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  • World of Darkness




  • Tang Luen's Folding Box (Artifact •): This jade and mahogany box (its grain inlaid with just enough starmetal to give it a slightly glittering sheen) is normally the size of a large suitcase. However, set on the ground it can be carefully unfolded (four Speed 6 actions) into a set of large racks and shelves that can hold up to 2 cubic yards of material. As long as anything not living is placed on it in the unfolded state, it can be folded back up again (also four Speed 6 actions), pushing its contents into Elsewhere for the duration. This artifact can be used without attunement, but if so it bears the full weight of all contents; it can be attuned for 4 motes to gain the same lightness and buoyancy of most artifacts.
  • Thunders of Scarlet Impact (Artifact •••••)