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Emo Rant[edit]

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You are now aware that life is full of bullshit. You are now aware that no one besides a select group of people gives a fucking SHIT about human achievement. You now realize that nearly everyone just wants to have a fucking family and die a "happy" person. You now realize how few people actually find meaning in things bigger than personal life.

We are immersed in a hopeless shade of mind fueled by materialism and personal gain. Our future is foreshadowed by the rapid decay of intellectual society. We are doomed to fall victim to the corrosive infection of personal happiness and profit. Science is all that humans are worth, and the most common of men would sooner seek employment for a secure future than acknowledge that fact. The few who choose not to resign their lives to a counterproductive cycle of perceived happiness and family are looked down upon by the common man.

They ask him, what kind of man puts his work before his family? The true scientist will answer that his trade transcends the definition of work, and precedes the families of the future. The man casts aside this reasoning, infuriated with the seemingly irrational perspective of the scientist. The average man, enemy of science, proprietor of a shell of life worth nothing more in the end than the bones he is made of. The family man, the business man, the salesman, the working man; consumed by the vanity that is material accomplishment, wasting their lives in a rush to succumb to the inevitable succession to the children who will only repeat their mistakes.

Dedication is science. Abandonment is science. Cold, brutal honesty is science. There is no sacrifice given to science. The sacrifice is giving one's life away to the pitiful existence that is the average human. Scientific accomplishment is the most necessary of all pursuits, the most fundamental and the most significant. We sacrifice nothing and gain everything in its pursuit.