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Increasingly old, increasingly tired. One of the first regular editors on this wiki, and now I feel like I've aged a century in a decade. Still a dad though, which I'm proud of. I basically created the Paradox Poker meme under my old account SGShockwave which I forgot the password to. So I guess that's my biggest contribution to Warhammer as a fandom.

I also wrote a lot of the Tyranid 7e /tg/ fandex which was reasonably popular I guess. And the 7e Squat fandex too.

Things to know about this user[edit]

  • Point me to an article in need of categories and I shall find it a home.
  • I have Grammarly so if you want something proof-read feel free to ask me.
  • My tastes are broad and eclectic but as I age I'm less keen on getting into new things.