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"I have this vague memory of antipathy, like a half-forgotten dream where i considered the Great Furries as monsters. Instead of love, I felt hate, revulsion, even terror. The memory is thin as cobwebs, now, at the back of the mind. A curio of the psyche, with which to entertain the newcomers. Nothing more." -JakeSpacePirate

Jake current political situation. Will he make the step?

Hello, this is JakeSpacePirate. Notorious comment warrior and 40K memer who got banned from Reddit for having too much fun. Might be a heretic. Jake got his name from a stupid ripoff comic he made based off of some Toy-Story ripoff kids book that he liked. He later reused the name for his Minecraft account on XBOX. The name just stuck.

Later he became infatuated with Anime and Furry content after browsing DeviantArt back when it was semi-usable. Seeing the works of others made Jake invest more time into improving his own artistic skills, usually by drawing anthropomorphic female dragons wearing very little. Much later, his Parents found these drawings and declared them has heresy. They told him to send them through a shredder. This was obeyed. This happened. Totally. He didnt just trick them by handing them a pile of blank paper, claiming they were his drawings or anything.

Once exposing himself to youtube and the commenting community he was shocked at seeing how much animosity existed for Furries. He spent many hours getting into pointless arguments with others, constantly trying to change the minds of his detractors, in some ways more or less mature than others. He only managed to change 1 persons mind, a Weeb. This person was just as depressed and confused as Jake was, and the two became good close friends quickly after. Jake quit his comment-warrior ways, he no longer cares what others think of him, for they cant stop or control what he is, or what he wants to be.

Jake adopted a much more laid back personality, and later became involved in Warhammer 40K Communities after being confused as to why people kept calling him a heretic, he later learned this was a reference to the authoriatarian Imperial Doctrine. 40K became a great interest in Jake as Sci-Fi was already a big interest of his. He was amazed how in-depth it was, and how much effort and history each faction had. He gravitated towards the Tau faction, as they seemed vaguely "good" to him at the time.

Once making an account on Reddit, Jake spent almost every day on r/lawnchaircriminalguy after being kicked out of r/furry_irl for having conflicting opinions to the majority there. He made an anti-furry meme on r/GrimDank almost every day. This made him become a beloved figure in this subreddit, most of them not being aware that he still identified with the group he made memes mocking.

He somewhat regrets his time here, as he feels like he went a bit too far insulting and belittiling others who found his sense of humor too edgy or spiteful. He never saw it that way, he always thought he was making fun of himself, so he never reigned his jokes in. Nowadays, he does somewhat regret his behavior here, as eventually, he received his 4th harassment strike on his main Reddit account, banning him form the site permanently. Every new account he made after this was banned within a days time, somehow.

Jake tried to dip his paws into 4chan, specifically /trash/ the unspoken actual /fur/ board. he had a lot of fun talking to likeminded people there, before his Parents blocked access to 4chan on his computer, they fear the site, Jake does not.

Jake has currently been permanently banned from Reddit (regrettably) Twitter (less regrettably, as he was not in the wrong) and 4chan (not by his own hand, but by his Parents, as they fear the site, so they blocked access to it from his computer, mad shit.) along with multiple Discord server for a variety of reasons.

Jake is currently trying to write a science-fiction/fantasy novel taking inspirations from many of his passions.

lol, why did I speak in 3rd person in this entire monologue?

I know being banned from websites isnt something to really brag about, but I was banned from the official Dreamkeepers Discord server by the actual Author of the Dreamkeepers Spinoff novel "The Wayward Astronomer" named "Geoffrey Tomas" who wrote made a spinoff comic for Dreamkeepers and later got officially supported and endorsed by David. He didnt like my political views and he gladly knocked me off after one too many public mentions of them. He claimed I "always go into arguments" when in reality he only gave a damn about me when I was arguing. Most of the time, I was not, but he didnt care about me during those times.

I have full confidence that I will be unbanned when I save enough money to become a Patreon, much to Geoffresys dismay. ;)

I havent read his spinoff novel yet, but I would give it a fair review and not let my negative experience with him cloud my judgement.

This is Jakes results for taking 1d4chans furry test!

Honestly, I might go into more depth with explaining my story, but im not super confident in sharing it yet. Lots of worldbuilding, but not much character work right now. Im sure you will all have an opportunity in the future to see it! Every day, I am writing more on my story. I have written about a quarter of it, and its pretty much already as long as a book.

HOLY SHIT FALLOUT THE FRONTIER WAS SO FUCKING BAAAAAD! XD Should I make a page on it? I especially hate that the mod has so many things I love, like post-apocalyptic settings, space sci-fi, anthro lizards, and Abominable Intelligence attacks, and just shits all over these amazing concepts. 7 years worth of effort for nothing. Devs are scapegoating pricks, too. Bloody fucking hell. What a tragedy.

2021 update: Remember how one of David's associates, Geo, banned me from the Dreamkeepers Discord server, well, he really does seem to resent me at this point. I joined an associated Discord server that had Geo on it, and I was banned without barely doing anything at all. Along with this, I had also been blocked from a bunch of Davids associates without ever talking to them. David himself, on the other hand really seems to like me! I told him about the Dreamkeepers page here and he said he liked it and found it cool! Im sure Geo is S E E T H I N G every time David mentions me!

Hilarious that Davids company preaches classical Liberal ideals, yet his friend blocks me just for breathing whenever he can. *Pepe face*

I sent Geo a meme I made about him on a Twit alt account and he Liked it! XD

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