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Hi Folks,

Have been a long time prolific anon here, but finally decided to take the plunge into username territory so can at least take responsibility for the junk that I post.

Alternate Aliases[edit]

Was a heavy poster on Lexicanum up until a few years ago, unfortunately the environment became too oppressive to actually glean any enjoyment out of the process, their referencing requirements for EVERY SCRAP of knowledge was stricter than my postgraduate thesis, and that's staying something.

I have a preference for Dark Angels & Horus Heresy lore, but I also play the various Star Wars games and will contribute heavily towards 3rd Ed D&D pages.

Interesting Fact[edit]

Fantasy Flight Games stole/copied my Lexicanum article on Chapter Serfs and used it in their First Founding sourcebook for Deathwatch (RPG), if you read the two next to each other you'll know what I mean.