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Notes To Self[edit]

Friend Computer Is Here To Help

Hey, genius. Here are some links to make sure you don't screw anything up:

  • Formatting Guidelines, or "How do I wrote article?". This is basic stuff that you should know, which means you will inevitably forget.
  • Help:Editing, for even more formatting guidelines. You know, all that wiki markup stuff like HOW DO I MADE BOLD TEXT so you have no excuse for breaking an article.
  • 1d4chan Conduct, so you remember not to be a total dickweed.
  • Special Pages, because they're important.
  • What Is A Role-Playing Game?
  • Adventure Log to remind you of exactly where you went wrong.
  • Happiness Is Mandatory
  • Unhappiness Is Treason.
  • Treason Is Punishable By Death.

Useless Crap Goes Below This Line[edit]