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May the Emprah bless and protect you if you're a loyalist... Unless you're a Heretic scum! in which case may the Dark Gods bless you, if you're undevided that is, but if you have chosen one of them then may you be blessed by your chosen God(dess). if you have chosen two Gods however, then you may be blessed by both of them. Three Gods? Why not, blessing from them all is in order... Unless, you are a Xenos filth! In which case you may be blessed by the Gods of whatever race you are part of... Unless you are part of a race with no known Gods, like the Tau or Tyranids (Not sure if the hive mind is a God)... If you are one of the Necrons, however, then WHAT THE HELL! YOU'VE BEEN SLEEPING FOR 65 MILLION YEARS, WAKE UP ALREADY AND CLEAN YOUR TOMB!!! Also, you've probably rebelled against your gods and made them custom pokemons, but I don't think this counts as Godless, so may you be blessed by them... If you're the creepy thing that the Tyranids are running away from, then please stay away from our galaxy cus whatever makes the Tyranids afraid is NOT good at all... If you are a christian, then what are you doing here, your last church has already been burned by SPESS Jesus anyway, so... Don't know what to make of this... If you are a muslim however, then I don't know anything at all about what happened to you guys or any other religion for that matter...

Anyway, I pretty much enjoy Warhammer 40K if you haven't figured it out yet, and I'm glad I know this awesomeness-filled universe :)

I'm not an athiest, mind you, as I can't see any logic in the theories of the athiests, I mean how the hell could you think that the universe was created from nothing? That we were created from and will be nothing after our death? No. That makes no sense at all. Even the evolution of life, how the hell can a single sell become many many different cells and bones and tissue to make us humans? That has to be engineered somehow. There has to be someone out there that made all this. Some would call this being: God, others would refer to the same being as: Allah. They both are the same being and that is a fact that can easily be confirmed, the difference is merely how he is depicted and worshiped. I believe of that single, powerful being that made me, you and all that is around us.