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fukkin waifu tier~~

I'm new to Wikis, indulge me if I screw up editing or etiquette.


Stuff I'm doing on the Wiki lately:

  • Major overhaul of the Blood Gorgons page.
  • Stuff about Servitors.
  • The work of Matthew Farrer, one of my favorite BL authors who's underrated as fuck.
  • Fleshing out the pages for some of the lesser-known Black Library authors.
  • The article about Malus Darkblade
  • Various minor Dark Eldar (40K) shit
  • Other than that I make little edits here and there while I'm reading articles in my spare time, sometimes to insert jokes and occasionally dumb memes, sometimes to add a little bit of info. While I'm reading or re-reading a book I'll often go to the relevant pages and add stuff; spoilers sometimes, if that makes me a dick, mea culpa.
  • I do like silly 4chan shit like trolling and taking the piss out of bronies, furfags, Chris-chan (who in fact stars in a parody 40K fan fiction I'm working on) and so on.
  • I reorganized the My Little Pony page. God knows why, I don't know anything about it other than to take the piss out of Bronies and furries. And Nazis. All at once. Yes, I have Kiwi Farms and ED accounts. Whether that makes me a bad person or not is up to you but it may explain some of my habits.

A little note: I don't consider myself a member of any FANDOM; I think that if you do so, i.e. identify yourself strongly with some author or company's creative property/product, you're probably terminally autistic. I am a FAN of quite a few things and enjoy them; but I don't consider it a lifestyle. And I think those who do need help TBQFH.

I'm a big 40K and Necromunda fan/mainly fluffy storyfag; occasional AD&D 1/2e grognard (but mostly no D&D stuff for going on 20 years.) I can't paint for shit. Other interests include rock'n'roll, guns, and mental health (mine, which I don't get paid to care about, and others, which I do.)

I don't like video games or anime but stick around for the memes.

I'm not self-indulgent enough to write about myself at any length and I realize this isn't social media or a dating site.

I go by the same name on /r/40kLore but reddit is fucking cancer so I seldom post or even go on there.

I am, in fact, a reactionary shitlord, but I'm also, I like to think, a reasonable person. I do not take well to things like trying to remove the word 'faggot' when used in the traditional 4chan sense (i.e. not as a slur against some particular homosexual person, but, well, if you don't get it, lurk more.) But I am also not here to argue real-world politics.

I particularly like the Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, Blood Gorgons, and House Escher. Kinda might make you think I'm an edgelord but I'd like to think not really. Despite the fact that a lot of my favorite factions are Chaos I'm actually what /r/40kLore calls an "imperial apologist" (lol.) I'm like Inquisition stuff where they're essentially the good guys (although the beast stares back!) although the first books haven't aged well and the memes about indiscriminate Exterminatus and shit are gay.

Magnus and Eisenhorn both did nothing wrong.

Fuck the Space Corgis.

Amberley is best girl.

I love Imperial Guard stories when done right, think they're downright stupid when done wrong. I have enough military experience and knowledge about firearms and stuff to be able to tell. Sometimes little things bother me, for example when the writer (often clearly some Britbong who's never touched a gun) just makes no technical sense; sometimes I can get over it when the writing and plot is good (Abnett has fucked up plenty of times but he's a great writer so he can pull it off and get a pass.)

What else? Cliché enough Abnett fanboy. Graham MacNeill. Chris Wraight. Love/hate ADB page to page. Matthew Farrer is lesser known and underrated as fuck. I've staked out his page to praise him and shit. No, I swear to god, I'm not him. Also really liked Henry Zou but homeboy fucked up in the game; it was a big loss to BL I think.

Above all, I love what Abnett calls "domestic 40k" ... away from the front. Bolter porn is everywhere; I want any little detail; what's in the corner of the kitchen of the hab? What is it like to be a hive resident, a small time ganger, a factory worker, a diplomatic functionary, a planetary governor, a rogue trader, a whore, a housewife, a child ...? What it's like to live in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, not just da fightan; humanity persists. I love to be able to sit back with my imagination and some good writing that describes the scenery, social and physical, and the human response to it.

Despite my name, I'm not really a Chaos fan although I like some of the aesthetic and themes of the Lord of Change, particularly in a number of books and anecdotes where he is being worshiped by primitive cultures. On that account, not just the Thousand Sons stuff, but Pawns of Chaos by Brain Craig (I think it's out of print, the e-book is worth £6.99, but just ask and *BLAM*.) It's a really awesome book and actually features some fairly deep (in context anyway) philosophical talk; plus, who would turn down a ride on the back of a Lord of Change?

On the whole, though, HUMANITY FUCK YEAH. Reddit has accused me of being an Imperium fanboy/apologist. I'm guilty, probably. Definitely see them as "the good guys" despite the fact we see corruption and iniquity in the books. I have my own headcanon about what the Emperor is all about and so on and so forth and see him and his true servants as being the light in a dark world that is grim and dark (well yeah) and morally ambiguous; in short, our world today times orders of magnitude of grimness and darkness. But it's there.

I love the 40K universe because of the sheer scale of it all and the depth of the lore. Even if at the end it's just to sell toy soldiers, some really smart and talented people have put time into developing the lore (as ridiculous and self-contradictory as it sometimes is) and while some of it is dumb and juvenile, there is actually depth there and parts that make you feel transported to a unique and interesting universe with laws of its own which make sense and connect to us on a moral and philosophical level. Grandiose as that may be, I find it in 40K; not all the time, but enough to stick around even if I had no interest in gaming as such.

The art is pretty fucking incredible, too; I wish I could contribute something there but sadly lack an iota of talent. I've written some fanfic but not really had the testicular fortitude to publish any of, it except for a terribly silly fanfic about Chris-Chan and Inquisitors investigating the emergence of a Chaos God of Autism.

Although I generally have no interest in xenos lately I've decided Genestealers are pretty cool. I'm making up a headcanon Astartes chapter that got their progenoids genestole.