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"Thanks to the 1 year Edition Length, we can pretty much safely say the Codex: Knights Inductor and all of its offshoots will become the most edited pages on the entire wiki. For the rest of eternity." - Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated

My Writespace Codex Orks: Space Odin Edition testing stuff

I'm currently one of the three primary editors for Codex: Knights Inductor, as well as a Writefag and a Mathfag. Most of my work on the codex involves using Statistics to assist in balancing the codex. I am also the creator of the FAXIV Formula, and "Fast Approximate Velocity Tracking"(Another formula that can be applied to real life driving and flying).

As of recently, I also write for Codex: Tau Auxiliary, be ready for writefagging of the MANY allied races of the Tau!

Outside of 1d4chan, I paint miniatures Professionaly, DM for Pathfinder, and play space marines on sundays.

Anyone is also welcome to request my assistance with determining "True Points Value" of units for virtually any custom codex. I've been doing this for the Knights Inductor for a full year now, and I would gladly do it for other codexes as commanded of me by the Emperor.

The day I ate the recent changes page. Not shown: The rest of the 185 edits made within the span of an hour

Fast Approximate Intrinsic Value(FAXIV)[edit]

Alright, so you guys will see me often make what I'd call a FAXIV edit. Here's what's up. FAXIV is a process by which you can take a given tool in Warhammer 40k, and very quickly obtain it's "Approximate Intrinsic Value". Said Intrinsic Value can essentially be summed up as, What value does this add to the tabletop?

Ideally, as a player you want to bring an army that adds as much intrinsic value as possible to the game. This can be done by primarily taking units and wargear that costs a lot less than what it adds to the list, and avoiding things that cost more than what they're worth. Plasma Pistols and Land Raiders are good to avoid bringing too many of, while Gravity Cannons have an Intrinsic Value of 75 points, and can be spammed to massively boost your armies Value.

Conversely, as a designer for codexes, you should strive to keep your units point costs as close as possible to their Intrinsic Value, and remove or change things that blatantly violate these rules. The closer all of your wargear and units are to intrinsic value, the better they are for balance.

FAXIV tends to make a few simple assumptions, and for all FAXIV decisions, you'll want to have a base.

So take for example a Captain Statline, which everyone knows to be WS6, BS5, S4, T4, I5, A3, LD10, 3+. Certain characters will modify it, at which point will create a points shift.

  • Adding weapons will result in an appropriate points increase, as shown in the armory.
  • Increasing stats is always +/-5 for the first increment, and then an additional +/-10 for the second increment. So giving a captain a +2 to his BS will incur a +15 points cost increase. A +3 to the BS will result in +30 points. +4 will result in a +50 points. +5 results in +75 points.
  • If an addition is added that includes things like special rules, you can refer to a simple statement.
  • Minor rules that add a +16% effectiveness, like for example re-rolling 1s, is a +5 point increase. Generally anything that increases the effectiveness of something by 16% is a +5 point increase.
  • Major rules that increase it further cost more points, and can go for anywhere from +20 points, to +40. Use your judgement on what's the intrinsic value for anything you don't know, and try to keep it referencing something on hand.

FAXIV For Vehicles[edit]

Alright, so here's a more recent addition to my FAXIV System, and that's rules for determining the value of vehicles.

  • Assume that the cost for an ALL-AV10 Vehicle, with BS4, and HP3 is worth exactly 30 points. Proceed then to follow the rules listed previously for increasing stats, with logarithmic growth.
  • Open Topped reduces the cost of a vehicle by 5 points
    Transport Status is Free, but anything beyond 10 transport capacity incurs a point increase. By every 5 models, increment the cost as you would additional points. 15 capacity is +5 points. 20 capacity is +15, and so forth.
    Weapons have the same cost as their nearest possible equivalent in the appropriate codex.
    Skimmer Status is a +5 points increase, and can be offset by Open-Topped.

So here, let's have some examples.

Rhino: 45 Points(Undercosted by 10 points)

Razorback: 50 Points(overcosted by 5 points)

Land Raider(Default variant): 280 points, Undercosted by 40 points

FAXIV for Warlord Traits[edit]

FAXIV for Warlord Traits is handled as the entire combined Intrinsic Value of all traits in the given table, and as such can be used as a means to quickly identify which trait tables are inherently more powerful. Balancing in this case can instead then be done by ensuring your warlord trait tables have a similar -total- value to other trait tables, split amongst all of the traits. The split in value does not have to be even at all, and as such some traits can be made more powerful by having other traits being inherently worthless.

Expanded Baselines for FAXIV[edit]

Unfortunately, just having 3 baselines doesn't work well for FAXIV. So for this system, I actually need to use multiple different baselines, and apply their stats accordingly.

CEQ(Conscript): 3pts

GEQ(Guardsman): 5pts

VGEQ(Veteran): 6pts, Change to Elite Slot ONLY Veterancy is a statline for Guardsman Equivalents that follows some modifications to account for the elite slot. By including veterancy, you should change the base cost to 6pts, and then distribute a free +1 to any stat, and +1ld to the model.

MEQ(Marine) 4, 4, 4, 4, 3+ statline. Any points increase for this will account for stat changes as normal

Captain(Any) 60pts, HQ Only Gains a +2, a +1, a +1, and LD10 to any stat above the MEQ. The cost for stat changes begins at this line for Captain Equivalents.

Master(Any), 80pts, HQ Only Gains a +2, +2, and a +1, with LD 10 to any stat above MEQ. The cost for stat changes begin at the chosen baseline for Master Equivalent.

No Baseline currently exists for Monstrous Creatures, as they vary too greatly in order to obtain a reasonable standard

FAXIV For Special Weapons[edit]

Currently, my system for identifying the Value of any special weapon, or Heavy Weapon, should make the following assumption.

One Plasma Gun, S7 Ap2, and all equivalent weapons, are worth exactly 15 points. You can never go wrong with taking a plasma gun in any list, but they also serve as a perfect baseline. Therefore the assumption is that any weapon that wounds most things on a 2, and has AP2, is worth 15 points.

So following that, we can make further assumptions on various weapons by looking at their potential for doing damage.

Grav-Cannon: 75 points. The Grav-cannon produces 5 shots at Ap2, and has a very similar ability to wound things as a plasma gun. Therefore it can be assumed to be worth 5 plasma guns.
Missile Launcher(Krak Missiles): 19 points. While the Missile launcher has better range than a plasma gun, its lower AP means it is only slightly more valuable than its cost. It is also limited by its number of shots.

Go ahead and make any judgements you wish for other weapons, following this scale.

Evil Executive's Pathfinder Fixes[edit]

These are similar to the /tg/ Pathfinder/3.5 Fixes, with a few slight modifications. I use these rules for whenever DM'ing any campaigns. These allow power-gaming to a limited extent, but also make it fair for the lower-tier classes by making all players more useful outside of combat. Having a restriction on the Tier-1 classes also helps keep campaigns from becoming a clusterfuck very quickly.

  • All Classes/Archetypes Allowed
  • No Chaotic Evil, all other types of Evil Allowed
  • PvP is to be kept at an absolute minimum.
  • Advanced Race Guide Allowed, custom races allowed with 10 RP maximum
  • Limit of ONE tier-1 class per party
  • Fighters gain 6 skill points per level, all other classes that have 2 skill points are increased to 4 per level.
  • Merge all 20 combat maneuver feats into the following:
Movement Maneuvers(Improved/Greater): Bull Rush, Overrun, Drag, Reposition
Aggressive Maneuvers(Improved/Greater): Grapple, Sunder, Disarm
Acrobatic Maneuvers(Improved/Greater): Steal, Trip, Dirty Trick

Archival Notes[edit]

LCB Continuation Threads

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I just replied to the second one- the notes I mentioned are linked to in the LCB talk page if you wish to see them and I've turned on commenting for viewers just now. So, what do you think- should I try to carry on Bloomwriter's last wishes to recreate his old gem? --Newerfag (talk) 05:23, 2 February 2016 (UTC)
I'm fine with you taking a crack at this, though I feel that the end result would just end up with competition between you and the new writer.Evilexecutive (talk) 05:29, 2 February 2016 (UTC)
He seems interested enough at least, and a little competition never hurt anyone. I tend to take things slowly anyway, so he'll have plenty of time to finish his take long before I get this into a viable state. --Newerfag (talk) 05:44, 2 February 2016 (UTC)
Um, fellas, it would appear that the links have 404'd. Might wanna do something about that. --Taumanta (talk) 13:38, 7 April 2017 (UTC)