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I'm an artist and gamer.

The Boardgames I play: HeroQuest!!!

The wargames I play: BattleTech; Heavy Gear; Necromunda & Mordheim (I dont give a damn about the FB or 40k universe); and WarGods of Ægyptus.

The PRGs I play: Dungeons & Dragons (classic or 5e , see bellow); Gamma World (including Mutant Future and Mutant Crawl Classic); Barbarians of Lemuria; and Cyberpunk 2020 & Cyberworld (pink-mohawk all the way!).

The fantasy settings I enjoy: Tékumel; Hyboria; Barsoom ; Carcosa; and Wilderlands of High Fantasy.

I also like to play offbeat games once and a while, like Modempunk, Alpha Blue and Risus.