From 1d4chan

Hi. So, I'm Khor'neth. I'm... kinda new here.

There's still a lot I don't know... if you've found a flaw in something I've written, let me know, I'll sort it.

If you're going to criticise something I've written, please, PLEASE, at least tell me how I can improve. Because I want to, honestly.

If you, for some reason, want to pick up where I left off with things I wrote, go right ahead. I don't MIND, really, just... keep it kinda like what I wrote beforehand.

And, indeed, if you think I'm not properly following the rules and the conduct expected of users here, then please tell me, say what it is that I've done wrong, and how I can do better next time. I WANT to improve, but I can't be a better user here if all people are going to do is yell at me and call me names.