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Custom Charms[edit]


Dragons Winged Embrace
Requirements: Ess 3. MA 4
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite: Dragon Coil Technique

The Lawgivers hold ultimate authority over their opponents while their opponents are under their grasp. This charm supplements a Hold action in a clinch. Both the Solar & the Opponent move in a direction specified by the Solar, a number of yards equal to the Solar's Dex/Strength + Athletics/Martial Arts. If the opponent hits a wall, they take damage based on how many yards they would have travelled like they would in Heaven Thunder Hammer.

Wave-Splitting Strike
Requirements: Ess 3. MA 4.
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Instant, Obvious, Combo-OK
Prereq: Sledgehammer Fist Punch

Charged with essence, the Solar slams his arm down in a glorious hand chop, cutting through everything and halted by nothing. Add +(Essence) damage to an Unarmed Martial Arts attack, and makes the attack piercing. Against inanimate objects, the damage is always Lethal. If the solar breaks an object or person with the attack, it splits apart with the righteous fury of the sun.

Might-Affirming Stance
Requirements: Ess 2. Ma 4
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Instant, Obvious, Combo-OK
Prereq: Heaven Thunder Hammer

With a righteous stomp, flex of muscles, or other affirmation of their solar glory, the Solar pushes the unrighteous away from him. This charm forces everyone within (Essence) yards to roll against Knockback. If they fail, they are thrown away (Essence) yards with the same damaging effect as Heaven Thunder Hammer.

If the Solar is being clinched or has had attempted clinches on him, add +1 to the Solar's effective Essence each Clinch or Attempt for the purpose of this charm.

Earth-Shattering Testament
Requirement: Ess 4. MA 5
Type: Simple Speed 5
3m, 1wp
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Instant, Obvious
Prereq: Sledgehammer Fist Punch

The Earth itself bows to the Lawgiver's hands. The solar strikes the earth(dirt & soil has 1L/3B soak, and a DV of 0) with an unarmed martial arts attack, doubling the raw damage of the attack. For every level of damage inflicted, the earth shatters & explodes as if struck by a massive comet with a radius of (Damage Levels Inflicted) Yards. This technique leaves a small pillar of Earth for the Solar to stand on.

Everyone except the Solar within that radius must roll against Knockback with difficulty equal to the Solar's Essence x2. If they succeed, they are rendered prone. If they fail, they fly upwards as many Yards as previously determined.

Wall-Weilding Method
Requirement: Ess 5. MA 5
Type: Scenelong
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious
Prereq: Solar Hero Form

The Solar is able to wield improvised weapons as if his Strength+Athletics were multiplied by his essence. Also, he is able to tear out most architectural & geological structures without the rest of them collapsing, at least for the rest of the scene if it isn't the structure's sole means of support.

Stake-Driving Heel
Requirement: Ess 3, MA 5
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Instant, Combo-OK
Prereq: Heaven Thunder Hammer

This charm supplements an unarmed martial arts attack to drive an opponent downwards. If the attack hits a standing opponent, the opponent must roll against knockback with a difficulty equal to the Solar's Strength. If he fails, he is driven into the ground like a wooden stake, with nothing but his head above the ground.

They are treated as beind held in a clinch by the ground, with the ground achieving as many successes as the amount of damage soaked by the opponent. If they break free of this clinch, they drag themselves out of their hole. If they're left alone and have the ability to make extended rolls, they can roll Dexterity+Athletics every hour until they beat the Ground's clinch successes.

If this charm is used to supplement an attack against an opponent in the air, it acts like Heaven Thunder Hammer in all regards except the direction must be downwards, and opponent travels downwards two yards for each point of pre-soaked damage. The damage built up this way can not exceed maximum falling damage.