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Emps here. Turns out that text to speech device also allows me to type. So, the first thing I do is go to this site and bestow my wisdom upon it.

Let me know about 40k units that require a stats revamp (i.e. if it doesn't have 9th edition rules) via my talk page and I'll get on it when my throne-induced megaheadache subsides.

Favorite races in 40k? They are, from best to worst;

1. The Necrons. They are the good guys, try and prove me wrong.


3. The T'au. Because everyone likes giant mechs.

4. Questor Imperialis/Collegia Titanica. See above.

5. The Astra Militarum. Adamantium balls.

6. Teh Spehhss Mehreens. Because they are the Empra's fureh.

7. The Adeptus Mechanicus. Odd, but they're fun.

8. The Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons, and World Eaters, in that order. Iron Within, Iron Without.

9. The Black Legion. Abby's meh, but sure.

10. Everything Nurgle or Slaanesh. The two most useless Chaos Gods.

11. Word Bearers and Night Lords. The two most useless Legions. Plus, one of their Primarchs was killed by a mortal.

12. Craftworld Aeldari, Harlequins, and Ynnari. I don't like elves. Their aesthetic is meh at best, and Cronssants beat them out any day.

13. Tyranids. One of the most stupid races in all of 40k. Yeah, yeah, space bugs who go from planet to planet eating literally everything. Boring.

14. Drukhari. The other most stupid race in all of 40k. They have no reason to exist, outside of being grimdark.