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*falls through ceiling* Hello there.

Why the hell you came here is beyond me but I’m flattered you came anyway. I don’t have much to say about myself other than I’m fairly new to Warhammer, I play Skaven (big surprise) in AoS, and Orks and CSM/Death Guard in 40k, and I’m an avid writer who loves to create characters and stories based off of my miniatures.

Here’s my personal Skaven Clans, just because.

Pestilens Clan Buboil

  Clan Buboil can be classified as the black sheep of the Pestilent Brotherhood. When the rebellious plague priest Skathi Crowfangs became fed up with the overzealous Clan Septik, he led a schism of his plague monks to form their own clan, with him as the Warlord. For a time things were peaceful (in Skaven terms, this means occasional but manageable infighting), however Skathi had no respect for any of the other clans, and thus separated from the congregation entirely. They now live on the surface, operating out of a massive dam built from melding together multiple plague furnaces. Though Clan Septik has offered to go punish the traitorous Clan Buboil, the Plaguelords of Pestilens have yet to grant such a request, for even a rogue cult can still spread corruption for the Great Horned Rat...
  Their home base of Fort Skathi is built at the top of a large river, with multiple keeps running down its banks to the ocean. Fort Skathi is a refinery for Clan Buboil’s signature weapon, bilge water. Bilge water is a scalding hot infectious liquid designed to be sprayed onto enemies and melt through heavy armor. Bilge Blaster Teams are pairs of plague monks styled after Warpfire Throwers, though if these weapons explode, it won’t kill its handlers thanks to their immunity to disease. Any and all waste products created by the clan are dumped into the river to be carried down stream, which through years of polluting have turned these waters into a toxic canal. It’s since been known by outsiders as the Open Sewer.

Moulder Clan Galion

  The Skaven market for war beasts is a cutthroat one, like all things in the Under-Empire. Many clans make their living off of capturing and selling exotic specimens to the more influential clans, but when one tries to innovate the way monsters are created, they are met with stiff competition and often death. Clan Galion started with an advantage in that regard. Being the sole clan residing in the Isle of Kairkay, they were unopposed in their horrid experiments of breaking and mutating the native Gargant tribes into their crowning achievement; the Rat Titans are living, lumbering siege weapons designed to crush enemy fortifications with muscular claws and a myriad of specialized weaponry. After perfecting these beasts, Clan Galion made their presence known to the city of Blight City and quickly increased in power and wealth from their mutant merchandise. 
 Having spent their early years bringing down the massive Gargants and subsequently torturing their thick hides to insanity, the warriors of Clan Galion are specialized towards fighting larger opponents. Their warriors carry barbed meat hooks to latch onto large beasts and then ensnare them to bring them down. Then the pack masters will deliver a fatal blow with poison tipped prods. On the other side of the coin though, they are not too well versed in combat against proper armies, but when you regularly bring giant stomping rat hybrids into battle, you wouldn’t see the need to prioritize hand to hand combat either. Rat Titans are loosely modeled after the fabled Verminlords, and thus have several variants. The Bubonic Titans are a Pestilens wet dream, dragging a smog covered plague censer into battle and vomiting putrid stomach acids into foes. Grinder Titans have been modified with Skryre technology to rain warpstone hell on enemies or to drill away at castle defenses. Finally the Conquerer Titans, whose role is more of an armored personnel carrier, transporting Verminus hordes directly into enemy lines and blocking artillery fire with crudely made armor. There is however a fourth variant that not many Skaven know about, as Galion is vehemently insistent on hiding what they deem is a failure. The Warper Titan was intended to grant psychic abilities to the Rat Titans, making it a perfect companion for the Grey Seers. But after directly injecting liquid warpstone into their brains, the Titans went insane and became rampaging berserkers, randomly discharging powerful shockwaves of chaotic energy with their unhinged minds, or teleporting to and from any given area.

Verminus Clan Nidhox

  Even among other Skaven, Clan Nidhox is an oddity. The most noteworthy aspect of their culture is their appetite for vegetation. So ravenous is their hunger, that the Plaguelords of Pestilens have speculated that they possess some mutant strain of the Black Hunger, dubbing their condition as the Green Hunger. While they will still feast on meat, the starving clan rats of Nidhox are always searching for more green stuff to chew into. Their favorite prey (and biggest rivals) are the Sylvaneth, who regularly halt the clan’s feasts. Their claw-hordes move like a swarm of locusts, devouring all flora and fauna in their path. If you look at the roots of a tree and find gnaw marks, then Clan Nidhox is close.
  Clan Nidhox warriors are master burrowers, tunneling through dirt like monstrous moles. They’ll often try to pull their foes into their tunnels to tear them apart, but they are not opposed to bursting up from under the ground to overwhelm foes with their earthy weapons and armor.

Eshin Clan Poisik

  What started as a simple Moulder experiment soon became one of the most lethal Skaven clans ever. Deathmaster Sneik of Eshin Clan Nullix wanted a mutation that would allow him to naturally secrete venom. A few experiments later and now the assassin possessed a toxic bite and a prehensile scorpion tail. Sneik was so impressed by these improvements that he forced all his gutter runner and night runner students to undergo the same mutations, with varying successes. Needing more bodies to create proper soldiers, the newly formed Clan Poisik began to raid smaller Skaven clans and absorbed them into their ranks. Like all the Clans Eshin, their exact size and influence is unknown, but they still are feared as the most vile murderers in Blight City.
  The Night Runners of Clan Poisik are known as Toxic Claws. Their mutations are simpler than most, but they all possess corrosive blood that they regularly use for violent surprise attacks. The Gutter Runners are the most mutated of the lot, often referred to as the Venomkin. Their “enhancements” range from snake like skin and fangs, to a bulky insect carapace. Of course, for every one successful mutant, there is about twenty bloated failures of molten flesh. These Bile Sacks are mindless creatures usually used as target practice or cannon fodder.

Skryre Clan Salvedge

  The Year of the Drowned Rat was a horrid time in Skaven history. Entire clans and warrens were lost in an endless tide of undead waters, the corpses only adding to the horde. The remaining engine covens and arch warlocks from numerous Skryre clans gathered their forces in an attempt to ward off the advancing undead, but to their horror, their iron warren become dislodged and started to float in the sea of bodies and infected waters. After much infighting and power struggles, the isolated engineers soon reinvented themselves as the ocean dwelling Clan Salvedge. They have made a name for themselves for living directly in the Great Necromancer Nagash’s territory and regularly raiding his undead strongholds. However, due to the years spent separated from the other clans, Clan Salvedge is exceptionally paranoid and distrusting of any and all other Skaven.
  The warlock engineers of Clan Salvedge have made the most of their underwater life style and rigged their old warrens into fully controllable submarines. They come in various shapes and sizes, all sporting a myriad of weapons, from warpfire torpedos to lightning harpoons. Their crowning achievement are the Floodfiends. A variant of the stormfriends, these rat ogres are outfitted with diving equipment meant to withstand the crushing depths of the sea and double as durable armor against foes on land. Their weaponry varies from rusty anchors used to bludgeon enemies or warp lighting projectors to electrocute them.