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Hello from half a world away!

Stuff I like: Unlimit3d 8 Wild Cards Mercenaries and planes VeloCITY

Stuff under development: Sovereign: The Autonomy Multipurpose Megacorps Setting:Golden Archipelago

Evolution Games

-compiled 40k faction rolltables:

Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables

Chaos Warband Creation Tables

Imperial Guard Regiment Creation Tables

Ork Klan Creation Tables

Eldar Craftworld Creation Tables

Necron Army Creation Tables

Tau Cadre Creation Tables - o hey someone made it!

Tyranid Hive Fleet Creation Tables - need to be made from scratch

Cool stuff made by other people that I'd like to see on sup/tg/:

  • -Mutant: the Aberration, a nWoD fansplat, by an anon at /tg/. I'mma make the page now, so if you see it in the future, holla!
  • -another nWoD fansplat on Quantum Leap-like time travelers by JCServini. If you're reading this, man, make a page here!
  • -the Editors, a setting about people who go into stories and try to uphold Canon and kill Mary Sues.

My DevArt: [1]

This part is for making red links... Setting:Golden Archipelago/Factions