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I homebrew shit and play Tau, while I'm yet to put up most of my homebrew stuff on here and probably never will, here's an example

If homebrews of Firearms in Pathfinder show up, there's a good chance it's me doing it.

Part of the duo working on Codex-_Tau_Auxiliary, alongside dragoon508

Not exactly a write-faggot, but I'm still damned good at punching up fluff entries.

and that's it, bye.

Preferred Games are Pathfinder, Dresden Files RPG, D20 Homebrew of Pokemon, Homebrewed 2nd Edition D'n'D, and a soft spot for 4th Ed as it was my first game

Xeno Primaris Project (A.K.A Project Powercreep)[edit]

So the idea here is that a couple of my friends and I who all play the game were either incensed, dismayed, left in stitches, or just plain "they fuckin' missed the point AGAIN!!!" when Roboute Guilliman came out as a model in 40K. This led into us discussing how Primarch-level characters would work for the different factions, and who they would be.

Enter the following list

  • Daemons - Demon Lords
  • Eldar/Dark Eldar - The actual Aspect Princes and not just their armour and memories (or at least the ones who are still alive).
  • Orks - Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka fully realised as the Prophet of Gork and Mork (Look at the Overlord section of Xeno's in 30K)
  • Necrons - the Old C'Tan unleashed from their Pokeballs
  • Tyranids - The Swarmlord (needs some buffs), or some sort of Avatar of the Hive Mind's full psychic might
  • Tau - Puretide Reborn

While most of these guys are actually in the game in some form or another, with the introduction of SUPER GENERAL ROWBOAT and the general feeling of Imperium/Chaos powercreep, these were the best picks that I could think of to make the equivalents of a Xeno character at a Primarch power level.

Commander Puretide - Lord of War 400 points[edit]

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, but do be sure to capitalize on it before he realises he has done so"

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Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Commander Puretide 5 7 5 6 6 4 3 10 2+/4++

Unit Type: Jet Pack Infantry (Character)
Unit Composition: Commander Puretide
Wargear: XV-8-34 Hero’s Mantle, The Broken Blade, Fire of the Greater Good, High-Output Burst Cannon, Mass Deflector Shield, Blacksun Filter, Multi-Tracker, Command Drone, Technical Drone

XV-8-34 Hero’s Mantle:

The XV-8-34 Hero’s Mantle is a Crisis battlesuit that grants a 2+ armour save, a Blacksun Filter, a Multi-Tracker, and a Mass Deflector Shield.

The Broken Blade: A Commander does not throw away a tool because he finds it unsightly, he does not dispose of a weapon that may still function, and he does not avoid seizing any advantage he can even if he plans on making little use of it. Even a Broken Blade may serve a purpose that an enemy may not foresee.

The Broken Blade is a Battlesuit sized Honour-Blade with the following Profile

S:x2 || AP- || Melee, Two-Handed, Rending, Sweep-Attack,

Fire of the Greater Good: This advanced Plasma Rifle Prototype was made to not only match, but exceed the strength of the Imperial Plasma weaponry. Unfortunately creating a weapon capable of maintaining such an output without overheating or self-destructing was deemed too costly and a weaker, but safer model was developed for mass battlefield usage instead. Before he was found by the Earth Caste scientists responsible for his Engram’s maintenance, Puretide managed to acquire the stored blueprints, and secretly craft a modified variant for his new body.

The Fire of the Greater Good is a Plasma rifle with the following Profile

R24” || S:7 || AP2 || Assault 2, Blind, Shred, Gets Hot!

Mass Deflector Shield

The Mass Deflector Shield is a Shield Generator with the “Mass Deflection” Special Rule. Whenever a model with this piece of wargear suffers a hit from any ranged weapon reduce the attacks strength by an amount relative to its AP value. AP5/6, -1 Strength, AP3/4, -2 Strength, AP1/2, -3 Strength. Weapons without an AP value do not have their strength reduced. For the purposes of this rule S:D weapons are resolved as wounding at S:7, AP1, Instant Death (S:10, AP-1, Instant Death, -3S from the Shield).

Command Drone

At the beginning of either player's Movement phase choose one Tau Empire or Farsight Enclaves unit within 12" of Puretide, including a unit which Puretide himself has joined. This drone allows that unit to re-roll all results of 1 on any dice until the beginning of the next movement phase.

Technical Drone

At the beginning of either player's movement phase you may choose one Tau Empire or Farsight Enclaves unit within 12" of Puretide, including a unit which Puretide has joined, this unit must include at least one drone or Battlesuit. All drones and Battlesuits in the selected unit gain the It Will Not Die (5+) special rule until the beginning of the next movement phase. If this drone is assigned to a unit that doesn't include Puretide then he loses his It Will Not Die (5+) special rule until the beginning of the next movement phase when the drone can be reassigned to his own unit.

Special Rules:
  • Independent Character
  • Supporting Fire
  • Feel No Pain (4+)
  • It Will Not Die (5+) (Technical Drone)
  • Flexibility of Thought At the beginning of any movement phase this model, and any unit it has joined, gains two rules from the following list: Monster Hunter, Tank Hunter, Counter-Attack, Furious Charge, Stubborn.
  • To Take The Serpent’s Head: Puretide may make Precision shots on a 5+ to hit roll, and re-rolls all to wound rolls made against Independent Characters.
  • When Weak Feign Strength, When Strong Feign Weakness: For every wound Puretide lost from his original pool of 6, he may allow one unit within 24" to re-roll any Run, Charge, Thrust, to hit, or to wound dice.
  • Master of Tactics: At the beginning of each of his movement phases Puretide may choose one of the following Benefits. All Tau Empire and Farsight Enclave units, including Puretide and any unit he has joined, within 24” gain this benefit until the beginning of Puretide’s next movement phase.
    • Mont’Ka: (Concentrated Firepower, I just don't know how to phrase it)
    • Kauyon: During the assault phase any Tau Empire or Farsight Enclave units within 12” of any unit being assaulted may fire overwatch as many times as they wish, however they may still only fire overwatch once against a single unit. (Think Longstrike's Special overwatch rules)
    • Or’Es Kai'Por: Whenever any Tau Empire or Farsight Enclaves unit manages to completely remove an enemy unit from the battlefield. If there are any unresolved wounds remaining they may instead be resolved against any other enemy unit that is within 12" of the removed unit's last position.
    • M’Yen Monat: Should any Tau Empire or Farsight Enclaves unit be locked in combat during the controlling player’s movement phase when this tactics is activated or continued, they may sacrifice one model in that unit and consolidate any remaining models 1d3+3” away. The consolidating units may not run or charge, but can still make shooting attacks at full BS, and make Thrust moves if they are Jet-Pack units.
    • Mal’Caor Shi: All Tau Empire and Farsight Enclave units gain the Move Through Cover, special rule, and roll +1d6" for any movement they make (Movement phase, Run, Thrust, Charge, Pile-in, Consolidation, etc). Any enemy unit that charges a unit which benefited from this tactic in their last turn must make a Dangerous Terrain test.
  • Master of Reason: Puretide's leadership cannot be negatively or positively affected.
  • Ghost in the Machine: All weapons with the Haywire special rule wound Puretide on a 5+, and he may not make armour saves against these wounds or attempt to ignore them with Feel No Pain, unless his Technical Drone is assigned to aid him rather than an allied unit. (He may still make Invulnerable saves as the Shield has a chance to deflect the actual grenade far enough that it doesn't affect him)
  • Unwarded: All of Puretide's melee attacks are considered unwieldy when he attacks any model with the Daemon special rule.
  • Not of the Flesh: Puretide is immune to the Instant Death special rule when it would be inflicted by any weapon that is not S:D, instead weapons with the Instant Death special rule inflict 1d3 wounds per successful attack. Additionally weapons with the Poisoned (X+) or Sniper special rules only wound on a 6+.
  • Mentor and Pupils If Puretide is in the same detachment as either/both Commander Farsight or Commander Shadowsun he benefits from their Warlord traits even if they are not the Warlord for the detachment, and they gain the benefits of a Puretide engram.

N'Dras Ghosts Hunter Cadre[edit]

Recon Team Vanguard[edit]

Stealth Suits may be taken as Troops choices, and all Pathfinder teams gain the Infiltrate special rule.

Shadow Warriors[edit]

All Models in any N'Dras Ghosts detachment gain a +1 bonus to their cover saves.

Night Warfare[edit]

All vehicles must purchase Blacksun Filters and Sensor Spines. In addition to this all infantry models that are capable of purchasing a Blacksun Filter must do so.

The Five Ghosts[edit]

My five personal commanders I like to bring out for games, normally they function as counts-as models, but if I'm allowd their homebrew profiles I can have all sorts of fun. (Changing to 8th)

Shas'O N'Dras Kais M'Yen Sha'Ka[edit]

One of the five personal commanders I bring out in games, normally he functions as Shadowsun, but if his custom rules are allowed he looks like this

HQ: Shas'O Sha'Ka - 105 Points

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Shas'O Sha'Ka 8" 3+ 2+ 4 4 5 4 9 3+
XV 25-9 Heathaze Shas'Vre 8" 5+ 4+ 4 4 3 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: Shas'O Sha'Ka is a single model equipped wiith a Multi-Profile Flame System and a Target Lock. He is accompanied by upto 2 XV25-9 Heathaze Suits. There only one of this unit can be included in your army. A XV 25-9 Heathaze Battlesuit is equipped with a Dual-Core Flamer
Name Range Type S AP D Abilities Points
Multi-Profile Flame System --- --- --- --- --- When using this weapon in the Shooting Phase or as part of an Overwatch attack, you may make up to 2 separate shooting attacks that may use different profiles. If you do make 2 attacks however, all to-wound rolls suffer a -1. 25
*Individual Action 8" 2D6 4 0 1 This weapon hits automatically. ---
*Dual Action 14" 1D6 4 0 1 This weapon hits automatically. ---
*High Intensity 8" 1D6 5 -1 1 This weapon hits automatically. ---
Dual Core Flamer 8" 1D6 4 0 1 This Weapon Hits automatically. When rolling to determine how many attacks this weapon makes roll 2D6 and pick the higher result 8

  • For The Greater Good: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 48
  • Master of War: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 50
  • Aggressive Rush: All friendly T'au Empire units within 6" may roll 2D6 when advancing, and choose the higher result.
  • XV 25-2 Shroud Suit: Shas'O Sha'Ka has a 5++ invulnerable save.
  • Bonding Knife Ritual: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 60
  • Infiltrators: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 60
  • Target Lock: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 60
  • Camoflage Fields: As Index: Xenos 2, Page 60
Keywords: T'au Empire, N'Dras Sept
  • Keywords (Sha'Ka): Infantry, Battlesuit, Character, Commander, Jet-Pack, Fly, Sha'Ka
Keywords (XV 25-9 Heathaze Battleuit): Infantry, Battlesuit, Jet-Pack, Fly, XV 25-9 Heathaze Battlesuits.

He's real easy to model, take a Stealthsuit, and two crisis flamers. Cut the barrels off of the flamers and rotate them 180 degrees vertically so that the pilot light is on the same side as the fuel container, before glueing them back together, and stick one flamer on each arm. Green stuff up any gaps (especially on the arm that's not supossed to hold a weapon normally), before you pose him as you wish, and Ta-da.

Shas'El N'Dras Shovah Sha'yr[edit]

Normally this guy just counts-as a Broadside Shas'Vre, with the fluff that he used to be a Firesight Sniper who was forced to use a salvaged Longshot Pulse Rifle when all the drones in his squad were either destroyed or disabled by a Imperial EMP weapon. Several well-placed, if incredibly lucky, shots kept the imperial command confused enough that they couldn't fully capitalise on this attack, allowing the Tau command to turn what would have been a bloody rout into an organised, and survivable, retreat. After his trial by fire he chose to join the ranks of he XV-88 Broadside suits where his talent for sniping has only been further honed.

HQ: Shas'El Longshot - 80 Points (Wargear + Drones 185 Points)

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Shas'El Longshot 5" 5+ 2+ 5 5 8 2 8 2+
Missile Drone 8" 5+ 5+ 3 4 1 1 6 4+

Unit Composition: This unit is comprised of Shas'El Longshot and two Missile Drones. Shas'El Longshot is Equipped with a Heavy Rail Rifle, a High-Intensity Markerlight, a Advanced Targeting System, and a Drone Controller. Both Missile Drones are equipped with Missile Pods
Name Range Type S AP D Abilities Points
Heavy Rail Rifle 60" Heavy 2 8 -4 D6 See Index: Xenos 2, pg 74 40
High-Intensity Markerlight 36" Heavy 4 - - - See Index: Xenos 2, pg 48 12
Missile Pod 36" Assault 2 7 -1 D3 --- ---

  • For The Greater Good: As Index: Xenos 2 pg 48
  • Static Camoflage: So long as this Model does not move all attacks targeting this model suffer a -1 on their to-hit rolls.
  • Master Sniper: This unit may target CHARACTERS even if they are not the closest unit.
  • Remove The Serpent's Head: When targeting Characters, this model's Heavy Rail Rifle inflicts an additional Mortal Wound on a roll of 5+ to wound, rather than 6+
  • Advanced Targeting System:
  • Drone Controller:
  • Drone Support:
  • Saviour Protocols:
Keywords: T'au Empire, N'Dras Sept
Keywords (Longshot): Battlesuit,

There's a cheap way, and an expensive way to model this guy. Either buy a Tetra from FW for a single testicle (the Tetra is cheap for FW) and take the Markerlight from that and mount it where the Plasma rifles or SMS's would go, or you can cut a drone apart and scratch build the High-Intensity Markerlight yourself. I'd recommend cutting out the "rear" grill of the drone for that, but it's pretty difficult to make it look good either way. After that, he's modelled so that he's down on one knee, holding the Rail Rifle up to his shoulder and looking down the sights, with the rifle itself being bipod mounted. Additional details could also include a Ghillie cloak, or exceptionally rough terrain. Use an elliptical base for this.

Shas'El N'Dras Kor'Hel[edit]

And where would a stealth cadre be without their Darkstrider? Well in my case they'd be using this guy. While not as innately suvivable as Darkstrider owing to the fact he's much easier to assault, he's a lot more mobile, what with relentless, and once a game can help his squad paint up any annoying aircraft. Oh yeah, and he's got stealth too.

HQ: Shas'El Kor'Hel - 115 Points

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Shas'El Kor'Hel 4 5 3 3 3 3 3 9 5+

Unit Composition: Shas'El Kor'Hel
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Recon Armour, Pulse Carbine, Markerlight, Photon Grenades, EMP Grenades, Black-sun Filter, High-Output Grav Stabilser
  • High-Output Grav Stabilser: This model and all models in any unit it joins gain the Relentless special rule.
Special Rules: Independent Character, Supporting Fire, Stealth, Scout, Outflank, Fight on Foot
Warlord Trait: Predator of the Skies - One use only. At the beginning of the Shooting Phase declare your warlord is using this ability.For that phase, the warlord, and his unit, have the Skyfire special rule.

Shas'O N'Dras Kais Tali'Var Va'Shi[edit]

And lastly, before my Gue'Vesa at least, comes my generic Crisis suit commander. Best way to run him without using the home-brew presented below is to take a Crisis Commander with a Shield Generator, a Puretide Engram, one twin-linked weapon, and something else. (Personally I like TL-Burst-Cannons and a Plasma Rifle for my loadout)

HQ: Shas'O Tali'Var - 145 Points

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Shas'O Tali'Var 8" 3+ 2+ 5 5 6 4 9 3+

Unit Composition: Shas'O Tali'Var Va'Shi is a single model equipped with a Advanced Targeting System and a Shield Generator
Name Range Type S AP D Abilities
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector 18" Assault 1D6 4 0 1 ---
Burst Cannon 18" Assault 4 5 0 1 ---
Cyclic Ion Blaster (Standard) 18" Assault 1 7 -1 1 ---
Cyclic Ion Blaster (Overcharge) 18" Assault D3 8 -1 D3 ---
Flamer 8" Assault D6 4 0 1 This weapon hits automatically
Fusion Blaster 18" Assault 1 8 -4 D6 ---
Missile Pod 36" Assault 2 7 -1 D3 ---
Plasma Rifle 24" Rapid Fire 1 6 -3 1 ---

  • For The Greater Good: Index - Xenos 2 (page 48)
  • Master of War: Index - Xenos 2 (page 50)
  • Monat: If there are no friendly <Sept> Infantry, Drone, or Battlesuit models within 6" of this model, he may re-roll all failed to hit rolls and saving throws.
  • Advanced Targeting System: A model with an Advanced Targeting increases the AP value of its weapons by 1. (E.G a weapon with an AP of 0 becomes -1, an AP of -1 becomes -2)
  • Shield Generator: This Model has a 4+ Invulnerable save.
  • Manta Strike Index - Xenos 2 (page 50)
  • Weapon Master: At the beginning of each of his movement phases Shas'O Tali'Var must choose one weapon he has equipped, this weapon is designated as his primary weapon until the beginning of the controlling players next movement phase. Whichever weapon is designated as Tali'Var's primary weapon may be fired twice and gains an additional benefit depending on the designated weapon type.
  • Airbursting Fragmentation Projector (Blinding Burst) Any Enemy units hit by this weapon suffer a -1 to all to hit rolls until the beginning of Shas'O Tali'Var's next movement Phase
  • Burst Cannon (Saturation Fire) Enemy models targeted by this weapon do not gain the benefits to their save for being in cover
  • Cyclic Ion Blaster (Focused Overcharge) When firing this weapon's overcharged profile, any to wound rolls of 6+ inflict an additional Mortal Wound to the targeted unit.
  • Flamer (Scourging Flames) This weapons damage changes to D3
  • Fusion Blaster (Fusion Lancet) This weapon's range is increased by 6" (to 24")
  • Missile Pod (HEAT Warheads) This weapons default Strength and AP value are both improved by 1 (S:8, AP-2)
  • Plasma Rifle (Rapid Pulse Energy Projectiles) This Weapon's type changes to Assault 3
  • Shas'O Tali'Var may purchase up to three items from the ranged weapons list.

Faction Keywords

  • T'au Empire, N'Dras Sept

Keywords (Tali'Var)

  • Battlesuit, Character, Commander, Jet-Pack, Fly, Tali'Var