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I'm the guy who does big stuff on the wiki. You wanna see my work? It's all the grammar fixing, most of the minor chapters' Daily Routines, and overall minor work on this site that only a freak like me would bother about. Oh, I also work on the Codex for the T'au auxiliaries in my spare time, and am actively trying to sort the mess of previous vs current edition rules for the T'au and Eldar. Plus I wrote the entire page on the Taros Campaign and the Kor'vattra, and T'au Septs.

If I come off as uncouth, then please forgive me. I really am quite tame, and happy to discuss errors I myself make.

I play Weeaboo Space Communists, Space Pansies, and Angry Marines. Judge me.

Personal Project[edit]

Actively, I am in the early stages of developing a Codex for the Hive Gangers. I have no intent of making them balanced or even competitive, but purely for the joy of having them exist. Will it break Necromunda fluff? Maybe. Do I care? Yes. Will people let me know when I screw up? That is up to you.

40k Tactics[edit]

I've been studying the armies for 40k and have a decent grasp on most of them, and the general basics for the game. I am happy help anyone on building better armies and giving recommendations, but be aware that I cannot help you with Chaos(in general), Druhkari, Grey Knights, Knights in general, or Ynnari/Harlequins as I have little experience playing them. Expect this list to shorten over time.


I know a guy who does podcasts on Fallout and stuff. If that interests you, the link is here. He's fairly new, but I always have a blast talking to him.