the most powerful combination, as well as developing strategies involving synergies between odd and off-meta units. I started the Angry Initiative in order to allow for games between powergamers, experimenters and casual players to be more balanced as well as trying to change some of the bad design decisions GW made, like giving an entire faction force weapons, all to make 40k a more Fun game. Check it out at: