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Mecha Roleplaying Games, pt.1[edit]

Aegis Project, The (three eras of mecha)

Anime Hack, The (includes mecha)

Apotheosis Drive X (FATE-powered mecha RPG)

Armageddon 2089: Total War (OGL D20 mecha mercenaries game)

Armature (homebrew)

Armored Trooper VOTOMs (Mekton/Fuzion)

Backland Stride (homebrew)

Battle Century G (new iteration of Giant Guardian Generation)

Battle Century Z (followup to Battle Century G)

Battlechangers - A Quick Play Transforming Robot RPG

Battletech - A Time of War (Mechwarrior 4th ed, from Catalyst)

BESM - Big Eyes, Small Mouth

BESM D20 (includes rules from D20 Mecha)

Big Robots, Cool Starships (mecha for BESM, part of core BESM book since 2nd Ed.)

Bigger Bads (supplement for Monsters and Other Childish Things)

Bliss Stage: Interim Stage

BRP Mecha (for Chaosium's Basic Role Playing system)

Bubblegum Crisis (Mekton/Fuzion)

Chromestrike (homebrew)

Cloak of Steel (fantasy mecha by Postmortem studios)


Cyberpunk 2020 (powered armor in “Maximum Metal”, Cyberwalks in “Solo of Fortune 2”)

D20 Mecha (from White Wolf)

D20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition (from Dream Pod 9)

Daikaiju Die! (Pacific Rim style RPG)

Dark Horizons (D20 robot mecha post-apocalyptic warfare)

Mecha Roleplaying Games, pt.2[edit]

Doom Striders (standalone D&D mecha)

Dragonmech (D20 fantasy mecha)

Exosuit A-OK

Fullmetal President: White House Mecha Chaos

Gadget Guide: Mecha (Mutants & Masterminds)

Gear Krieg (Silouhette system; mecha in WWII)

Giant Guardian Generation (homebrew; precursor to Battle Century G)

Giant Transforming Robots (more Cartoon Action Hour mecha)

Going Japanese (for Cartoon Action Hour)


GURPS Mecha (includes setting “Cybermech Damocles”)

Heavy Gear (Silouhette system VOTOMs)

Infinite Mecha (rules for Infinite Frontier)

Iron Kingdoms (RPG of Warmachine miniatures wargame)

Jovian Chronicles (Silouhette system U.C. Gundam)

Kaiju Patrol (for Fate Accelerated)


Lunar Reckoning 69 (homebrew)

Machine: Overdrive (D6 Zen system)

Macross II (Palladium)

Maruader 2107 (terrible)

Mecha [“Chris Perrin’s MECHA”] (from Heroic Journey Publishing)

Mecha & Manga (Mutants & Masterminds)

Mecha Aces (FUDGE system)

Mecha and Monsters [Tiny Frontiers] (RPG coming from Gallant Knight Games)

Mecha Clash (supplement for Heroes In Time)

Mecha Construction Guide (for Pathfinder system)

Mecha SRD Extreme (D20 mecha system reference document from Ronin Arts)

Mecha G-Core (FASERIP Marvel-inspired G-Core; Xenomorph Invasion & Cybermorph Invasion)

Mecha Omega (D20 OGL mecha and kaiju rules)

Mecha Smash (RPG from Starbright Games)

Mecha vs Kaiju

Mechagenesis : The True20 Robotic Roleplay Sourcebook

Mechamorphosis (D20 transformers)

Mecha Roleplaying Games, pt.3[edit]

Mechwarrior (old Battletech RPG from FASA; 3rd.ed. by FanPro as “Classic Battletech RPG”)

Mekton (and Mekton II and Mekton Z[eta])

Metal Wars (Cartoon Action Hour’s version of Transformers)

Musha Shugyo: Hyper Armor (mecha supplement for Musha Shugyo)

O.R.E. Mecha (One Roll Engine)

OGL Mecha (via RDP)

Origin of the Species: Transmechs Revisited (Spycraft 2.0 transformers)

OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game

Planetfall (free, no-prep RPG; has many Mecha Manuals)

Psibertroopers (D6 Classic system, “Dead Night of Space” line)


Rifts (Palladium)

Rifts [Savage Worlds] (Rifts using Savage Worlds rules)

Robot Gladiators (more Hero/Champs mecha fare, followup to “Robot Warriors”)

Robot Warriors (Champions/Hero system mecha)

Robotech (Palladium)

Rune Stryders (fantasy mecha)

S.I.Net. (sentient transforming mecha RPG ala live-action TF movies)

Savage Worlds’ Science Fiction Companion (has mecha rules)

Sentai Spectacular! The Ultimate Guide to Playing Sentai Superheroes

Shifter Bots (mecha and transformers RPG)

Space Ninja Cyber Crisis XDO

Super Fun TV Hour ( Super Sentai RPG)

Super Happy Sentai Hour

Steel Roses: The HeartQuest Guide to Mecha

Super Mega Ultra Mecha Fighting for You, Me, and All of Our Friends (for PFRPG & D&D 3.5)

Tears of a Machine (teen angst & giant robot drama)

Tenra Banshô Zero

Tetsujin Shogunate [Gossamer Worlds] (Diceless)

Tokyo Heroes (Super Sentai RPG; has mecha rules, of course)

Ultimate Vehicle, The (Hero 5th edition)

Vanguard: Varmisk Fallen (mecha piloted by furries)

Vesna Thaw (Soviet post-apoc salvaged mecha GMless semi-competitive story game)

Weapons of Mecha & Power Armor Destruction (for D20 Future)

Mecha Minatures Wargames[edit]

5150: No Quarter Mecha Combat (from Two-Hour Wargames)

Adeptus Evangelion (homebrew doing Evangelion with WH40K rules)

Armor Grid: Mech Attack! (miniatures wargame)

AT-43 (miniatures wargame)

Battletech (miniatures wargame)

Big Damn Robots (miniatures wargame)

C.A.V. (miniatures wargame)

Digital Mecha Wars (tactical wargame; looks kinda silly)

Dust (miniatures wargame)

Exalted (White Wolf anime-esque fantasy; has mecha called Warstriders)

Giant Monster Rampage (toy battles wargame, has giant robot rules)

Heavy Gear Blitz (Silouhette system)

Infinity (manga-influenced minis wargame)

Iron Tyrants (minis wargame)

Iron Warriors (miniatures wargame)

Quantum Legions: Vanguard (miniatures wargame)

Mech Attack (miniatures wargame)

Mech Brawl (homebrew)

Mecha! (minis wargame with some storytelling elements)

Mecha Front (miniatures wargame)

Mecha War Ultra (miniatures wargame)

MechaForce Tactical Combat Game

Mekatac (miniatures wargame)

MetalKrushers (mecha gladiators tactical board game)

Mobile Frame Zero (wargame using Lego minis)

Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish (free homebrew Gundam minis wargame)

Relic Knights (card-system miniatures wargame)

Robot Jocks (mecha gladiators card game)

Robotech Tactics (Palladium)

Strike Legion (miniatures wargame)

Valkyrie (miniatures wargame)

Wardogs (miniatures wargame)

Warhammer 40,000 (Adeptus Titanicus especially)

Warmachine (miniatures wargame)

Wehrmacht (diceless mecha miniatures wargame)

YAGRAG [Yet Another Giant Robot Apocalypse Game] (miniatures wargame)

Other anime, manga, and mecha-ish games[edit]

Anima Prime

Black Tokyo (hentai horror & ero-guro)

Bounty Head Bebop (Cowboy Bebop & Outlaw Star imitation)

Colonial Troopers (OSR game with powered armor and some mecha content)

Damage Control: The Advanced Disaster Department RPG (GMless)

Demon City Shinjuku RPG

Dominion: Tank Police RPG (uses BESM’s Tri-Stat system)

Dual! RPG

El-Hazard RPG

Fantaji – Universal RPG

Fight! The Fighting Game RPG

Fight! Unlockables: Shonen

Fushigi Yugi RPG

Godbound (has fantasy Mecha in the full paid version, not free version)

Hellsing RPG

Kazei 5 (anime cyberpunk with mecha for Hero)

Living Steel (features powered armor; extremely complicated rules!)

Maid: The Role-Playing Game

Monster Force Terra (play a kaiju!)

Musha Shugyo (another Fighting Game RPG)

Nova Praxis (post-singularity RPG with really fancy enhanced interactive PDF)

Open Anime

Otherworlds Zero (Maybe? Might be lame. Looks like “Destiny.”)

Panty Explosion

Project A-Ko! RPG (has a modicum of mecha rules; early Silouhette game)

Revolutionary Girl Utena RPG

Sailor Moon RPG

Serial Experiments Lain RPG

Shonen Final Burst

Slayers RPG

Sparks of Light (magical girls RPG)

Stars Without Number (OSR game w/ robots & mechs - in paid version, not free version)

Super Gachapon Fighter Omega Infinity!

Tenchi Muyo! RPG

Thrash (fighting games & shonen)

Tokyo Brain Pop (psychic schoolgirls)

Trigun RPG

Trinity (White Wolf’s dark sci-fi, previously “Aeon”; has VARGs)

Valor: The Heroic Roleplay System

Japanese TTRPGs[edit]

> Cyberpunk - Metal Head - Tokyo Nova

> Scifi - Space opera heroes - Garako

> Fantasy - Sword World - Lodoss - Dragon Ring - Dragon Rouge - Power Play - Barna Kronika - Fortune Quest - Crystania - 30 min heroes - Meikyuu Kingdom - Blade of Arcana - Monster Maker - Arianhood - Slayers RPG - One way heroics (sic) - Dark Souls - Detatoko Saga

> Modern - Demon Parasite - Psychic Hearts - Challenge Girls - Gundogs - Magikarogia - Beast Bind

> Others - Kankore RPG - Magicians' academy - MAGIUS general system + universes - Nechronica