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I'm a writefag who never seems to get shit done, despite my best efforts to do so. I'll fling stories up on here when I DO finish them.

If I ever do. Don't hold your breath. I sure won't.

I am also a Grey Knights player (and Imperial Guard player recently) who subscribes to the idea of religious self-denial, Ward-fluff-rejection, and originally was a Daemonhunters player circa 2005. I recently sold most of my miniatures for weed, booze, and partying (and rent...mostly rent) largely because I am incapable of dealing with the direction GW is going with its tabletop gaming and wish to have no part of it until it improves. I still have a few minis, but only for display purposes, to be entirely honest. I am an occasional editor of various wikis when I want to do literature stuff without actually doing literature stuff, an avid reader, I live in an apartment with a couple room-mates, one of whom is my best friend and a very talented artist.

I smoke, I drink, I fuck, I RP, I write, I party, I paint, I video-game, I neckbeard, I lonewolf, I work, I cook... I do a lot of shit. I'm a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, and I like it that way.

I am responsible for a bunch of edits in my boredom, and I'm also the sick fuck who has been writing out The Fall of Lelith Hesperax, at a pace that can be described as "glacial" at best. I like to blame a lot of factors for it but the end result of it is just that my muse is fickle as fuck. I also randomly exhaled Seculos Attendous, which involves someone who is basically a Reasonable Inquisitor and an eldar autarch.

It doesn't help I'm writing out an attempt at a novel to submit to Black Library but...well, we all know how likely that is to happen. Still, if nothing else, I can just slap it up here or something.