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"Who the fuck is Zael?"


I basically just add the codex stats to various character pages, and if the rules don't exist, I might just make them.

Primarch Templates[edit]

On hold for reworking.

Hektor Heresy Legion Tactics[edit]

This is going to eventually end up as its own independent legion tactics page for the /tg/ heresy project. It's going to be based off the canon 30k legion tactics page, more or less built the same way, but with the according changes made for the new legions.

  • Armor (Heralds)
  • Rifle (War Scribes)
  • Crown (Sons of Fire)
  • Beacon (Void Angels)
  • Laurels (Steel Marshals)
  • Sword (Thunder Kings)
  • Rock (Black Augurs)
  • Grenade (Eternal Zealots)
  • Pistol
  • Shield
  • Axe
  • Food(?)


I Legion: Heralds of Hektor[edit]

Vergina sun.svg.png

It might be fair to call the Heralds of Hektor generalists, but their true focus is on the use of terrain and combined arms tactics to break the enemy. The Heralds choose their battleground carefully, always picking the point of maximum advantage and exploiting it ruthlessly to break their enemy. What does this mean on the tabletop? Messing with terrain, hammer and anvil tactics with your elites and troops, and Boots n' Bolters. With the Herald's bonuses to ranged combat and cover, it's easier for the Heralds to dictate the flow of battle than most. You set up the anvil of your troops in cover, and then bring down the hammer of your elites to hit their weakest points.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Chosen Battleground: Hektor taught his sons that more than anything else, victory comes from dictating the battlefield. It does not matter how skilled or numerous your enemy, an outmaneuvered foe is a defeated foe. Models with Legiones Astartes: Heralds of Hektor may reroll cover saves of 1, and successful cover saves taken against their shooting must be rerolled. Additionally, they gain counterattack and are immune to Pinning while in cover.
    • Unmatched Discipline: The Heralds spent a great deal of time training to react well under pressure, even beyond what their Astartes indoctrination conditioned them for. Leadership tests made in the assault phase always use the unit's unmodified leadership, and Shooting Attacks made in the Assault Phase reroll failed to-hit rolls.
  • Rite of War: Stand the Phalanx, Fell the Hammer The quintessential Heralds of Hektor formation. Your infantry hold the line with armored support, until the hammer falls, and your elites break the enemy.
    • Shieldbrothers: Heralds of Hektor Legion Chalkaspides terminators become troops.
    • Hold the Line: Heralds of Hektor units gain +1 to their cover save, gaining a 6+ cover save in the open. This bonus does not apply to units inside fortifications or jink saves.
    • To Break Their Backs: Half of your units in deep strike reserve, rounded up, must be grouped together. These units roll for reserves as if they were on unit, though for all other purposes they deep strike normally (they're all coming in at the same time). Any squad in which the majority of the models are equiped with Breacher Shields and Storm Shields gain counterattack on the turn they deepstrike.
    • Brazen Arm, Brazen Will: You may never have more Heavy Support and Fast Attack units than Troops and Elites in this Rite of War.
  • Rite of War: Fraternity of War:- You gotta stick with your bros, son.
    • Brothers in Honor: If there is an allied unit or character within 6" of a unit or character with Legiones Astartes: Heralds of Hektor, both parties gain Stubborn.
    • Supporting Fire: If a HoH unit charges a unit hit by an allied unit in the shooting phase, they count as having Assault Grenades.
    • Turn Their Backs: Allied units may fire into enemy units engaged in melee with Heralds of Hektor assault units. They may not do so with template or blast weapons, or if the enemy unit would gain a cover save from the Heralds of Hektor unit they're engaged with. For every shot made that misses its target, roll a D6. On a 1, the hit is randomly allocated into the HoH unit engaged with the target.
    • Prideful Sons: May not spend more points on allied detachments than on Heralds of Hektor units when using this Right of War.
    • Legion Command: Must take a legion Praetor if you do not take Hektor Cincinatus.
  • Rite of War: The Unbreakable Shore:
    • Brave Companions: Legion Phalanx squads become Troops choices and gain Implacable Advance.
    • Adamantium Wall: Models who have a Storm Shield or Breacher Shield in base contact with two other models who have a Storm or Breacher Shield subtract one from the strength of shooting attacks made against them and gain Fearless so long as they remain in base contact.
    • Stoic Fury: Heralds of Hektor models may reroll failed to-wound and to-penetrate with shooting attacks against enemies within 6".
    • You may not take fortification or allied detachments with this Rite of War.
    • You may not take more Troops and Heavy Support choices than Elite and Fast Attack choices.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Guardian Spear(15pts): As the Emperor's favored sons, the Heralds of Hektor were given a limited number of the Custodes' power halberds. SU AP2, +1S on the charge, Specialist Weapon.
    • Storm Shield (15pts): A gift to the Heralds from the Thunder Kings after the famed Red Sky campaign. These ceramite and adamantium greatshields provide unrivaled protection, allowing an Adeptus Astartes warrior to shrug off blows that could harm a Land Raider. Provides a 3+ invulnerable save. If a model has a storm shield, it can never claim the bonus attack from a second CCW, pistol, or special weapon.
    • Mass Accelerator Rifle (10pts): These rare weapons are usually only seen in the hands of Luna's elite, Pallas Eugenesis made a limited number of them available to her husband's marines. Any infantry model that can take a combi-bolter can instead take a Mass Accelerator Rifle. It fires with the following profile: S6, AP1, 30", Heavy 2.
    • Rapid Deployment Bulwark (40pts): If stories are to be believed, Hektor once visited an advanced research development station on mars to observe their work. Upon seeing the enormous resources they were putting into the creation of a drop fortification wall to protect astartes in combat with rapidly deployable bulwarks. Hektor called the researchers to stand by a window with him and watch, where to their great surprise, a line of precision orbital strikes blasted a trench into the red soil of Mars. This technique, mockingly dubbed the Rapid Deployment Bulwark, involves a series of rapid precision orbital strikes within close range of an Astartes squad, providing them with improvised cover. Purchasing this allows you to add four (4"x3") trench models to your reserves, where they can be deployed by deep strike, and provide a 4+ cover save to models inside them. You must decide where they're coming down on turn one, though you roll for their entry from reserves as normal. If they mishap into terrain or off the board, they are lost. If they mishap into a model, that model takes a S6 AP4 hit, and the trench is lost.
    • Golden Plate (25pts) RELIC: This relic armor served as a blueprint for the armor eventually forged for Hektor Cinncinatus. Offers the following: 2+ armor save, 5+ invulnerable save, Feel No Pain 5+, Eternal Warrior.
  • Unique Legion Units
    • Chalkaspides Phalanx Squad (280pts): An elite terminator corps within the legion.
Chalkaspides Elite: 4 5 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+/3++

Unit Type: Infantry.

Unit Composition: 5 Chalkaspides Terminators.

Wargear: Combi-Bolter, Power Weapon, Storm Shield, Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armor.

Special Rules: Bulky, Stubborn, Legiones Astartes: Heralds of Hektor.

Options: One Chalkaspides may be upgraded to a Chrysaspide Strategos, gaining +1 WS, W, LD, and the Stubborn and Eternal Warrior special rule, and replaces his power weapon and combi-bolter for a Guardian Spear for 20 pts. May take up to 5 additional Chalkaspides Terminators for 40 pts each. Entire Squad may take Cyclone Missile Launchers for 30 ppm. May take a Land Raider or a Spartan as a Dedicated Transport.

    • Chrysaspides Phalanx Squad (345pts): Hektor's elite bodyguards and companions.
Chrysaspides Elite: 5 5 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+/3++

Unit type: Infantry.

Squad Composition: 5 Chrysaspdies Terminators.

Wargear: Guardian Spear, Storm Shield, Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armor.

Special Rules: Bulky, Chosen Warriors, Companions of the Primarch (may be taken as a command squad), Eternal Warrior, Legiones Astartes: Heralds of Hektor.

Options: May take up to 5 additional Chrysaspides Terminators. May take a Land Raider or a Spartan as a Dedicated Transport.

  • Unique Legion Characters:

Hektor Cincinatus:

Hektor Cincinatus: 490 8 6 6 6 6 7 5 10 2+/3++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Adamantine Regallia, Luna Shield, Victus Spear.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bulky, Counterattack, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, First and Greatest, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Warmaster, The Star of Morning.

Adamantine Regalia-Commonly considered the finest armor ever forged by human hands, this armor of gold trimmed adamantium was the emperor's gift to Hektor upon assuming command of his legion. This armor provides a 2+ armor save and the Feel No Pain special rule. Hektor also counts as having assault grenades for the purposes of charging.

Luna Shield- This shield, inscribed with a crescent moon within a golden sun, was a gift to Hektor from his wife, forged by the greatest artisans in the sol system. This storm shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save, and no attack can ever hit Hektor on any roll of less than 3.

Hektor's Spear-An unamed weapon created by the artificers of the legio custodes, crafted for Hektor at the Emperor's request. The spear is S+2, AP1, Armorbane, Fleshbane, Mastercrafted, and Ignite (for every hit caused in melee, the target model/unit takes 2 aditional S4 AP5 hits). Additionally, the spear can be fired as a S8 AP2 Assault 1, Blind, Lance weapon at 30 inch range.

First and Greatest- When Hektor takes to the field, every friendly unit on the board gains Stubborn, and gives all Troops Objective Secured, and makes all Elites Scoring. Additionally, all units with Legiones Astartes: Heralds of Hektor gain leadership 10, fleet, counterattack, and outflank. Hektor Cincinatus and any attached squad gain counterattack.

Warmaster- Hektor is one of the greatest commanders in the galaxy, able to bring out the strengths of his subcommanders like few others. Hektor must ALWAYS be warlord, and always counts as such for objective purposes, but one other HQ choice in your army may pick a warlord trait as if they were the warlord of the army.

The Star of Morning Chrysaspides Terminator units may be taken as troops choices. Opponents may never gain seize the initiative bonuses against Hektor (only seize on a 6+).

  • Sworn Brothers:

II Legion: War Scribes[edit]

War scribes icons2.png

The heart of most legions is the chapter, the middling sized battlegroup and support assets that can be readily deployed to crush any foe. The heart of the War Scribes is the company, a handful of squads working in perfect unison to destroy the enemy. The War Scribes are a great example of Your Dudes. You're generally going to have fewer units than your opponent, but with their strong industrial base and their interlocking units, you're going to have more versatility with your units than you would otherwise. Special and heavy weapons are going to be easier and cheaper for you to get, as will be rare wargear and archeotech. On the flipside, you're almost always going to be outnumbered, and if you let yourself get too caught up in their versatility and you might end up with an army of Jack of All Trades types who lack the specialization to effectively fight an elite or heavily armored force.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Fires of Industry: Due to the strong industrial base of the Atlantos Worlds, their archeotech foundries, and their excellent relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the War Scribes are perhaps the best equipped of all legions, rivaled only by the Heralds of Hektor. Units with Legiones Astartes: War Scribes gain the following benefits. Scythia Pattern Bolters: All bolt weapons are AP4, except in circumstances where they would otherwise be better (bolt canon, sniper, etc). Dual Layered Ceramite: All power armor counts as Void Hardened. Frag and Krak grenades and missiles gain +1S.
    • Unity of Mind and Spirit: Units of ten models or less with Legiones Astartes: War Scribes reroll failed Fear, Pinning, and Zone Mortalis specific morale tests while within 12" of another model Legiones Astartes: War Scribes. Independent characters do not count towards the total number of members for the purpose of this rule.
    • Close Quarters Fire: The War scribes learned well the lessons of their primarch, mastering short ranged firefights. Units with Legiones Astartes: War Scribes reroll to hit rolls of 1 against units within 12".
  • Rite of War: Reclamation Force.
    • Inheritors of Knowledge: War Scribes gain preferred Enemy against a single army list, chosen at the beginning of the battle (ex: Heralds of Hektor, Cult Mechanicum, etc).
    • Scholarly Warriors: Detachment must include a Forge Lord. Gain +1 to seize the initiative for each HQ choice in your army.
    • Tactical Certainty: For every Victory Point your opponent earns, roll a D6. On a roll of 5+, you gain a victory point too. JUST AS PLANNED!
    • Arsenal of Pragmatism: Legion Heavy Support squads become non-compulsory troops choices.
  • Rite of War: Hurricane of Atlantos:
    • Falling Waters: All deep striking units without terminator armor receive a +2 bonus to their reserve rolls, cumulative with other bonuses. Additionally, units gain Counterattack on the turn they deepstrike.
    • Roaring Tide: Dedicated transports add 3" to their flat out movements. Units that aren't in a transport, in reserve, or deep striking may reroll their run movements during the first turn.
    • Drops of Fire: Skyblade Elites may be taken as elite or fast attack choices, and gain Implacable Advance.
    • Isolated Front: May not take allies or fortifications. May not take more troops than elite and fast attack choices. May only take a single heavy support choice.
  • Unique Wargear:
    • Kinetic Piercer Rotary Canon (25pts): A prototype anti heavy infantry weapon the War Scribes finished testing just before the Heresy began. May be taken as a heavy weapon choice by legion terminator squads and dreadnoughts. Fires with the following profile: S4 AP3 Heavy 5, 30", Armorbane, Malfunction.
    • Reserve Fire Supply (5pts): Due to their mastery of arcane archeotech, the War Scribes have developed a miraculous technology; pockets. Any unit that can take a combi-weapon may fire their combi-weapons a second time if they purchase this upgrade.
    • Ion Serpenta (30pts): RELIC The Ion Serpenta was one of four relics claimed by the ninth expeditionary fleet on their infamous delve into the galactic core. What they found there is a mystery, as the Emperor removed all memory of it from the minds of those who survived, even the Primarch Arelex. The other three relics were taken back to Terra, though this archeotech rifle was left with the War Scribes as a reward for their forgotten conduct on the expedition. The weapon fires with the following profile: S1 AP1, Assault 4, 36", Haywire, Fleshbane, Blind.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Skyblade Elite (260pts): Every War Scribes chapter has a small number of specially trained assault marines who practice with jump packs for decades to execute the most dangerous combat drops, landing in the most opportune locations to fire their special weapons at an assigned target, and then charge into the fray.
Skyblade Elite: 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 9 3+
Skyblade Sergeant: 5 5 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+

Unit Type: Jump Infantry.

Unit Composition: 4 Skyblade Elite, Skyblade Sergeant.

Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-Flamer, Frag and Krak Grenades, Jump Pack, Power Armor.

Special Rules: Deep Strike, Legiones Astartes: War Scribes, Move Through Cover, Precision Shots.

Unit Options: May include 5 additional Skyblade Elites (25pts each). Any squad member may exchange their CCW for a power weapon (5pts each). Any squad member may exchange their combi-flamer for a combi-grande for free, or a combi melta, volkite, or plasma for 5pts each. One in five squad members may exchange their close combat weapon for a Power Fist (10pts) or a Thunder Hammer (15pts). The sergeant may take Artificer Armor (10pts), and may exchange his CCW for a Paragon Blade or a Thunder Hammer (15pts).

Maestro Ferrorum: 95 5 5 4 4 3 4 3 10 3+

Unit Type: Infantry, Independent Character

Unit Composition: 1 Maestro Ferrorum

Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armor, Servo Arm.

Special Rules: Battlesmith, Legiones Astartes: War Scribes, Lord of the Armory.

Unit Options: Has all the same wargear options as a Forge Lord.

Lord of the Armory: May take one vehicle from the following list as a dedicated transport, with all the same options they'd have if taken as a Lord of War (or Heavy Support in the case of the Sicaran). So long as he remains inside the vehicle, it gains the following benefits: +1 BS, +1 transport capacity, and It Will Not Die.

  • Legion Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer
  • Legion Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer
  • Legion Fellblade
  • Legion Glaive Special Weapons Tank
  • Legion Stormblade
  • Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • Arelex Oranis
Arelex Oranis: 390 6 8 6 6 6 6 5 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Independent Character, Jump Infantry, Flying Monstrous Creature*.

Wargear: Archeotech Pistol, Lux Universalis, Utilitae Plate, Neural Data Suite.

Special Rules: Acute Senses, Adamantium Will, Bulky, Crusader, Deep Strike, Enhanced Awareness, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Hit and Run, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Night Vision, Master of the Legion, Perfect Coordination.

Lux Universalis- The famous rifle of the second Primarch. Lux universalis is one of the most complex weapons ever created, an archeotech rifle that fires a wide array of different energies. When shooting, choose one of the profiles listed below. In assault, use the melee profile.

S AP Range
Melee U 2 - Shred, Specialist Weapon
Las 3 - 24' Assault 15, Shred
Gauss S4 AP5 30' Assault 6, Gauss
Volkite S5 AP4 36' Assault 5, Deflagrate
Plasma 7 2 30' Assault 4, Blast
Melta 8 1 24' Assault 3, Melta
Mass Driver 10 1 72' Heavy 1, Lance, Large Blast, One Use

Utilitae Plate- Mastercrafted armor from the forges of Mars, with a few extras added at the Primarch's request. In addition to adding a 2+ 4++, it counts as having a Nuncio Vox, Arelex inflicts D3 hammer of wrath instead of 1, and he and his unit do not scatter when deepstriking. Additionally, the thrusters in his backpack allow him to function as Jump Infantry or if he chooses, to fly as a flying monstrous creature, with all the movement rules that implies.

Neural Data Suite- Arelex's custom made sensory data suite and HUD, constantly streams battlefield data and tactical information. It counts as a Cognis Signum, and provides the following benefits: Rerolling seize the initiative, and all deep striking units in his army may halve their scatter distance.

Enhanced Awareness- Arelex's many years in the space hulk trained his awareness and instincts to an incredible level, even beyond that of his brothers. Any ranged attack made by Arelex has the Ignores Cover special rule. Arelex is also immune to Blind and Concussive, and gains the Acute Senses and Night Vision special rules.

Perfect Coordination- Arelex grants any elite slot unit with Legiones Astartes: War Scribes Outflank and Deep Strike, so long as they are infantry and have no dedicated transport.

  • Sworn Brothers:

IV Legion: Sons of Fire[edit]


The Son's solution to infantry? BURN THAT SHIT! The Son's Solution to cavalry? BURN THAT SHIT! The Son's solution to Tanks? BURN THAT SHIT! The sons would replace their bolters with flamers if it was practical. As you might expect, the Sons of Fire are freaking horrifying for an infantry army to fight, though they're somewhat vulnerable to heavy infantry and armor lists. They have all kinds of special ammunition from EXTRA BURNY(tm) flamers to LESS BURNY(tm) fire for when you just want to horribly burn and incapacitate your foe rather than incinerating them. They're also pretty mean in melee. Your best bet for most Sons of Fire squads is going to be to run forward screaming and spraying fire everywhere, then charge the units you just set on fire. To summarize? Infantry-heavy, lots of flamers, wicked in melee, with absolutely terrifying close range shooting.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Immolated Endurance: When being hit with flamer and volkite weapons, Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire count as +1T.
    • Into the Fire and Flames: Units with Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire reroll to-hit and to-wound rolls of 1 when charging a unit that was hit with a flame, phosphex, or volkite weapon during that turn.
    • Zealous Soul: Units with Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire that die in melee may pile in and fight at initiative step 1, even if they've already fought.
    • If a detachment of Sons of Fire take a librarian, they must also take a chaplain.
  • Rite of War: Light of Crematoria "Yo dawg, I heard you like Phosphex" -Purifier Fahdlan, Sons of Fire 6th Ordnance Company.
    • Fragrant Munitions: Legion Artillery Tank Squadrons may take Phosphex rounds without mandating a Siege Breaker's presence. Characters may take Phosphex Bombs for 5 points.
    • Hungry Flames: Phosphex weapons add 2" to their Crawling Fire distance.
    • Illuminated Targets: Enemy models that have been hit by phosphex or flamer weapons subtract 1 from their cover saves.
    • May not take more fast attack choices than troops or heavy support.
  • Rite of War: Sanctic Fire:
    • Cleanse the Mind: Units with Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire gain Fearless after destroying an enemy unit in the assault phase.
    • Purify the Body: Units with Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire who have taken more than 50% casualties gain Feel No Pain.
    • Absolve the Soul: Units with Legiones Astartes: Sons of Fire who fail a moral check in combat regroup automatically. If they are caught by sweeping advance, the combat continues.
    • Can't take more vehicles than infantry units.
    • Must take an additional compulsory troops choice.
    • Must take a Chaplain.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Hand Flamer (10pts): S3 AP6 Template, Pistol. Any model can replace their bolt pistol with one of these.
    • Chainaxe (2pts): You know what a chainaxe is. It's a melee weapon that grants +1S and AP4. Any SoF model that can take a close combat weapon can replace it one of these.
    • Ignus Pattern Weapons (10pts): These esoteric power weapons were wielded exclusively by the elite of Inferox's legion. Promethium canisters integrated into the hafts of these weapons make them burn with unbelievable heat, but the hollow nature of their blades and the pressurized fuel within mean that these weapons are risky to wield. Any model that has a chainaxe, heavy chainblade, paragon blade, or power weapon (sword, axe, maul, or lance) can upgrade it to an Ignus pattern variant, granting it Fleshbane and Gets Hot.
    • Promethium Phosphate (10pts): The Sons of Fire have an almost fetishistic respect for fire, even using it where other tools might be more practical. They quickly realized that you can't really burn a landraider to death, so specialized munitions were created to account for this "weakness" of flame. Any model with a flamer, heavy flamer, or flamestorm canon may take Promethium Phosphate for free, giving the weapon the Haywire and Gets Hot special rules.
    • The Screaming Crown (30pts) RELIC: When the Sons of Fire came to the world of Carmine, the inhabitants accepted their subjugation with humble grace, even granting their new overlord Inferox a brazen crown. Bound within the crimson jewels and brass fittings of the crown was an ancient entity of rage and slaughter. Wearing the crown grants great strength and resilience, but shatters the minds and souls, leaving a being of empty hate and rage. The men of Carmine had hoped the crown would drive the Primarch to madness, but the ancient being locked inside found more than a match in the primarch's iron will. Grants the wearer +1 Strength and Fearless, and Ignores the first Instant Death attack the wearer takes each phase. However, the wearer must always attempt to charge when there's an enemy unit in range, and must always consolidate towards the nearest enemy.
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • Inferox, the Burned King
Inferox: 460 8 5 6 6 6 5 5 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Armor of Hades, Flame-Claw Gauntlets, Phosphex Grenade Launcher

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Very Bulky, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Sire of the Sons of Fire, Soul of Fire.

Armor of Hades- This blazing suit of armor, wreathed in flames that intimidate and obscure Inferox's form, making him harder to hit. The armor confers a 2+/4++, and all models in base contact with Inferox take a S5 AP4 hit at Initiative Step 1.

Flame-Claw Gauntlets- The Primarch's signature weapons, these can both project streams of tainted fire at range or be used as a devastating close combat weapons.

S AP Range
Melee U 2 - Shred, Murderous Strike, Paired (+1 Attack)
Ranged 6 3 16' Assault 1, Shred, Ignores Cover

Phosphex Grenade Launcher- It's a launcher that shoots phosphex grenades. Big surprise, right? 30 inch range, S5, AP2, Assault 1, Crawling Fire, Lingering Death, Small blast template.

Sire of the Sons of Fire- Inferox is the pinnacle of his Legion, the dispenser of justice and the bestower of favour. All his sons aspire to be one with the flame like him, and fight all the harder under his eyes. All models with the Legiones Astartes (Sons of Fire) rule may re-roll to-wound dice when using flamer based weapons in defensive fire, and gain the Crusader special rule. In addition all Medusas, Basilisks and Whirlwinds in an army led by Inferox may take Phosphex ammunition.

Soul of Fire- The blazing heart of his pitiless legion, Inferox epitomised the power of unchained fire, its ability to consume all and leave nothing behind. Inferox is immune to all flamer based weaponry, and Fusion, Melta, Plasma and Volkite weaponry have their strength reduced by 2 when firing at him. In addition all his shooting attacks have the shred special rule.)

  • Sworn Brothers:

V Legion: Void Angels[edit]

Winged victory.png

Chaos and carnage, that's how the Void Angels do it. They're a rolling disaster that smashes your plans, smashes your army, then smashes you. Though many legions are, one to one, more effective in combat than the Void Angels, they make it difficult to execute your elaborate JUST AS PLANNED!, and keep the right climate to execute their own plans. Individual squads are quite versatile, but on the same note tend to suffer from a lack of specialization, being outdone by the more specialized units of other legions. They're versatile, yes, but if you try to out-fight the Sons of Fire, or out-tank the Lions Rampant, you're going to lose. What you can do however is use your versatility to exploit the enemy's weakness. Wield them right and the Void Angels can break down and tear apart your enemy. Use them wrong, and their lack of specialization will see them tabled faster than any other legion.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Audacious Tactics: Units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels that end their movement phase at least 12" away from their position at the beginning of the turn become immune to leadership penalties until their next movement phase.
    • Order in the Chaos: Units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels may reroll 1's to hit or to wound when targeting a unit or model that has lost at least 1 wound to another unit with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels.
    • From the skies: Units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels of ten models or less may take drop pods as dedicated transports.
  • Rite of War: Angel of Triumph
    • Climate of Heaven: Rules that negatively affect reserve rolls do not affect units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels.
    • Company of Hell: Squad Leaders with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels gain +1LD to a max of 10.
    • Knowledge is the Wing: Units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels gain Preferred Enemy on the turn they deep strike, or the first time they disembark from a transport.
    • May not take more heavy support choices than fast attack.
  • Rite of War: Win First and Go to War.
    • Scene of Constant Chaos: Enemy units deepstriking within 8" of one of your units that deep struck on the same turn double their scatter distance.
    • Make a Heaven of Hell May reroll any die roll that takes place before the first movement phase of the game. Once per game you may force your opponent to discard one of his objective cards and draw a new one. In games without objective cards, roll a D6 each time your opponent gains a kill point. On a 6, he gains no point.
    • Any unit that can take a Rhino or Spartan as a dedicated transport can instead take a Legion Storm Eagle dedicated transport.
    • Legion Veteran Tactical Squads become compulsory troops choices.
    • Must take an additional compulsory troops choice.
  • Unique Wargear

    • Luxis Extatis (25pts) RELIC: This ancient warp beacon was retrieved by the Void Angels from a forgotten world beyond the Galactic Rim in Segmentum Obscuras. It's likely only their primarch knows why he sent forces so far from their expedition fleet to retrieve it, but he isn't telling. Any Void Angels independent character can take this relic. The bearer of this relic and his unit do not scatter when deep striking. All enemy units within 6" with line of site of the unit on the turn it deep strikes must take a blind test. The bearer counts as having a Nuncio Vox.

  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
Gaspard Lumey: 435 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: La Minute, Le Rasoir Imperiale, Protecteur.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bulky, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Paragon of Audacity, Seeds of Dissent.

La Minute- Unlike most of his brothers who went to war with advanced energy weapons, Gaspard chose to use a comparatively simply slug thrower, though it always served him well. La Minute fires with the following profile: S6, AP4, Assault 4, Rending.

Le Rasoir Imperiale- A power axe gifted to Gaspard by the Kazi of Al-Sherar. It uses the following profile: S+2, AP2, Reaping Blow.

Protecteur- One of the more ingenious suits of armor worn by the primarchs, Protecteur provided excellent protection and unparalleled mobility with its teleportation generator. The armor offers the wearer a 2+ 4++, FNP 5+, and the Blink ability, which allows its user to make a 4D6+6 jump move in the movement phase instead of moving. Any attached unit can be taken with if the player so chooses, but all models in the unit (save for Gaspard himself) must take a dangerous terrain test. However, using this teleportation drains his suit's power reserves, reducing his invulnerable save to 6++ until the beginning off your next movement phase.

Paragon of Audacity- So long as Gaspard remains on the board, units with Legiones Astartes: Void Angels only fail morale and pinning checks on a double 6.

Seeds of Dissent- Gaspard may not have been the strongest of his brothers, or the swiftest, or even the most intelligent, but he could sow dissent and stoke the fires of revolution like none other. Gaspard's efforts grant his opponent the following limitations: -1 to all reserve rolls, successful rolls to seize the initiative must be rerolled, and allied contingents in their army are always considered "By the Warmaster's Command," replacing whatever their former status on the allies matrix was.

  • Sworn Brothers:

VI Legion: The Entombed[edit]

Entombed icon.jpg

Dreadnoughts and Terminators. What's that you said? Bikes and Landspeeders? No, fuck you, Dreadnoughts. And. Terminators. The Entombed are the inexorable march to death, a slow-moving line of steel and lead to smother your enemies. With rites of war and legion rules favoring heavy infantry and walkers, you can put up an armored line like few others can, though you can also be deceptively mobile with the Entombed's easy access to deep striking and drop pods. Once your boots are on the ground, you're not likely to get anywhere quickly, but you get to choose where to put them, and if you're clever, it's easy to take victory. Hey son, see that line of dreadnoughts coming down the hill? Yeah, they're here to kill you. Now look at that ruin right outside your deployment zone. Yeah, that's a firebase full of terminators now. They're also here to kill you. Are you really sure about this whole heresy thing?

  • Legion Special Rules
    • The Marching Dead: Units with Legiones Astartes: The Entombed gain the Fear special rule.
    • Tunnel and Hall: Units with Legiones Astartes: The Entombed do not suffer from the Blind Panic and Nowhere to Hide rules during Zone Mortalis games. When playing Zone Mortalis, all infantry units with Legiones Astartes: The Entombed gain Void Hardened Armor and Assault Grenades.
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
Golgothos: 550 7 6 9 14 13 12 5 6 8

Unit type: Walker, Independent Character.

Wargear: Ossuary Pattern Dreadnought, Vindicator Magnus, The Black Hand, Reliquary Shell.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bitter Rage, Carry On, Enraged Smite, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion.

Ossuary Pattern Dreadnought- Unique Leviathan variant dreadnought. Gives Golgothos the walker unit type. Also allows him to join Dreadnought talons.

Vindicator Magnus- A cannon specially crafted by the Techmarines of his legion when he found the weapons of his armor lacking. S10 AP1, 36", Ordnance, Heavy 2, Large Blast.

The Black Hand- A Dreadnought power fist with an underslung Heavy Flamer that also grants the following special rules to attacks made in melee: Armorbane, Instant Death, and Wrecker. Golgothos may exchange half his attacks (rounded down) to make one of his remaining attacks Strength D.

Reliquary Shell- Golgothos has the adamantium-plated skulls of fallen legion veterans displayed on his armor's carapace. This grants him the following rules: Flare Shielding, Armored Ceramite, and Gaze of the Fallen (counts as having assault grenades). Additionally, no attack may ever cause a penetrating hit on Golgothos on any roll other than a natural 6 (does not affect strength D attacks).

Bitter Rage- Golgothos's sarcophagus does little to ease his great pain. Roll a D6 at the beginning of every turn. On a roll of a 2 or 3, Golgothos gains Hatred (everything) until the next turn. On a 4 or 5 he gains Rage until the next turn. On a 6, he gains both rules, and on a 1, his pain becomes too much for him, and he loses 1 WS, I, and A until the next turn.

Carry On- Golgothos embodies the bitter determination of mankind. As long as Golgothos is on the field, all friendly units on the field ignore casualities from shooting. If Golgothos dies, they lose these benefits but gain Zealot, and units with Legiones Astartes: The Entombed gain Relentless and Rage.

  • Sworn Brothers:

VII Legion:[edit]


  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

IX Legion: Lions Rampant[edit]

Yo dawg, I heard you like tanks, so we put some sick twisted fucks in a tank. Yeah, that meme doesn't work, but neither does this legion, so sue me. TANKS!! If you play lions you're going to have tanks fast enough to rival the Eldar's grav vehicles, but without the whole "made out of cardboard and glass" thing. Whether you're transporting, shooting, tank shocking, or just driving around shouting VROOOM, Lions are going to have a better time of it than most, though this focus on armor means that their infantry gets less goodies. They do however have a few elite infantry units who can go toe to toe with the bad boys of the other legions, though their troops choices are never going to be quite as good as other legions. Tanks and guys with power weapons. That's what the Lions are good at.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

X Legion: Steel Marshals[edit]

The good 'ol marshals, here to show you that your fortified position is actually a disadvantage. Despite being a siege legion, they're actually one of the meaner legions in CQB, receiving bonuses to both close-range shooting and melee, though their range game is pretty standard, minus a few bonuses to bunker-busting artillery. The Steel Marshals are going to specialize in plowing right into your battle line to disgorge marines into enemy formations, all while support artillery makes you keep your head down. They're also one of the bravest legions, almost impossible to break and sometimes outright fearless in the right formation, but all these goodies mean that your units are going to be more expensive than your opponent's.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Through the Breach: Units with Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals reroll 1's to hit and to wound against models within 6". They gain +1 attack in the following situations: when charging from an assault transport, when charging from a fortification, when charging into a fortification. Additionally, they gain Move Through Cover and Relentless while in a deployment zone.
    • Stoic Determination: Units with Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals Ignore casualties inflicted in the shooting phase.
  • Rite of War: Steel Brotherhood
    • From Above: Units with Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals deep striking in the enemy deployment zone halve their deep strike scatter distance.
    • From Below: Blobfish ram attacks are made at S10 on the first turn they arrive from deep strike.
    • Lightning Assault: Dedicated transports that begin the game in your deployment zone gain the Scout special rule.
    • May only take one Heavy Support choice. Blobfish assault transports are not counted towards this total.
    • All infantry squads must begin play in reserve or in a dedicated transport.
  • Rite of War: Tide of Iron
    • Precious Cargo: All dedicated transports that can purchase Extra Armor and/or Dozer Blades may do so for free.
    • Aegis of Fury: Any model with a Combat or Boarding Shield gain Hammer of Wrath and Furious Charge.
    • Unfailing Shieldwall: Legion Breacher Squads and Triarii Breacher squads gain Relentless.
    • Must take an additional compulsory troops choice.
    • Must take a Triarii Breacher Squad.
    • May not take more Fast Attack choices than Heavy Support choices.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Aegis Pattern Boarding Shields: Given their extensive practice at siege warfare, they realized that the bulk and weight of the slab-like boarding shields was prohibitive in many situations. As such, a lighter variant was manufactured from ceramic and adamantium compounds. Any model equipped with a boarding shield may exchange if for an Aegis pattern boarding shield. Aegis Boarding shields do not incur the usual penalty to claiming an extra attack with a second close combat weapon.
    • Austech Pattern Power Sword (15pts): This duelist's power sword was much longer and thinner than most power weapons, excellent for slipping into the weak spots of armor. Any model who can take a power weapon may take an Auestech Power Sword. It uses the following profile: SU, AP3, Rending, Murderous Strike.
    • Duelists's Laurels (5pts): Wearer gains +1WS in a challenge.
    • Sash of Skal Tura (40ts) RELIC This sash once belonged to the greatest duelist on Centauri Primus, and is customarily granted to the best swordsman the world had to offer. In his youth, Roman won it, but after he took command of his sons, he granted his sons the right to duel for the honor. It has since been passed from duelist to protege, master to ascendant student. The wearer of Skal Tura's sash gain the following benefits: +1 Weapon Skill and Initiative, +1 invulnerable in melee to a max of 3+. Bonuses do not stack with Duelist's Laurels.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Blobfish Armored Subterranean Assault Carrier (110pts) (Heavy Support)
Blobfish Breacher Drill: 4 12 10 10 2

Unit Type: Vehicle, Heavy.

Unit Equipment: 2 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters.

Unit Options: Heavy Bolters may be replaced with Heavy Flamers for free or Multi Meltas for 20pts.

Unit Special Rules: Blind Approach, Deep Strike, Transport (capacity 12), Melta Ram.

Blind Approach: If this vehicle scatters onto another unit or vehicle, that unit takes a ram attack. If it is destroyed, remove it and place the deep striking unit as normal.

Melta Ram: Ram attacks with this vehicle are made with the following profile: S8 AP1 Armorbane.

    • Triarii Breachers (100pts): HQ or Elite
Triarii Elite: 5 4 4 4 2 5 2 10 2+/6++

Unit type: Infantry.

Squad Composition: 2 Triarii Elite

Wargear: Aegis Boarding Shield, Artificer Armor, Austech Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta Bombs.

Special Rules: Chosen Warriors, Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals, Stubborn.

Unit Options: May take up to 8 additional Triarii Breachers for 45 points per model. Any model may exchange their Austech Power Sword with a Thunder Hammer for 5pts. One model in 5 may exchange their bolter for a heavy flamer for 10pts. May take a Storm Bird, Rhino, Land Raider, or Spartan as a dedicated Transport.

    • Chalcedonian (40pts): The Chalcedonians were specialist commanders and diplomats within the Steel Marshals, serving as Exemplars of all that the Steel Marshals believed. Chalcedonian is a unique Centurion consulship. The bearer gains the following: Duelist's Laurels and may Master Craft one weapon. All units with Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals within 6" gain Fearless.
  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • Roman Albrecht:
Roman Albrecht: 470 8 5 6 6 6 7 5 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Independent Character, Infantry.

Wargear: Duelist's Mantle, Honor's Blade, Light, Steel Panoply.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bulky, Crusader, Cuoro Prido, Duelist Exemplarii, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Furious Charge, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Lessons of the Primarch, Master of the Legion, Sword of the Emperor.

Duelist's Mantle-In the tradition of the graceful duelists of his homeworld, Roman wears a weighted cloak, used to deflect blows, entangle blades, and distract the enemy. The mantle counts as a specialist weapon for the purposes of gaining a second attack with Honor's Blade, and allows Roman to reroll failed invuln saves in melee.

Honor's Blade-The famed blade of Roman Albrecht, this sword was reforged from the shattered pieces of Olivaw Albrecht's sword after his death. It is a specialist weapon that strikes with S:+1, AP2, Master Crafted, Shred, Rending, gaining Instant Death in a challenge.

Light- Roman strongly preferred melee combat to range, but he wasn't so foolish as to not carry a gun. Light is a S7, AP4, Assault 2 weapon with 24 inch range and the deflagrate special rule.

Steel Panoply-It's primarch armor. 2+ 4++ crafted by the high shiggydiggy of Mars, blah blah.

Duelist Exemplarii- Roman has spent his whole life training as a duelist, and as such is the best swordsman in the galaxy. In a challenge Roman gains +1 WS, I, and A. In addition, Roman gains the Parry special rule, allowing him to negate a melee attack made against him in melee on a roll of a 4+, once per fight subphase, rolled after rolls to hit, before rolls to wound.

Cuoro Prido-Roman must give out and accept challenges whenever possible.

Lessons of the Primarch- All units with Legiones Astartes: Steel Marshals gain gain +1 on vehicle and fortification damage charts.

Sword of the Emperor-Roman has the honor of being the Emperor's Knight champion. As such, whenever he takes to the field, select enemy HQ or Lord of War. Roman gains Preferred Enemy against this model.

  • Sworn Brothers:

XI Legion: Thunder Kings[edit]


With the Thunder Kings, you go hard or you go home. If you set up some balls to the wall scheme and can get things to go as planned, you can easily table your opponent on turn three. Your armies are going to be comprised of small units of elite melee units outflanking or deep striking to dictate the flow of battle and crush the foe in a furious assault. They also have some of the best hero options of any legions, with champions that are just straight up better than those of other forces, unbreakable heroes who lead the assault and inspire their soldiers with stubborn or even fearless, but on the flipside, if you lose these heroes, it might will break your squad. Even individual squad sergeants can be upgraded to heroes, gaining prowess rivaled only by Consuls, but these upgrades are never going to be cheap, and rarely the most efficient choice.

  • Legiones Astartes: Thunder Kings
    • Titanic Blows: The Thunder Kings' fury and valor was such that even the freshest recruit wouldn't hesitate to fight behemoths far beyond his strength. Units with Legiones Astartes: Thunder Kings always wound or glance on a to-hit roll of 6 in melee unless it would otherwise penetrate.
    • Heroic Abandon: In the moment battle is joined, the fierce souls of the Thunder Kings Know No Fear. If a unit with Legiones Astartes: Thunder Kings has an independent character attached, it gains Fearless during any assault phase in which it charges. Must always sweeping advance.
    • Taking Names: The Thunder Kings value fame and glory in battle, and to slay a hero or to die a hero is the culmination of any battle. If your primary detachment is comprised of Thunder Kings, Slay the Warlord objectives for you and your opponent give D3 victory points instead of the typical one.
  • Rite of War: The Final Storm:
    • Last to the Field, First to the Fight: Elites that don't embark in a transport or Deep Strike gain Outflank.
    • Swift Winds of the Evening Storm: All Infantry and Jump Infantry gain Hammer of Wrath when charging more than 6", and when hit by overwatch, shots are resolved at -1S.
    • Must take an additional compulsory troops choice.
    • May not take fortifications. May only take 2 heavy support choices.
  • Rite of War: Hammers of a Fallen Legion:
    • Retribution and Revenge: All Thunder Kings in this detachment gain Hatred: Traitors, and gain Furious Charge while in the enemy deployment zone.
    • Smashing Walls: Units may reroll penetration rolls when attacking with krak grenades, krak missiles, melta bombs, and melee weapons.
    • Thunderous Skies: Thunder Kings Troops and Elites may take Drop Pod dedicated Transports.
    • May not take allied detachments or fortifications.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Brazen Torc: In order to prove themselves and advance in the legion, all Thunder Kings must earn their hero's Torc. This band of bronze or copper is hammered onto the collar of a marine's armor, and its power fields serve to reinforce his defense. All Thunder Kings characters can take a Brazen Torc for free. Provides a 6+ invulnerable save.
    • Clannblades: These relic weapons are crafted by the legion's Forgelord to reward the legion's greatest heroes, reforged from the honored blades of the Allessian tribes. Any Praetor's or Centurion's melee weapon may be upgraded for a further 5 points to gain +1S after other modifiers (a power fist for example would be strength 9, base 4, times 2 for weapon bonus, plus 1).
    • Cortana (40pts): RELIC This legendary blade from Alessia was reforged with adamantium by the Primarch himself to reward a hero whose name is now stricken from the legion's records. Now it is granted only to those who feel they've failed their brothers. The Doom of this weapon and it's invaluable prowess see its wielder entering the most perilous fights, where they can earn redemption by deed or by honorable death. Cortana uses the following profile: S+3 AP1, Melee, Armorbane, Duelist's Edge, Instant Death, Ancient Doom (all attacks made against the wielder reroll failed to hit and to wound rolls).
    • Blast Hatch: A Rhino can purchase this upgrade for 25 points. The first time a unit disembarks from a vehicle with this upgrade, the vehicle counts as an assault vehicle, but counts as open-topped for the remainder of the game after having done so.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Lauded Hero: The Thunder Kings more than any other legion honored the valorous and worthy among their ranks, giving them a Brazen Torc and access to the chapter's armory to mark their elevated rank. Heroes take no force organization slot, but instead one hero can be purchased for each troops and HQ slot you fill.
Hero: 35 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+/6++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Squad Composition: 1 Model.

Wargear: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Brazen Torc, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armor, Power Weapon.

Special Rules: Furious Charge, Legiones Astartes: Thunder Kings, Rage, Relentless.

Options: May take all wargear options available to a Centurion (without a Consulship), with the following restrictions: May only take a bike, jetbike, jump pack, or terminator armor if joining a squad equipped with the same.

    • Band of Heroes (200pts):
Hero: 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+/6++

Unit type: Infantry.

Squad Composition: 5 Models.

Wargear: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Brazen Torc, Power Armor, Power Weapon.

Special Rules: Chosen Warriors, Furious Charge, Legiones Astartes: Thunder Kings, Rage, Relentless.

Options: May take all wargear options available to a Centurion (without a Consulship).

  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • The High King Brennus
Brennus: 425 7 6 6 6 6 7 5 10 2+/3++

Unit type: Jump Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Armor of the Path, Cloud Hurler, Wave

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Arsenal, Bulky, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, King of Kings, Master of the Legion.

Armor of the Path: A suit of golden artificer armor, engraved with the symbols of the 12 Tribes of Alessia. 2+/5++

Cloud Hurler: An oversized boltpistol favored by the primarch with specialized ammunition. Fires with one of the following profiles.

S AP Range
Sting 5 3 24" Assault 3, Shred
Shieldbreaker 6 6 30" Assault 2, Sunder
Biophagic 1 4 24" Assault 1, Poison 3+
Airburst 4 5 12" Assault, Flamer Template, Torrent

Wave: A great roundshield carried by the primarch, the unique energy field creates the sound of crashing waves when struck. 3++.

Arsenal: Brennus always used whatever weapons he though were best for any given fight, picking the greatest from his collection. Purchase one of the following before deployment.

  • Durandahl: A greatsword forged by the Emperor in an age long past, his touch lingers on its blade, making it an anathema to the demonic. (Holy Blade: Gains instant death against daemons and forces them to reroll successful invulns.)
  • Fragarach: A weapon Brennus carried in his days as King on Alessia. It is, for some reason, not a sword, despite what its name would suggest.
  • Kusangi and Yanmato: Claimed as trophies from the dead lord Onisara, the build of these swords encourage a whirling technique with less direct blows. (Riptide: Gains D6 attacks, rolled at the beginning of every assault phase.)
  • Sléibhe Scoilteir: This inward sloping blade was forged by Brennus's own hand in his youth. (Severing Cut: every successful roll to wound inflicted with this weapon inflicts D3 wounds.)
Durandahl +2 2 40 Holy Blade, Master Crafted, Two Handed
Fragarach 10 1 65 Armorbane, Concussive
Kusangi and Yanmato -1 3 50 Paired (+1A), Rending, Riptide, Shred.
Sléibhe Scoilteir +1 2 70 Severing Cut, Specialist Weapon, Reaping Blow

King of Kings: A king born from the True King, Brennus ever held in balance regal nobility and ferocious rage. The fury of his sons is never greater than when Brennus himself leads them into battle. Any squad he joins gain the Rage and Furious Charge special rules. Additionally, Brennus can roll for a warlord trait.

  • Sworn Brothers:

XII Legion: Life Bringers[edit]

You can outlast them. That's what the life-bringers do. With across the board bonuses to their survivability, easy access to terminators, and the ability to manipulate the board like few others, the Life Bringers can set up shop and sit there shooting as the environment becomes increasingly hostile to the enemy, and with their better toughness they can endure almost anything, especially if their primarch takes to the field with them. But that has its downsides too, as you're going to be at a disadvantage in objectives games, as your mobility, melee, and shooting are all pretty vanilla. If you play too much to your strengths you might find yourself losing games based on objective points. You can't always sit back and wait for your enemy to suffocate, and if you're playing with the Life Bringers, you'll have to search for that balance.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XIII Legion: The Justicars[edit]


  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XIII Legion: Black Augurs[edit]


The Black Augurs are all kinds of Fun!* Hard-hitting and fast, with nigh unrivaled melee elites, and some of the meanest heroes in the game. The Augurs are also good with ambush, as they've got easy access to deep striking, with universal access to deep striking in some rites of war, and they've got the psychic might to defend themselves long enough to get into assault. You're also going to be dominating the psychic phase, as psykers are pretty rare in this era, so you'll often be uncontested in that regard. What's the catch? To call the Black Augurs unstable would be an understatement. With so much psychic power flying around the tabletop that you're going to be getting Perils of the Warp every nine seconds, not to mention the damage your marines can take from their own psychic buffs. It's entirely likely that in any given combat you'll likely lose more soldiers to your own instability than to the enemy. They've also got pretty weak ranged game, with really no reason to favor it over melee. You also won't have many friends, as almost no one trusts the Black Augurs.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Legion of Witches: The Black Augurs more than any other legion found its geneseed manifesting large numbers of psykers, so many that in the legion's early days it was hidden from the Emperor. Any Black Augurs infantry unit may be upgraded to have Brotherhood of Psykers (ML1) for 40% of the unit's base cost.
      • Psychic Pilot: Dreadnoughts may be upgraded to be a psyker (ML1) for 25 points.
    • Psionic Charge: The psychicly powerful Black Augurs would often use biomancy and divination to push their combat prowess above their already superhuman level, though they'd often pay the price in nightmares and mental scarring. Any Black Augur infantry unit with Psyker or Brotherhood of Psykers may sacrifice two warp charges at the beginning of the assault phase to gain 1 Initiative and Attack until the beginning of the next turn. If you choose to do so, the unit must take an immediate leadership test. If they fail, the unit takes D3 randomly allocated wounds, no saves allowed.
    • Reminders of Mortality: Contrary to their legendary arrogance, or perhaps because of it, few Black Augurs were willing to risk their lives in a battle they didn't think they could win. Units with Legiones Astartes: Black Augurs subtract (an additional) 1 from their leadership value when taking morale tests against shooting unless there is an allied unit within 6" or an attached independent character.
    • Pariahs of the Imperium: You may never take Agents of the Emperor, Adeptus Custodes, or Sisters of Silence allied detachments.
  • Blackguard Cabal:
    • Steps Though the Warp: All infantry units with Psyker or Brotherhood of Psykers may deep strike, but scatter rolls of 1 must be rerolled, and you subtract 1 from mishap rolls.
    • Cloaked by Contrast: Units gain Shrouded on the turn they deepstrike.
    • Psychic Horror: Units with Legiones Astartes: Black Augurs gain Fear after they've used at least one psychic power.
    • May not take allied detachments
    • May not take any Lord of War selections other than Fliers and/or the Voidwatcher.
    • May not take more heavy support choices than fast attack choices.
  • Uprising Coven:
    • Whispered Lies: A quiet promise of immortality and a demonstration of magical might is often all it takes to whip up a crowd of dissatisfied citizens, though a bit of theatricality never hurts either. Allied units gain Fearless when affected by a blessing from a Black Augur unit.
    • Pawns in the Game: Allied infantry units gain the following benefits: Elites: Implacable Advance. Troops: never give kill points when destroyed, but are never scoring.
    • You must take an allied detachment from the Imperial Militias and Cults list.
    • You may not have more astartes units than allied units.
    • The Warlord must be a psyker, and your army must include at least one Vates.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Blacksteel Greatsword (15pts): A greatsword as tall as the Astartes that uses it, these heavy weapons are hard to wield nimbly, but long enough that in the hands of an augmented soldier, they often get the first hit. They use the following profile: S+3, AP2, melee, Two Handed, Unwieldy, Greatblade (Hammer of Wrath attacks benefit from this weapon's profile).
    • Psychic Focci (10pts): These rune carved items were used in training the Black Augurs to wield their psychic power. Though they aren't really necessary for experienced psychers, many sorcerers have them re purposed into a psychic channel later in their careers. Cancels the effect and wound of the first Perils of the Warp a model suffers each game.
    • Tesseract Lock (50pts) RELIC A simple black orb of glassy stone that shines with emerald light when absorbing psychic energy, its only adornments are three sigils, one swirling, one sundered, and one binding. Marines who personally offend the voidwatcher are ordered to carry it into battle, where it uses their life energy to power its arcane workings. The user can choose to activate the Lock at the beginning of their turn. If they do so, the user takes a wound, no saves allowed, at the end of the assault phase. This lost wound can never be regained. If the user is killed by this, all units with line of sight must immediately make a morale test. Until the player's next Daemons within 12" cannot take invulnerable saves and suffer -2LD, and psykers within the same range do not generate warp charges. Roll a D3 to determine its additional affect.
      • 1: Umbral Aura : The user gains a 2+ invulnerable save and the Feel No Pain special rule.
      • 2: Obsidian Form: The user gains +3 Strength and Toughness. All melee attacks gain the Armorbane special rule.
      • 3: Emerald Blast: The user must immediately make a shooting attack with the following profile: S:10, Range: Infinite, Beam.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • The Vates (65pts): A unique consulship upgrade available exclusively to the Black Augurs. A centurion who takes this consulship gains the following benefits: Psyker (ML3), a Force Weapon, and Adamantium Will. Must roll at least one power on the Divination psychic discipline.
    • The Haruspex (375pts): The sorcerer elite of the legion and the Voidwatcher's right hand.
Haruspex: 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+/5++
Vates Minoris: 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 10 2+/5++

Unit Composition: 4 Haruspex, 1 Vates Minoris.

Unit type: Infantry.

Wargear: Combi-Bolter, Blacksteel Greatsword, Stryx-Pattern Terminator Armor.

Special Rules: Brotherhood of Psykers (ML2), Chosen Warriors, Deep Striking, Legiones Astartes: Black Augurs

Options: One model may replace his combi-bolter for a Heavy Flamer (10pts) or a Plasma Cannon (20pts). May take a Land Raider or a Spartan as a Dedicated Transport.

  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • The Tyrant:
The Tyrant: 230 6 5 8 13 12 12 6 4 4

Unit type: Walker, Independent Character.

Wargear: Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought, Prototype Wraith-Pattern Psycanon, The Black Blade.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Fear, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Legendary Warrior, Master of the Legion, Psyker (ML2) Strength Beyond Death.

Prototype Wraith-Pattern Psycanon: S7 AP3 36" Rending, Sunder, Heavy 4.

The Black Blade: S10, AP2, Melee, Force.

Legendary Warrior: Units who have Legions Astartes: Black Augurs within 12" who have line of site to The Tyrant gain Stubborn.

Strength Beyond Death: Dready may reroll failed It Will Not Die rolls, and subtracts 1 from the result when being hit by D weapons.

    • The Voidwatcher:
The Voidwatcher: 500 6 6 6 5 4 5 5 10 3+/3++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Blackened Plate, Staff, Warpfire Aura.

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Arcane Studies, Bulky, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, Quiet Corruption, Slow and Purposeful, Sublime Arrogance, Warp Step.

Blackened Plate: An ornate suit of black-runed power armor. The Voidwatcher never bothered upgrading to artificer or terminator armor, trusting in his sorcerous might for defense.

Staff: Perhaps this staff has a name, but if so, The Voidwatcher has never shared it. This weapon is a simple unadorned rod, so black as to look more like a hole in the air or a shadow than a three dimensional object. What it was made from, none save the Voidwatcher know, but every strike warps reality, compromising armor and twisting flesh. The weapon strikes with the following profile: S:U, AP- Fleshbane, Warp (for every hit taken from the Voidwatcher, a model subtracts 1 from its armor save for the remainder of the game. Has no affect on AV).

Warpfire Aura: In combat, The Voidwatcher's armor was covered with a Subtle flame, appearing to most as an inconspicuous flicker. Upon being struck, however, the flame surges outward with great force, dissipating the force of a strike in a grand detonation before sinking into silence once more. The watcher has a 3++ invulnerable save. Additionally, for each hit against the Voidwatcher in melee he does D6 S2 AP- hits against the attacking unit.

Arcane Studies: His many years of studying sorcery and the lore of the warp gave the Voidwatcher an expansive, if shallow, knowledge of the arcane. The Voidwatcher is a ML4 psyker. Yeah, I went there. He can roll on any psychic discipline in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook in addition to the Tzeench, Slaanesh, and Nurgle disciplines. Yes, I'm really doing this. But here's the catch: the Voidwatcher may never gain psychic focus on any discipline, and may not roll for more than 2 powers on any one discipline. Additionally, witchfires do not count towards the number of powers he's cast that turn.

Quiet Corruption: Not many would ever be so foolish as to call a primarch weak, but the Voidwatcher... He was not his brothers' equal in physical matters. When his brothers had been smithing and warring, the Voidwatcher had been studying. When his brothers had been pushing their godly forms to the limit, the Voidwatcher channeled the energies of the universe, and those energies changed the careful biological tailoring the Emperor gave his son. The Voidwatcher loses 1 point of toughness and 1 wound from the basic primarch profile (already included in his profile), along with the It Will Not Die special rule.

Sublime Arrogance: The Voidwatcher was unrivaled in his arrogance. He was a Sorcerer Lord, second in all the galaxy to only his father. Why should he walk among mortal men, or rush about on the field of battle like a mortal? The voidwatcher may never join a unit or be joined by other characters. Additionally, he may never share a transport with any other unit, and gains the slow and purposeful special rule. Additionally, he will only ever fail any leadership based test on a double 6 (does not affect psychic perils).

Warp Step: The Voidwatcher gains the Deep Strike USR, and does not scatter.

  • The Bloodseer
  • The Black Knight
The Black Knight: 350 5 3 6 6 5 5 3 10 2+/4++

Unit type: Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: The Black Blades, Crown of Penance, Sealed Plate.

Special Rules: Agonized Fury, Chaotic Nature, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Fleet, Move Through Cover, Unhinged Monstrosity.

The Black Blades: These greatswords were once ornate and beautiful, but now, so blasted and beaten are they that they bear little resemblance to the legendary blades they were patterned after. They use the following profile: S+2, AP2, Specialist Weapon, Paired (+1A),

Crown of Penance: A shattered "crown" welded to the Knight's helmet, this artifact's energy field protects him from attacks, but the damaged capacitors discharge energy directly into the wearer's skull when activated. Provides the Knight with a 4++ invulnerable save. Failed invuln save rolls of 1 inflict a S4 AP- hit on the Black Knight.

Sealed Plate: This suit of adamantium armor is welded shut, with only basic life support connections linking the wearer with the outside world. Gives the Black Knight a 2+ armor save.

Agonized Fury: The rage of this towering warrior is a legendary thing, only growing stronger as he takes damage. The Black Knight gains increasing benefits based on the number of wounds he's taken. The Black Knight is always removed after having taken five wounds (not counting wounds ignored with Feel No Pain).

  • 1 wounds taken: Gains 1WS and A on his profile. The opening wound of a battle snaps the Knight to attention, pulling him from his dream-like torpor.
  • 2 wounds taken: Gains +1S and A when charging. Pain begins to build and the Black Knight, awakening his rage.
  • 3 wounds taken: Gains +1I and A on his profile. Fear checks against the knight are now made at -1LD. Breached armor can no longer hold his cries, letting the enemy hear his fury.
  • 4 wounds taken: Gains Feel No Pain (5+) and a further +1S and A on the charge. The Black Knight knows release is near, and safety no longer matters. All that's left is violence and death.
  • 5 wounds taken: Fights again with charge bonuses at I1 even if he's already fought and lost all wounds.In a final whirlwind of crimson hatred, the Knight tries to tear down his foes as he dies.

Chaotic Nature: This warrior fights in total silence, but any psyker near it can feel its pain, so great is the sheer unrivaled madness of its agony. Psykers within 6" of the Black Knight peril on any double, and subtract one from their Perils of the Warp role.

Unhinged Monstrosity: The Black Knight may never share a transport or join another unit, and may never be taken in a list alongside the Voidwatcher.

  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XV Legion: Silver Cataphracts[edit]

Silver Cataphracts Emblem.png

The cataphracts specialize in combined arms tactics, with army rules and rites encouraging you to take diverse and varied army lists, shifting your army's composition to match that of the enemy. Doesn't matter whether the enemy takes rock, paper, or scissors, if you have all three in your army. While the Cataphracts won't have heroes as tough as the Augurs or the Thunder kings, and they won't have melee units as mean as the Heralds or the Steel Marshals, and you won't be able to put forth a wall of steel as well as the Lions Rampant or the Entombed, but you can easily bring units to counter all three. While many armies have their one or two great strengths and will need allies or specific tactics to account for their remaining weaknesses, the Cataphracts try not to have those weaknesses in the first place, finding strength in versatility.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Swift Resolution: The Silver Cataphract's method of war focused on ending a battle as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a minimum loss of men and materiel. You may force reroll game-end rolls, but only never to prolong the game; rolls that end the game must be accepted.
    • Humble Purveyors of War: The Cataphracts place the good of the mission above all; though cowardice might preserve their lives for a few minutes, the best choice for survival and victory would always be to complete the mission. Models with Legiones Astartes: Silver Cataphracts may reroll all leadership based checks in the shooting phase.
    • Call for Fire: Every Silver Cataphracts officer was trained in fire support protocols that typically only the specialists of a legion would learn. Silver Cataphracts artillery weapons subtract 2" from their scatter when firing at a point that's within line of site of a Silver Cataphracts character.
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Witchborn Coven (100pts):
Witchborn: 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 5+/6++
Librarius Warden: 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 9 2+/5++

Unit Composition: 4 Witchborn, 1 Librarius Warden.

Unit type: Infantry.

Wargear: Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Flak Armor.

  • Warden Wargear: Artificer Armor, Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Frag and Krak Grenades, Refractor Field.

Special Rules: Brotherhood of Psykers (ML2), Disciplinary Warden, Legiones Astartes: Silver Cataphracts, Psychic Batteries.

Disciplinary Warden: So long as the Librarius Warden is alive, whenever you roll Perils of the Warp you must immediately executing a squad member. On a D6 roll of 4+, the Perils roll is canceled.

Psychic Batteries: A squad of 6+ witchborn generates an extra warp charge each psychic phase.

Options: May take up to 5 additional Witchborn for 8 points per model. May take a Rhino or Razorback as a dedicated transport.

  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XVI Legion: Eternal Zealots[edit]

Eternal Zealots Emblem.png

GET READY FOR SOME HERESY, KIDS!!! The Zealots give zero fucks about your Imperial rules, with most of their rites of war and special rules favoring their post-betrayal form. You wan Xenos auxiliaries? THEY GOT IT! You want lightning warfare from an elite force with good shooting and great melee? THEY GOT IT! You want a hilariously, debilitatingly neurotic focus on killing enemy's commanders? THEY GOT IT! The Eternal Zealots are in many ways a foil to the Steel Marshals, with a focus on firepower supporting strong melee units, though the Zealots are a bolt of lightning to the Marshal's falling hammer. Their tactics offer bonuses to squads that charge something another squad just shot at, encouraging you to used combined effort between your squads to weaken the enemy then overtake them in melee.

  • Legiones Astartes Tactics
    • Brutal Finesse: All Eternal Zealots have Preferred Enemy: Characters. Any Eternal Zealot not wearing Terminator Armor can take a basic close combat weapon for free.
    • Ideologues: Eternal Zealots Independent Characters have the Zealot special rule and must give and accept challenges when possible.
    • Imperial Deviants: Any detachment containing Eternal Zealot models treat Agents of the Emperor, Adeptus Custodes, and Sisters of Silence as being allied By the Emperor's Command.
  • Rite of War: Layman's Folly:
    • The Coiled Strike: Units with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots gain Relentless while in their own deployment zone.
    • The Swift Lunge: Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter squadrons and Legion Outrider squads become compulsory troops choices and gain Implacable Advance. Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter squadrons and Javelin Attack Speeder squadrons reroll reserve rolls of 1.
    • The Crippling Poison: If a unit with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots kills a character in an enemy squad, that squad takes morale checks at -1LD for the remainder of the turn unless they have another attached character.
    • May not take more Heavy Support choices than Fast Attack choices.
    • Must take an additional HQ choice.
    • May not take fortifications.
  • Rite of War: Wayward Brothers: A Rite of War representing the scattered elements of the legion spread out among the legions after the Eternal Zealots were broken at Lazarus.
    • Hardened by Abuse: All units with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots gain Adamantium Will. Additionally, they benefit from the leadership of an attached character or independent character even if that character is killed or leaves the squad.
    • Virtue Over Sanity: If your detachment is Loyalist, you gain Hatred: Traitors. If your detachment is Traitor, you gain Hatred: Loyalists.
    • Renegades: Each troops choice in the detachment can choose one of the following unit special rules: Furious Charge, Infiltrate, Stubborn, or Precision Shots.
    • Must take an additional compulsory HQ choice.
    • May not take a Primarch or any other Lord of War.
    • May not take an allied detachment.
  • Rite of War: Lost and Damned: A Rite of War representing the truly fallen Eternal Zealots, having fully embraced daemons, sorcery, and all flavors of heresy.
    • Unholy Rage: Models with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots gain Furious Charge while in the enemy deployment zone.
    • The Light of Truth: Models from Codex: Daemons become Battle Brothers. Models with the Daemon special rule deep striking within 6" of units with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots do not scatter. Models with Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots: gain Stubborn while within 6" of a model with the Daemon special rule.
    • Must include one of the following: Centurion (Librarian Consulship), Tarellian Auxiliary Section, Aphizft Abomination Wing.
    • Traitors only.
    • May not include fortifications.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Anathamic Blade (20pts): These poisoned weapons are granted only to the elites of the decapitator squads and those officers who graduate from their ranks. S:U AP3, Melee, Poisoned 2+.
    • The Shriek of Lazarus (35pts): When Lazarus was chosen for exterminatus, the Adeptus Mechanicus took advantage of the situation and used the planet's death cry to empower a battery of Quake Shells, though they tried to keep this fact from Aubrey. Unfortunately for them, he did find out, and ordered a squad of the legion's Decapitator elites to acquire the shells, and explain to the tech priests the error of their ways. On Aubrey's command the legion's tech priests modified the mighty siege shells into more compact and numerous grenades which were then distributed to the legion command staff. The Shriek of Lazarus is a grenade that uses the following profile: range 12", S8 AP2, Armorbane, Fleshbane, Blind, 7" blast. On the turn the grenade is used, any Tarellian units in play gain Rage, Furious Charge, and Feel No Pain 4+ until the end of the turn. If the model bearing the Shriek of Lazarus is a psyker, it can be consumed (without being thrown) to add an additional 3 warp charges to your dice pool at any time.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Tarellian Murder Pack: Troops A Tarellian Murder Pack is comprised of 2-4 Tarellian Abomination Pack and a 1-2 Untouched Abominations. This Murder Pack counts as one Troops Choice.
      • Tarellian Abomination Pack (130pts):
Tarellian Abomination: 11 4 3 3 3 1 5 1 7 5+/5++
Scarred Abomination: 15 5 4 3 3 1 6 2 8 5+/5++
Unmarked Abomination: 40 6 5 4 3 2 6 3 9 5+/4++

Unit type: Infantry.

Squad Composition: 9 Tarellian Abomination, 1 Scarred Abomination.

Wargear: Auxillia Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Flak Armor.

  • Unmarked Abomination Wargear: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Iron Halo.

Special Rules: Cold Blooded Reflex (+1 to invuln saves in melee), Daemon, Feel No Pain (6+), Move Through Cover, Rending.

  • Unmarked Abomination Special Rules: Cold Blooded Reflex (+1 to invuln saves in melee), Eternal Warrior, Daemon, Feel No Pain (6+), Fleet, Independent Character, Move Through Cover, Rending.

Options: May take two additional squads of Tarellian Abominations. May take an additional Unmarked Abomination for 40 points. May take up to 15 additional Unmarked Ones per squad for 11ppm. Each squad may take an additional May take one special weapon per 10 models. Each squad may take one power weapon per 5 models. Each squad may take Melta Bombs for 25 points. Each Squad may take a Rhino, Land Raider or a Spartan as a Dedicated Transport.

    • Decapitation Squad (130pts): Elite
Decapitator Elite: 5 5 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+/6++
Decapitator Sergeant: 6 5 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+/6++

Unit type: Jump Infantry.

Squad Composition: 4 Decapitators, 1 Decapitator Sergeant.

Wargear: Anathamic Blade, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Daemon, Frag and Krak Grenades, Jump Pack, Power Armor.

Special Rules: Deep Strike, Legiones Astartes: Eternal Zealots

Options: Any squad member may exchange their Anathamic Blade for a Power Axe for free.

  • Unique Legion Characters: HQ
Ysekaar the Defiant: 7 4 3 3 3 8 4 9 3+/4++

  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XVII Legion: Scale Bearers[edit]

I HEARD YOU LIEK DINOSAURS, SO I GOT YOU A LEGION OF DINOSAUR RIDERS WITH A DINOSAUR PRIMARCH NAMED AFTER A DINOSAUR! The Scale Bearers play with a mix of solid infantry, supporting rapid firepower from land speeders and aircraft, and hard-hitting cavalry units. With a good half to two thirds of their army being comprised of either multi-wound cavalry or tough(er than infantry) armored firepower, they're able to take a lot of punishment before they start losing combat effectiveness. They also have FUCKING DINOSAURS! That's right, these boys can come to war riding god damn cybernetic murder lizards, giving them some of the fastest, hardest hitting melee units in the game. Sure, in a standup dragout fight against some of the other legion's elite melee units, you'll probably lose, but that's not what cavalry is for; you shouldn't be stopping to slug it out with infantry in melee. You hit the enemy on the charge, then you run off to come back and do it again later. All this leads to a fast, versatile force focusing on lightning warfare and ignoring lost wounds to attrition.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XVIII Legion: Stone Men[edit]

Though it might be a contradiction, I think the stone men's doctrine could be best described as focused versatility, but not focused on versatility. By that I mean that they can excel in any given role you put them in, but they lack the doctrinal diversity of other legions. Give the Stone Men any given target and they'll have a good way to deal with it, whether on offense or defense. They've got a lot of unique wargear and unit options, and solid offense and defense, with a focus on defensive warfare and deepstriking, and better access to orbital assets than most legions.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XIX Legion: Eyes of the Emperor[edit]

You want firepower? You've come to the right place son, sit down. The Eyes got dakka with their dakka, seared on dakka fire and seasoned to perfection with a powerful airforce. Devastators, fire support tanks, and aircraft are going to be plentiful, and with the right rite of war, actually cheaper than their counterparts. You aren't going to get much melee game out of these guys, but that's okay as you can easily drown your enemies in fire. Also, uniquely in 30k, they have something very close to And They Shall Know No Fear, making them one of the hardier armies out there, and they aren't quite as vulnerable in melee as you'd expect, because they can't be overtaken with sweeping advance, though this can be something of a double edged sword, because they also can't escape melee once they're there.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Rules Here:
  • Rites of War:
      • Rite Bonuses:
      • Rite Restrictions
  • Unique Wargear
  • Unique Legion Units:
  • Unique Legion Characters:
  • Primarch:
  • Sworn Brothers:

XX Legion: Iron Rangers[edit]


Iron Rangers don't do fair fights. You might catch them out of position, or far more likely they might be ambushing you, but no matter what happens, someone is about to get fucked. They play as something of an all or nothing army. You're generally going to have something of an uphill battle, and you're going to be easier to table than any other legion, but if handled well, you'll dominate the battlefield by the late game. Iron Rangers don't generally deal in armor or massed infantry, but they've got some of the best shooting and elites game in the system, and you'll usually control the skies with lots of flier dedicated transports and some upgraded gunships. You're also going to have some of the most expensive units in the game, with access to expensive goodies for your troops and elites. Your dudes are going to be good at both shooting and melee, with across the board buffs to shooting and assault, but you will usually be outnumbered and your morale game isn't the greatest. If the Iron Rangers are winning, they're really winning. If they're floundering... You're probably about to concede.

  • Legion Special Rules
    • Predator's Creed: The Iron Rangers struck from a position of advantage whenever possible, maximizing the carnage of the opening moments of battle. Units with Legiones Astartes: Iron Rangers gain +1BS and/or WS during the first shooting attack and combat they participate in each game. Elites and Troops gain Infiltrate.
    • Chosen Reavers: You are often outnumberer and outgunned; surprise and shock will save you. Restrain and indecision will get you killed. Units with Legiones Astartes: Iron Rangers gain +1 initiative when outnumbered in combat, and characters gain rampage.
    • Measured Courage: The Iron Rangers can hardly be called the bravest legion, but their brutal practicality sometimes sees them stand and fight where others would break, knowing that it increases their odds of survival. Units with Legiones Astartes: Iron Rangers may reroll one die on morale checks during the assault phase when locked in combat with models of equal or higher initiative than themselves.
  • Rite of War: Ambush Path
    • :
    • Lone Braves: May not take fortifications.
  • Unique Wargear
    • Power Spear (10pts): Any character that can take a power weapon may instead take a power spear. It uses the following profile: S:U AP3, gains Rending and Shred on the charge.
    • Insertion Laurels (5pts): Any Independent Character may purchase Insertion Laurels. The Independent Character gains Infiltrate.
    • Power Tomahawk (15pts): Any character may purchase an Officer's Tomahawk. It uses the following profile: S:U AP2, Melee, Specialist Weapon. It can also be thrown as a ranged weapon, with S4 AP3, Concussive. If thrown, the weapon is lost.
    • Void Cannister (10pts): A Void Canister is a rare type of bomb that uses a focused vacuum implosion to pull a great cloud of dust and sediments towards the blast point, granting the user and his unit shrouded for one game turn.
  • Unique Legion Units:
    • Helwir (Elite)
Heliwr: 4 4 4 4 1 5 2 8 3+
Elder: 5 5 4 4 1 6 3 9 3+

Unit type: Infantry.

Squad Composition: 9 Heliwr, one Heliwr Elder.

Wargear: Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armor, Power Spear.

Special Rules: Hit and Run, Infiltrate, Legiones Astartes: Iron Rangers, Stealth.

Squad Options: Squad may take the following: Melta Bombs (5pts)

Squad MUST begin the game in reserves or infiltrated.

  • Unique Legion Characters:
    • Rogerius Merrill
Rogerius Merrill: 465 8 5 6 5 4 7 6 10 3+/4++

Unit type: Jump Infantry, Independent Character.

Wargear: Archeotech Pistol, Grenade Dispenser, Recon Artificer Armor, The Red Spear,

Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Bulky, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, First Sight of the Battle, Fleet, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Last Sight of your Life, Pragmatism is a Virtue, Swiftest of His Sons.

Grenade Dispenser: Because he so often fought alone, Roger learned to make due without the battlefield support his brothers so often had. Rogerius counts as having Assault Grenades, Melta Bombs, one Void Canister.

Recon Artificer Armor: A very light, flexible variant artificer armor, based on the armor worn by legion scouts. Provides a 3+/4++, and counts as a Nuncio Vox.

The Crimson Spear: A weapon named not by Rogerius himself, but as a grim joke by his sons. The spear is unpainted grey. S:U AP2, Mastercrafted. The advanced archeotech built into the spear can be activated for one assault phase of your choosing, granting +2 S, I, and Haywire.

First Sight of the Battle: Rogerius has stealth. On the first turn of the game, he has shrouded. Additionally, he gains infiltrate and outflank.

Last Sight of Your Life: Rogerius gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule and inflicts 1D3 hits instead of 1. On the charge, Rogerius gains D3 extra attacks. In an assault, any roll to hit of 4+ is a successful Precision Strikes roll (as it it was a 6).

Pragmatism is a Virtue: If Rogerious wipes out a unit in close combat, before the beginning of the next phase, he can then make an out-of-phase attack with a single grenade or special/heavy weapon that unit possessed.

Swiftest of His Sons: Rogerius counts as Jump infantry and can make jump moves in the movement and assault phases of the same turn, and has the Hit and Run and Move Through Cover special rules. He doesn't actually have a jump pack, he's just that fucking fast.

  • Sworn Brothers: