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"HOLD THE LINE EMPEROR DAMN YOU!" "We can't sir, there are too many of them." "What do you mean there are too many of them. There are enough lasguns here to kill any number of gaunts!" "But there are hardly any gaunts sir." "Then what is the problem?" "That is..." "OH EMPEROR PRO- (various squishing and roaring noises as an assault wave of carnifexes breaks through the trench)"

Hey all, how are you? I'm just here as a regular member with a fascination for how the guard think that lasguns can hold off monstrous creatures and a habit of testing that theory in actual gameplay.

Lists: Hive Fleet Corona: 3000 points Tyranids (Nidzilla based), Hunter Cadre Hek'minto: 1850 points Tau (Gunline/suit ambush based), Temple guardians: 3000 points Lizardmen (Giant saurus brick based) and The Kabal of the Pale Ossified: 1650 points Dark Eldar (Mechanised)

I am current working on the Knights Inductor Fandex as one of the main current editors and a playtester of the rules.

Now, with Reboot of Fluff edition!