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Lord Grievous

Avowed Star Wars diehard (as the username implies), but also interested in a host of other interests and mediums covered on this wiki, particularly Warhammer Fantasy and D&D. Am only a casual fan of 40K at best, though I enjoy collecting and painting the miniatures. Also a superhero die-hard. Pro-Elf and proud.

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Extra Tidbits

  • Favorite Warhammer Fantasy Factions: Lizardmen, Bretonnia, High Elves, Vampire Counts, Dark Elves, Chaos Undivided, and Tzeentch (roughly in that order)
  • Favorite Age of Sigmar Factions: Seraphon, Cities of Sigmar, Soulblight Gravelords, Slaves to Darkness, Disciples of Tzeentch
  • Favorite Space Marine Chapters: Black Vipers, Black Dragons, Black Templars (notice a pattern yet?), Salamanders, Star Dragons, Celestial Lions, Dark Krakens, Blood Ravens, Soul Drinkers, Silver Skulls.
  • Favorite D&D Races: Elves, Tieflings, Dragonborn/Half-Dragons, Kobolds, Lizardmen, Half-Elves
  • Favorite D&D Classes (at least if we're talking 5E): Paladin, Wizard, Fighter, Cleric, Warlock, Monk