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The name's Biggus Berrus. Big Ber, if you prefer.

Of GW's stuff I like 40k (Nids, Eldar and Tau), WHFB (KHAOS and Empire) and LotRSBG (Morannon).

Planescape is objectively the best D&D setting, and I've grown fond of Pathfinder.

I've grown fond of some of the World of Darkness games including Hunter: The Vigil, Demon: The Fallen and the three 20th anniversary games. I will never stop trolling White Wolf's inability to release Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary on time.

Risus is the most versatile, elegant, fun and surprisingly deep RPG ever put on paper. If you disagree with me on this I will fight you in real life.

I am also the mastermind behind many of the templates found on here.

I also wrote stuff for The Elder Scrolls, notably that on CHIM and the metaphysical history of the series.