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I'm a newbie into the lore of Fantasy and 40k. Please communicate through the Discussion pages, and suggest how I can help make improvements.

My greatest work so far: Putting Creed into the games of Just as planned. Who says Creed's the only TACTICAL GENIUS around?

I also like Angron, so a large portion of his story in Return of the Primarchs is my work too, because I think he deserves a second chance at a family and a life, so I set it up for him. I have yet to write such a thing, but I'll get there.

NotCanonShout.gif And this is what a lot of my work is. As you can see, Kitten does not approve.

I also create stories that are a little less Grimdark than the standard 40k fare in my spare time. My stories are here, neither complete though. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Camping Trip (Warhammer High)- trying to develop and deepen bonds between the Primarchs' Daughters.

Ye Gods- what the gods of 40k get up to on their off days, or one, at least.