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I only just now remembered that I have an account. Funny how things go. I often make minor edits for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Most of my other edits are on 40k fluff. I chose Bjorn because it's awesome and is actually the Scandinavian form of my name, not (just) because I like the Space Wolves. Also, bears are awesome. There needs to be a Space Bears chapter, so we can have Space Marine bear cavalry. What could be more awesome?

Riding a bear through combat AND soloing a bloodthirster, that's what. --Taumanta (talk) 14:48, 16 January 2017 (UTC)

Things and Stuff[edit]

I'd like to build (or see built) an X-COM-based cooperative board game of some sort. Even though Hasbro will never let it happen... a man can dream.