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Yo. I'm Not LongPoster (both in the sense that I am not LongPoster, the poster who wrote the original Knights Inductor story, and that I am the person who posts stories as "Not LongPoster..."). Feel free to leave feedback on my Talk page.

I used to have Not LongPoster as my username, but then I took an arrow to the lost my password. I eventually got it reset, but not before I had used this account extensively, so if you see anything signed or written by Not LongPoster or Not LongPoster Again, it's me!

Stuff I've Created[edit]

Sometimes, an idea grabs me and won't let go until I've run really far with it.

Cool Stuff (not created by me)[edit]

I made these articles, but didn't create the content -- I just took it upon myself to archive them here. I made redlinks here and then created the articles.


If you need something to do, you might look at what I intend to do for suggestions.