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Hello and welcome to my profile, I am McNash, also known as the general Kane Nash, and some other minor nicknames, as most people here I am a fan both of 40k and WFB, here is some additional info about me:

  • Genre: Male
  • Birth: February 14, 1986 (yeah, sometimes I feel like my mother is trolling me)
  • Fav TT Army: Newcrons
  • Fav DoW series army; Imperial Guard
  • fav SM chapter: Imperial Fists
  • Fav Chaos God: Tzeentch
  • Fav Lost and the Damned: The Ironclad
  • Fav 40k characters: well, a lot, but the list includes Abaddon, Trazyn, Cain, Lysander, Diomedes, Cyrus, Ahriman, Eliphas...
  • DeviantArt: yes (kanenash)
  • Fav hero: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
  • Fav character: Kane of C&C

And then some other stuff, I like metal music, anime, and reading the internet, I am also fan of 40k related groups such as HMKids, The Alfa Legion and Miniwargaming. You may find me lurking the wiki and adding some stuff here and there.

Things I would like to see implemented in 40k[edit]

  • Minis of Dawn of War characters (Diomedes, Eliphas, Cyrus, Vance Stubbs, Sturn, etc).
  • Codex suplement for tyranids which make them more competitive.
  • New sentinel models more akin to SC goliaths than SW walkers while still retaining WW2 look.
  • More attractive SoB models, Penitent engines and Repentia with hair and less bondage stuff.
  • In general more atractive female models.
  • Ciaphas Cain's characters sculpted in a more realistic style (Inquisitor Amberley anyone?).
  • New Starter sets which include codices for the factions and a simple rulebook:
    • SM vs Necrons
    • Orks vs Eldar
    • Tau vs Tyranids
    • Sisters of Battle vs Daemons
    • IG vs Dark Eldar
    • Grey Knights vs CSM
  • More Trazyn.
  • No need to kill people who has seen Grey Knights or Daemons, come on, we got plenty of fluff where normal humans can get along with that.
  • A new Dawn of War.

ALSO THIS, bcs good strategy games are out there:

Some terms I love[edit]

  • Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers by Bal-Sagoth (a technomantic treaty which shows the existence of an interstellar travel network as well as the true nature of the stars)
  • Greenwich in the Sky by Touhou (a latent six-sense which works as a natural GPS over any planet of the omniverse)
  • The Silver Key by H.P. Lovecraft (a portable time-space travel machine)
  • Astronomican by Warhammer 40,000 (a galactic wide beacon capable to allow starships to use an alternate psychic dimension to travel across the stars)
  • The Realmgates by Age of Sigmar (land-based portals which allow the different planes of existence to be connected at certain locations)

Codex: McNash[edit]

Some homebrew stats I did for characters from my favourite shows, games, etc.

Kurumi Tokisaki - Date A Live[edit]

Kurumi excels as a sniper and support caster, either being capable to instagib enemy units or using her Spirit Skills to give great buffs.

Elite Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Kurumi Tokisaki 450 3 10 5 5 3 10 3 10 - Infantry (IC) 25mm base 1 Spirit

  • Unit Type: Infantry (unique)
  • Wargear: Spirit Arquebus, Spirit Pistol
Range S AP Type
Spirit Arquebus 36" D 2 Rapid Fire
Spirit Pistol 12" 5 3 Pistol

  • Special Rules:
    • Independent Character
    • Spirit: Spirits are human beings who have been mysteriously empowered to achieve god-like powers, as such they are nearly invulnerable, all spirits have a 3++ Invulnerable Save, furthermore it can be re-rolled once if failed and benefit from being Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Feels No Pain, Jet Pack Infantry and Space-quake, additionally a spirit reduces by 1 the result rolls of Destroyer weapons attack table and they are not affected by removed from the table rules.
    • Space-quake: Upon entering our dimension, a Spirit unleashes a massive implosion which oblitarates anything in her proximity, Spirits always start on reserve, and enter through deep-strike, before deploying throw a S10, AP1 large blast template wherever you want your Spirit to land, using her BS to correct the deviation, place the spirit after removing any possible casualties, it may be still subjected to Deep-Strike Mishaps.
  • Spirit Skills: during the psychic phase, instead of drawing powers from the Warp, the Spirits can attempt to use their powers by consuming spirit points, for that roll 2D6, with the total score being the available Spirit Points (SP) for the current psychic turn, note that your spirit can only use one power once.
    • First Bullet - Aleph - Time Acceleration: Gives fleet to a unit within 36" (1 SP)
    • Second Bullet - Bet - Time Dilation: Choose an enemy unit within 36" of Kurumi, throw a dice, on a 4+ the enemy unit cannot move more than 3" during the next round. (2 SP)
    • Fourth Bullet - Dalet - Time Rewind: Restore up to 4HP to a friendly unit or vehicle within 36" of Kurumi (4 SP)
    • Seventh Bullet - Zayin - Time Stop: Choose an enemy unit within 36" of Kurumi, throw a dice, on a 4+ every model within the unit has its attacks reduced to 1 in all the phases of the round and cannot benefit from any additional attack (7 SP)
    • Ninth Bullet - Tet - Time Perception: A unit within 12" of Kurumi can use her BS (9 SP)
    • Twelfth Bullet - Yud Bet - Time Travel: Throw a dice, on a 1-2 you can bring back 1 unit or vehicle from death, on a 3-4 you can bring back 2 and on a 5-6 you can bring back 3, deploy the resurrected units at your side of the table, all the models of the units have 1HP remaining (12 SP)
  • Options: Kurumi may come with a retinue of 2 Shadow Clones.
Elite Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Kurumi Shadow Clone 50 3 10 4 4 2 10 2 10 - Infantry 25mm base 1 Shadow Clone

Attached to Kurumi's unit, she benefits only from 3++, Fearless, Feels No Pain and Jet Pack, armed with a Spirit Arquebus and a Spirit Pistol, can't cast Spirit Skills or produce Space-quakes.

Hibiki Tachibana - Symphogear[edit]

Hibiki is a close combat warrior who can dish out and take massive amounts of damage while buffing any unit she joins.

Elite Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition
Hibiki Tachibana 500 6 2 10 10 5 6 3 10 - Infantry (IC) 25mm base 1 Symphogear User

  • Unit Type: Infantry (unique)
  • Wargear: 2 Gungnir Powerfists
Range S AP Type
Gungnir Powerfist - x2 1 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy, Master-Crafted, Phonic Effect

  • Special Rules:
    • Independent Character
    • Symphogear User: Powered by ancient human technologies, the Symphogear Users have access to a wide array of benefits which allow them to endure extremely hostile environments and wield powerful weapons without major drawbacks, they have Eternal Warrior, It Will Not Die, Feels No Pain, Adamantium Will, Fearless, is immune to the use of unwieldy or heavy, adds 2 die to Charge and has 2++ Invulnerable Save, additionally a Symphogear User reduces by 1 the result rolls of Destroyer weapons attack table and they are not affected by removed from the table rules.
    • Synchrogazer: This technique can only be used when Hibiki joins a unit, it allows any warrior to link up with Hibiki creating a powerful mental shield capable to withstand horror or sorcery. If a Deny The Witch of morale test is failed by the unit Hibiki is attached to throw a dice, on a 4 or more the unit denies any negative effect.
    • S2CA Tri Burst: Once per turn one of the attacks unleashed by Hibiki uses a large blast, with its border placed in contact with Hibiki's base border.
    • Phonic Effect: The sonic resonance generated can damage even the most resilient foe, it forces the receiver of this attack to re-roll their saving checks in case they were successful.