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Just a fucking grognard who has been a gamer longer than some people have known how to shit in a toilet. And by "gamer", I don't mean some fuckwit who plays this year's Madden or COD iteration: I've been on consoles since the 2600, RPGs since BECMI D&D and GURPS 1st edition, and remember when M:tG only had 2 expansions available in stores.

I mostly edit/comment on D&D 3.5 because I'm partial to that one and some of the articles for that one are fucking bad (i.e. factually incorrect).

Would love to do miniature gaming more, except I don't have the time, money, or painting skills needed. But I still love the Warhammer settings (both fantasy and 40K), and am slightly familiar with the tabletop RPGs for them.