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Battle Cry "Grow some damn facial fuzz man!" and "Fuck the Super Space Babies, the guard will get the job done just right."
Homeworld Terra
Strength Roughly 10,000 Guardsmen plus auxiliaries, allies and whatever other crap he can get his hands on
Specialty Dieing in style and beards
Allegiance Imperium - Though under investigation by the Inquisition
Colours British Scarlet / Ruby Red, Golden Yellow, Bleached Bone, Deadly Nightshade / Mordian Blue. Nothing made by GW since the turn of the millenium.

"For Big Toof!"

- A regimental request for dental aid


FilmBoy84 started collecting in 1989, aged five, after picking up a plastic guardsman and demanding that his parents spend all their hard earned money for the next 15 years on plastic crack.

Never being interested in the game until much older ~1996, FilmBoy84 was content in simply making anything from plastic guardsman and airfix (and the occasional HO/OO toy train)

His proximity to the original GW HQ on Chewton Street Hilltop, Eastwood, Nottingham meant that his mid to late teens was spent drinking with GW staff at the pubs in Eastwood and Giltbrook making him an invaluable source of some of the more controversial GW ideas of the era (as well as cataloguing all the insulting, homophobic and occasionally homo-erotic double entendres for the Space Marine chapters of old from the very mouths of the men who created them).

FilmBoy84 has collected Praetorian Guard since 1997 when the appearance of the Pith Helmeted guardsman with their sexy soft beards and ceremonial dress made him quiver with arousal excitement

The Curse[edit]

FilmBoy84 was never spoken to by (store) staff in GW Nottingham, Derby, Lenton (Warhammer World) and Loughborough for some 8+ years as he had a reputation for finding that any model or force he collected would be killed off or retconned within a year. GW Staff therefore refused to try and sell him anything for fear that their favourite minis would be cast into the flames of the Warp.

Forces and Games known to have been killed off as a result of FilmBoy84 purchasing them are as follows:

  • Man O War
  • Space Hulk
  • Adeptus Titanicus
  • Space Crusade
  • HeroQuest
  • Warhammer Quest
  • Epic 40,000
  • Lost Patrol
  • GorkaMorka
  • Digganob
  • Battle Fleet Gothic
  • Necromunda
  • Blood Bowl
  • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
  • Warhammer Historical
  • Squats
  • Zoats
  • The Original Screamer Killer (Carnifex)
  • Amblers
  • 40K Fauna
  • Plastic Stormtroopers
  • Classic (Perry) Cadians
  • Praetorians
  • Imperial Beastmen
  • Imperial AbHumans
  • Genestealer Cults
  • Imperial Agents (Assasins, Arbites, etc.)
  • Lizardmen
  • Bretonnians
  • WHFB Empire
  • Chaos Dwarfs

And soooo many other ranges

In short FilmBoy84 has been responsible for the deaths of nearly all that made RT and 40K interesting and destroyed whole sectors of the old world faster than The End Times

Don't even try to sell him anything you love