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Mostly here for Dungeons & Dragons stuff. Adds info wherever it looks like it can be slipped in. Does not embrace many mainstream /tg/ memes/attitudes. Has no sense of humor.

Currently trying to support: Setting:Transformers and Codex: Transformers for 40K.

Wanting to build/work upon a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition setting with some undeniable magical realm attributes: Setting:Dungeons & Monstergirls, a D&D 5e based/supported fantasy monstergirls setting with 5e crunch for MG iconic races like the Catgirl, Slimegirl, Harpy, Lamia, etc.

Want to work on Resident Evil: Chronicles of Darkness, a New World of Darkness (2e) sourcebook for running Resident Evil games, but hampered by a self-admitted inability to understand the crunch for the system.

Guy who started the List of D&D PC Races page; if you know any races that aren't on there, then please, expand the list!

D&D Homebrew[edit]

Long story short, I have a shitload of D&D 5e homebrew, including three semi-formed 5e settings and a shitload of conversions of old-school races. Is it kosher to post that stuff here for discussion, working upon, etc, given that I have shown it all off and asked for help with it on /tg/ on multiple occasions?

Class Table Template[edit]

Trying to create a blank version of this here so I can use it with other table edits on this wiki. For now, I'll just copy-paste the version used on the Druid of Rhiannon page.

(First Section) (Second Section) (Last Section)
(First Section) (Second Section) (Last Section)
(First Section) (Second Section) (Last Section)