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Hi there! I go by the name Dr. Thompson.

I created the Rogue Trader RPG, Tech-Priest, Blank and Machine Spirits articles, after getting fed up that they hadn't been put up yet and finally doing it myself. I also put up the End Times page when the first thread showed promise.

I don't have a lot else to say. Thanks for looking around!

To Do:[edit]

Sons of Vivus Sandbox[edit]

Sons of Vivus
Sons Of Vivus Heraldry.jpeg
Battle Cry Various
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Vivus, Master of the Crusade
Primarch Technically, Gulliman
Homeworld The Crusade Fleet has been in orbit around Tebrin II for the last few centuries.
Strength ~700
Specialty Drop Pod Assaults
Allegiance Imperial (Estranged)
Colours Purple w/ silver trim