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"The path of duty is often a stony one, made smoother by thought for others" -From the teachings of Saint Emilia

Pointing is Impolite!

I've loved the 1d4chan wiki site since when I first stumbled upon it a couple of years ago when I first started getting into Warhammer 40k thanks to certain friends of mine. Even now I re-read particularly entertaining articles and engrossing stories scattered about the wiki in a haphazardly organized manner. I've been on and off 40k lately due to to time constraints, though occasionally I get yet another spark of inspiration to write something or create crunch out of thin air.

I consider myself to mainly be a crunch writer, creating fandexes, stats and homebrew rules often to illustrate the latest fantasy/sci-fi setting I've just read/watched/played that has caught my fancy. I also enjoy writing fluff to match this crunch to make it fit into the 40k-verse. I still wish I was a better drawfag so I could draw the pictures I dream in my head about the characters and armies that I create (especially for my imagined Steampunk army for WFB).

I've almost exclusively played as Space Marines, and experimented with Imperial Guard for a time. I'm dissatisfied with the current state of the game competitively, but that's nothing new when it comes to 40k. I've been dabbling in RPG's and am looking to make an in-depth skirmish level 40k game.

Tangents no matter how obscure can breed creativity.

Ave Imperator & Ave /tg/

What I've Done Thus Far[edit]

  • Created Codex - Knights Inductor, which has gone through enough changes and critiques to quite literally fill up several wiki pages. With the help of Mirm and Evil, we created a very fleshed out and balanced 6/7th edition Knights Inductor Codex. 8th edition update is still on its way.
  • Edited and remade the 5th edition codex for Angry Marines, had fun kicking butt with them until I finally balanced it out. Added Chapter Master Temperus Maximus to the 6th edition codex for Angry Marines, and making sure he's balanced
  • I helped to beef up the High Elves tactics page, but it's since been invalidated.
  • I laid down the base for Codex - The Covenant. It's since really taken a life of its own but I'm not involved with active editing.
  • Supplement - 1st Membranes Imperial Guard Supplement <needs an update>
  • Edited other pages here and there with outstanding grammar or crunch mistakes

Currently Working On:[edit]

Planning to Do:[edit]

  • Create a skirmish-level 40k game using elements from Necromunda, Dark Heresy and 40k itself. Ideally it would be accurate to the level of 10 Guardsmen = 1 Space Marine, while still being an interesting encounter. Undergoing initial brainstorming of what dice system(s) I want to use and very rough ideas of balancing, stats, rules, etc.
  • Create a /tg/ Chapter Space Marine Codex Supplement rather than a separate codex for each like I was trying to do with the Scary Marines Codex. I have enough material to do so and won't have to go through an entire codex building effort for each.

Warhammer 40: Skirmish to Scale[edit]

This is my attempt to create something using just the models from Warhammer 40,000 universe to break away from the stupidity of 8th edition and the inconsistencies inherent within 40,000 in general. HoR Kill teams, Kill teams, and Necromunda are all fine ways to scale down conflicts but they all have their own drawbacks from an originally flawed system. My goal is simplistic, "realistic" power for 10 Guardsmen = 1 Space marine while still being an interesting encounter.

  • Turns: Either Alternating (to prevent 1st turn advantages) or IGOUGO with Reactions
  • Dice System: D6 based. Currently working off of D6 pool based off of skills and other factors
  • Stats: Basic Infantry stats are as follows currently: Movement (M) is the model's ability to cover distance measured in inches. Weapon Skill (WS) is the model's close combat skill measured in # of dice. Ballistic Skill (BS) is the model's skill with ranged weapons in # of dice. Strength (S) is... something, probably the base amount of damage that a model will do with close combat attacks, either D3 or a flat number. Wounds (W) is the total amount of punishment a model can take. Initiative/Quickness (I) is the model's ability to react or perform acrobatic movements. Attacks (A) is the total number of attacks a model can make in close combat. Leadership/Morale (Ld) is how well a model can keep it together. Defense (D) is the culmination of a model's armor and ability to avoid damage in one. M WS BS S W I A Ld D currently
Name M WS BS S W I A Ld D
Guardsman 4" 2 2 3 2 3 1 6 1

Name M WS BS S W I A Ld D
Space Marine 6" 3 3 4 6 4 2 7 3

  • All in all things are in a very rough brainstorming phase, but ultimately I want things to be semi-detailed in combat without overloading on rules and have mechanics be intuitive as possible.

Basic Mechanics[edit]


Models move up to their M value in this phase. Difficult terrain halves movement. Impassable movement is impassable. You can move through Dangerous terrain but you take 1 Damage for every inch you moved. Sheer walls can be scaled up to your Initiative value in inches.

  • Note: Going to make it possible to have a model charge through walls by taking Damage (3 Damage per inch of wall maybe). So humans with W2 and D1 couldn't attempt this obviously but a Space Marine (W6 D3) taking the hit on their armor could smash through.

A Model may declare a charge against a model in range and in Line of Sight. If they charge through Difficult terrain or up a wall they cannot gain Momentum bonuses or other bonuses for charging first. They can still gain bonuses if they charge through Dangerous Terrain.

  • Overwatch- A model getting charged may fire their weapon at the charging model at -1BS and gains no dice bonus for standing still or firing at half-range. The charging model is hit on a 4+ as if in the open regardless of intervening terrain.
  • Momentum- A model that chooses to sacrifice its Shooting or run to close the gap in the Shooting phase has Momentum, gaining +1WS +1I and +1A in that turn's Combat Phase.


Models can choose to advance a number of inches up to their Initiative value (I'm not a huge fan of D6 roll here, but I might put it in).

Or they can obviously shoot at a target within their Line of Sight. Current system is as follows: STEP 1: Take a number of dice equal to your model's BS value. Add or subtract d6 for the following:

  • +1D6 Didn't move (counts as an aiming/steadying action)
  • +1D6 Half range of weapon being fired
  • +XD6 Weapon might give a D6 bonus, most Assault weapons typically give +1D6
  • -1D6 Beyond max effective range of weapon being fired
  • -1D6 Making a single called shot. If it hits, add +1 Damage to the Damage roll.

STEP 2: Roll the dice, successes are based on the visibility of the target as follows:

  • 1+ Immobile Target (building, immobilized vehicle)
  • 2+ Gargantuan Target
  • 3+ Large Target
  • 4+ Normal Target out in the open
  • 5+ Target in 25% cover or area terrain (+3 Defense if ignored)
  • 6+ Target in 50+% cover and area terrain (+6 Defense if ignored)
    • The firer can choose to ignore modifiers from cover and attempt to fire through the cover itself. Add the amount of Defense to the target's Defense value when calculating damage.

STEP 3: Count successes. You hit the target up to your weapon's maximum rate of fire listed in its profile.

STEP 4: Roll damage according to the Weapon's Damage profile, adding or subtracting modifiers if they come into play

STEP 5: Subtract target's Defense from Damage and lower their Wounds total by that amount of Damage left.

With this system there are no saves to be made, that stuff is baked into the Visibility mechanic and Defense mechanic for Cover and Armor/Toughness respectively. For Invulnerable/Invisibility saves they'll probably have their own description in there somewhere, not sure exactly how to work those in yet.

Close combat[edit]

Probably going to be similar to the above, once I figure out how exactly attacker's and defender's skill/initiative stats interact, or if they will at all.

INITIATIVE: Models with the highest initiative value go first and then the lower. Resolve same Initiative levels at the same step.

STEP 1: Gather up dice equal to the model's WS value and add/remove dice for the following:

  • +1d6 Momentum bonus for not having fired and/or used running to close the distance
  • +1d6 For abilities and weapons as listed in the unit's profile
  • -1d6 Unwieldy weapons. Some weapons can be -2d6 or more, along with Initiative/Attack decreases.

STEP 2: Roll the dice and count successes based off of the following (based off of ease of hitting):

  • 1+ Immobile target
  • 2+ Gargantuan target
  • 3+ Large target
  • 4+ No modifiers and regular to hit
  • 5+ Enemy has Initiative 2+ points higher than yours OR has WS (before bonuses) 2+ points higher than yours
  • 6+ Enemy has Initiative 2+ points higher than yours AND has WS (before bonuses) 2+ points lower than yours

STEP 3: Each success is a hit up to the model's current Attack value (Rate of Fire essentially). Resolve damage by rolling on their close combat weapon's Damage profile and subtract Defense. Result is removed from the model's Wound count


Weapon Stats[edit]

Name Range Rate of Fire Damage Abilities
Lasgun 24" 2 D3
Boltgun 24" 2 D3+1

Yes, this means that a lasgun rolling a 3 for Damage will not hurt a Space Marine at all. The only way for a Guardsman to do so with a Lasgun is to make a called shot (+1 Damage) or get a critical hit (+X Damage). Conversely, a single hit from a boltgun will almost certainly kill a Guardsman unless a 1 is rolled for Damage.

Dahka Assassins (Working Title/Name)[edit]

Meant to be a sort of long-lost branch of the Moritat, the unique thing about these guys is their ability to handle a gun as easily as one would handle a blade, up and including close combat. Expect lots of dual wielding and other shenanigans

Special Rules[edit]

  • Gunblade Arts: Dahka assassins are highly practiced in using firearms at all ranges, especially in close combat, eschewing ineffective blows of a blade to a precise shot in the face at point blank range. Dahka assassins may choose one of the following Arts at the beginning of the Fight sub-phase:
    • Like a Dagger: The S, AP and Type of a Pistol may replace that up to half (rounding up) of the model's close combat attacks. If using two Pistols, choose which half of attacks will be replaced by which Pistol before making attacks.
    • Like a Sword: The S, AP and Type of one or more Heavy, Salvo, Assault or Rapid fire weapons may replace that of one close combat attack. Heavy and Salvo weapons strike at Initiative step 1
    • Like a Hammer: Any Blast or Template weapons may be "fired" on a single successful to-hit roll replacing all of the model's attacks, dealing D3 hits from the weapon. A roll of 1 on this to-hit roll deals an automatic hit on the model due to back-blast at close range.
  • Way of the Assassin: Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Hit & Run, Precision Shots
  • Reaper Pistols: Ranged weapons with the Reaper type count as Pistols that fire two shots at half range


Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Reaper bolt pistol: R12" S4 AP5 Type: Reaper
  • Reaper plasma pistol: R12" S7 AP2 Type: Reaper, Gets Hot!
  • Reaper inferno pistol: R6" S8 AP1 Type: Reaper, Melta
  • Reaper needle pistol: R12" S1 AP6 Type: Reaper, Poisoned (2+)
  • Reaper graviton pistol: R12 S* AP2 Type: Reaper, Graviton, Concussive
  • Krak grenade launcher: R12" S6 AP4 Type: Pistol
  • Hand flamer: RTempalte S4 AP5 Type:
  • Sub mac-bolter: R18" S4 AP5 Type: Assault 2
  • Sub mac-plas: R18" S7 AP2 Type: Assault 2, Gets Hot
  • Melta gun': R12" S8 AP1 Type: Assault 1, Melta

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Chain Needle: RMelee SUser AP2 Type: Unwieldy, Instant Death "An incredibly bizarre weapon, a small but thick needle with a micro-chainblade attached. An assassin only aims these at the brains of their victims, and though it takes an arduous amount of precision to do so, the effect is extremely deadly as it burrows and churns"
  • Power Dagger: RMelee SUser AP3 Type: Rending "These are not often used by the Temple's adherents, but each blade is a masterwork harking back to the days of the Great Crusade. Where they managed to procure such a large number from is a mystery"


  • Windrazor Suit: Worn only by full members of the Temple, these suits have a built in jump-pack feature allowing the user to cross a large distance in the blink of an eye, or to descend from sub-orbit to unleash destruction upon a foe. These change the model's type to Jump-pack infantry, however they do not gain the Bulky special rule, may use the jump-pack in both phases and cannot make Hammer of Wrath attacks.
  • Kinetic Armor: Less suited to typical stealth missions, this is the armor donned when expecting heavy resistance. Absorbs kinetic and thermal energy similar to a shield around flexible hexaplas armor. Confers a 4+ armor save and a 6+ invulnerable save.
  • Shadow Shroud Armor: Weaker than kinetic armor in close combat, the lining of the suit emits a powerful cloaking field, making it all but impossible to land an accurate hit on the warrior. Confers a 5+ armor save and the Stealth special rule. In close combat, enemies can only hit the model on a 5+ to hit.
  • Tamahat Arc-Armor: Consisting of a bulky set of extremely heavy clothes, these are woven with reinforced durasteel weave and other alloys to form a formidable set of armor. A Tamahat is rarely seen without this and only their immense physique can even move freely in such heavy armaments. Confers a 3+ armor save.

Special Equipment[edit]

  • Plasmatic Vambrance: This projects a relatively small but powerful shield that truly shines when its bearer uses it to deflect projectiles at high speeds. This is unusable except to those of impossible reaction times such as those of the Temple. Confers a 6+ Invulnerable save. Whenever a model equipped with this Jinks, its cover save is invulnerable.
  • Shadow Shroud Cloak: Consisting of light-bending fibers, this cloak is specially made to worn on the go and cloaks the form of any assassin even in motion. A model equipped with this gains a +1 bonus to its cover save, and gains a 6+ cover save in the open if it previously had none. If the model equipped with this runs, it gains a +2 bonus to its cover save instead (5+ in the open).
  • Smoke Bombs: These small spherical bombs contain a powerful compound that envelopes an area in disruptive dust mined from special asteroids, allowing for even the slowest of users to escape. A unit equipped with these may disengage from close combat at the end of an Assault Phase, as if using the Hit & Run special rule, except no Initiative test is needed for success. In addition, enemy units within 8" of a unit equipped with these suffer a -1BS modifier when targeting it, to a minimum of 1.
  • Arc-Blast Shields: These massive shields can only be handled by the likes of a Tamahat warrior-assassin, and provide immense protection at the cost of movement. A model equipped with this may never claim the bonus for having two close combat weapons, cannot Run, and cannot make Sweeping Advances. This confers a 3+ invulnerable save and the model may re-roll failed armour saves.

Relics of Imminent Demise[edit]

  • Shadow Clone Generator: Gifted only to the most high ranking assassins of the Dahka Temple, this portable generator is able to create solid clones that can absorb powerful blows, essentially giving extra lives to its bearer. Roll a D3 at the beginning of each game turn. The result is the number of extra wounds the model has. At the end of each game turn these extra wounds are lost.

Pistol Rack[edit]

Exchange one or more bolt pistols for the following:

  • Krak grenade launcher: +7pts
  • Hand flamer: +8pts
  • Reaper needle pistol: +10pts
  • Reaper plasma pistol: +20pts
  • Reaper graviton pistol: +20pts
  • Reaper inferno pistol: +35pts

Galactic-Scale Relics[edit]

These are meant to be universal relics that any army can take with ridiculous powers tied with an equally ridiculous strength.

Heavenly Arrow - 230pts- A bow made of pure light material. If a soul of sufficient power and will can manage to draw the bow and fire, a single arrow will turn into a hail of many. The arrows keep coming, and coming, and coming, until nothing remains...

Name Range S AP Type
Heavenly Arrow 120" D 1 Heavy 3, Blast, Barrage, Legend*

  • Legend- For every kill against these against Super-Heavy Vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures using this weapon, the wielder is worth an additional 3 VP.

Titan Killer - 125pts- This is an black blade with an orange tint on the edges. It strikes with thunderous force against all foes equally. But against opponents that blot out the sun, against giants that shake the earth, it erupts with the power to smite the gods themselves.

Name Range S AP Type
Titan Killer Melee User 1 Armourbane, Fleshbane, Legend*

  • Legend- This sword gains Strength D against Super-Heavy Vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures. For every kill against these targets using this sword, the wielder is worth an additional 3 VP.

Phoenix Crystal - 100pts- Holding captive a Warp minor-deity of immense power, should it soul-link with a bearer, that bearer will be reborn in flames of glory should he ever fall in battle.

  • Fiery Rebirth- A model equipped with the phoenix crystal has a 2+ invulnerable save against flamer weapons and weapons with the melta special rule. If the model is removed from combat place a token in its place. Every player turn roll a D6, on a 4+ the model is returned to combat will all wounds fully restored. In addition, all models within 6" of the reborn model takes a S5 AP4 hit with ignores cover.

The Dank Shank - 65pts- Legend says this roughly triangular shaped blade was made and used by a greater daemon to escape the shackles of the inquisition. It is possessed of a fury that consumes all. Should a swift individual manage to get behind a target, the blade strikes with the vengeful force of million daggers.

Name Range S AP Type
Titan Killer Melee User 1 Rending, Shred, Shank*

  • For every successful hit to attack, another attack made by made. These bonus attacks may trigger further attacks on successful hits. In addition, if in a challenge, both participants must roll a D6 and add their Initiative at the start of each fight sub-phase. If the wielder of the Dank Shank wins, he makes D6+3 attacks at Initiative 10.

Knights Inductor Proposed Changes[edit]

The Knights need a change, but that's not going to do squat by revising a few sentences here and there. I believe that instead of adding stuff at the end of everything to try to patch things up, we go back to where it all started (Investigation into the Reasonable Marines) and start from there. I have radical plot changes in mind to both this original work and the writing that came after it (Return of the Reasonable Marines and onwards) to address the majority of issues plaguing the KI and hopefully add some depth to them. They can't and shouldn't be able to accomplish everything, but they'll do their darned best to make sure it's done peacefully and efficiently if possible.

  • Prologue added before the original investigation showing Zakis Randi and various masters of the chapter together discussing what they should do with the incoming Inquisitor who is coming to analyse them for heresy. Now these marines aren't dumb and haven't forgotten what the Imperium was like a millenia or so ago. While the deviations aren't extreme in their eyes, the Chief Librarian at the time suggests that the Inquisitor is given the run-around and acclimated to the Knights. Roland suggests being more open (ala the original Knights Inductor fluff) and is turned down by the Chapter Master, who believes that discretion is more important. This would reduce the investigation from currently: HERESY, HERESY EVERYWHERE! to While they -seem- to have remained pure, I think there might be heresy around here somewhere...
    • Along with the above, though I'm not sure about this, there's also the possibility that there might be underhanded tricks the Knights would utilize to keep from being branded heretics like intercepting her astropathic communications or modifying them.
    • Another thing about the investigation story, the Knights would be sure to make sure they thoroughly got through to Rightina before showing her -anything- that resembled major heresy (the technology, chaos treatment, possibly aiding xenos) or at least hiding these until they could. It's all a tight diplomacy game, one that the Knights are going to make sure they win.
  • On that note, I'd like to have the ending of the original investigation story changed from outright declaring them heretics to I shall continue to investigate like an Inquisitor and get to the bottom of this possible heresy (considering they'd be doing their best to limit what she sees). Sending period reports as such (instead of just one massive report detailing everything). This would actually allow for more writefaggotry as you could add more stories of what she's seeing instead of trying to cram all of her time into a tight report/narrative.
    • The above allows for an expansion into her investigation, as she is kept from the more darker secrets kept by the Knights as they try to show her in small ways at first that the minor deviations (that they're currently showing her) have been more beneficial than anything else.
    • Example of basic idea of add-on writefaggotry: the Knights don't often go to war, having settled most of their conflicts peacefully. Inquisitor Rightina is still curious how they fight war so she is allowed (possibly limited) access to the war archives with books and vidcasts of their engagements with the local baddies of the Aprior sector/sub sector.
  • The Sisters of Reason never existed why? At the end of the battle between the Order and the Knights with the latter gaining complete orbital dominance, the remaining Sisters of Battle were given a choice: join us, and be reformed, or be exiled from the Aprior Sector. To a woman they proudly proclaimed their defiance and left the sector, vowing revenge on the Knights. Haven't decided on what would happen to them afterwards. Could simply say that we don't know and the Knights never heard contact from them again. A voiced alternative (but unpopular) solution was the same as the above except that the Knights make use of the appropriated war materiel to arm and armor the rejected female candidates of the genetic/training screening. Basically they would be armed and armored as Sisters of Battle while pointedly -not- being them. If they were to be introduced in this manner they would be either a permanent support force attached the Knights (not likely), part of the Aprior sector local military (more likely) or a surrogate policing force trained by the Knights to take their place once they left Aprior (interesting idea). Most people however agree that simply getting rid of the faux-SoBs would be a lot easier and I'm inclined to agree. The exile idea is the simplest and best way to do it in my opinion.
  • Decrease the size of Aprior -sector- to more like a subsector or only a few systems at most. This is to reduce the powergaming sandbox that the Knights could potentially play with.
    • In my opinion they should have never put down permanent roots in the first place, treating the Aprior systems very much like the previous systems they pacified. If the Warp Storms are kept in as a story factor, then maybe the Knights would consider making Aprior a base of operations, or a prime recruiting ground, but nothing like permanently taking over. TL;DR Aprior should not depend on the Knights, nor should the Knights depend on the system, they were sufficient enough to be fleet-based and I think they should stay mostly fleet-based.
I do think we should change it so that the Aprior sector is more like an Independent Empire, whereby the Knights owe their allegiance directly to the God Emperor himself, but do not directly serve the Imperium of Man. Their relationship should be similar to the ultramarines, in that they form an Astartes Parliament over the Aprior worlds, and lord over a Human-run Planetary Parliament with the power to make direct laws and actions(Mostly things to do with Recruiting, and claiming sole rights to all Psychic Nulls on the planets), but leave daily governance to the humans. Evilexecutive (talk) 00:06, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
Aprior's relationship with the Imperium should be summed up as such: "All of our planets are classified Tithe Astartes, they answer to us. We Answer to the Emperor Himself, but we will assist Imperial forces whenever requested."Evilexecutive (talk) 00:06, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
Agreed, basically as we said in our discussion, Ultramar 2 where they do heavy advising but are hands-off when possible instead of directly ruling over. After all, the Knights were always about planets and systems being able to be independent Remoon101 (talk) 00:20, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
  • There should be a huge outcry and/or debate over the heresy of innovation when it first started. I envisioned the Master of the Forge (last one to come back to the Chapter after recently being appointed the title from the Adeptus Mechanicus along with the latest back of indoctrinated Tech Marines) voicing his monotone opinion against such actions. Someone mentioned that the AM brain-wash and indoctrinate their disciples when they are taught the ways of the machine, but I counter with the fact that the Knights were known to be particularly resistant to such things, hence why they could be logically persuaded to some minor-major deviations from tradition. I thought a good scene would be Inquisitor Rightina discussing the possible tech heresy that may or may not be occurring within the Knights with the Master of the Forge, who describes the immensely long debate between him and Captain Roland Darren. Essentially the main argument for the pro-innovators is that: the IoM is falling behind and not getting enough tech or knowledge to keep up. Calculations are shown that the Tyranids along will out adapt and assimilate much of the IoM if something is not done, etc. Using xenos tech is indeed heresy, but if the tech produced from study of xenos tech is by humans, that means it could be possibly sanctified. Study of the STC makes even more sense, as they have the time and resources to do so and they are trying to gain knowledge from the ancients. Alternative Quest for Knowledge brought up at this point.
There should also be dire consequences for Tech Heresy, in that the Innovators occasionally dig into technologies that absolutely aren't beneficial, but try to study them anyway and cause major problems. The issue with the Abandoned Workshop should be displayed somewhere, whereby they cause a direct MAJOR Daemonic Incursion, and are forced to put it down and nuke the entire area.Evilexecutive (talk) 00:06, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
Well, nuking the entire area is actually not needed at all. We have Silencers, remember? Not to mention Alpha Silencer Rachnus who could close up a Warp breach on his own given close enough proximity and concentration. Though it would take a ton of effort and the Knights would probably end up not using the planet again after recovering what data they could. But yes, with experimentation and reverse engineering there's always going to be failures, but the one that should be foremost is the Warp Tech Workshop Incursion incident. Remoon101 (talk) 00:20, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
  • There was a complaint about the null-gene being assimilated into a splinter fleet or whatever causing it to completely die off, and how that was utterly impossible. Simple revision to campaign of extermination headed by Silencers disrupting critical Synapse networks allowing for the Knights to completely wipe out the Tyranid invading force. However one Silencer -is- caught and assimilated, though the null gene's threat is analysed and sent to the Hive Mind, which raises the threat level of the Knights considerably. Long story short: the Knights are going to be targeted by the Hive Mind in a really bad way because of the threat the stronger nulls are to the Tyranids.
  • Adelind, the norn queen has got to go. Alternatively, dormant or extremely weakened norn queen under surveillance and study is fine. No communicating with it though.
  • Ardi, the friendly daemonette, while possible in theory, is just not right for the setting. The Knights Inductor were supposed to be a more realistic interpretation of the Reasonable Marines in the current grimdark 40k setting. Maybe a daemonette of Malal but I don't see that being much better. Having warded and locked away daemonic artifacts is one thing, but having a daemonette just strolling around saying hi is not really a great idea for this setting.
  • Eldar of Lida should -not- be friendly with the Knights, though they can begrudgingly owe them a favor for intercepting the Slaaneshi CSM. It was often complained that the null aura/gene would be decidedly uncomfortable to the Eldar in any close discussions they had. They could alternatively just have long distance communications or send someone who was not a null, say a Librarian or something. The Eldar should as always be guarded, especially as they can't practically scry the Knights Inductor due to the presence of Silencers.
I've come up with an idea in the story I'm writing surrounding the Ordeal with the first Null Knight, that has to do with the Eldar. For the most part, Eldar don't like the Knights, but there aren't any craftworlds in the immediate vicinity(Aprior is seated very close to the Dead Stars), so most interactions with the Eldar would be predominately Eldar Rangers and their Strike Craft traveling through the system, and occasionally stopping to re-arm and buy supplies. Perhaps the Eldar going to war against Knights would probably happen quite often during the opening days of a Null Knight Insurgency, as their Farseers predict the happenings, and send their Rangers to hunt them down. Said rangers don't give a rat's ass about the Mon'Keighs, and will openly attack KI if they think the Null Knights are in their ranks. Evilexecutive (talk) 00:06, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
The problem with this is the fact that the Knights saved the Lida Eldar's asses from a Slaneeshi incursion when that Chaos war brigade popped out from one of the surrounding Warp Storms. Plus anything relating the Null Knight would be extremely difficult to foresee or even be aware about due to the fact that you can't scry it. If you're talking about a separate Eldar faction that makes a little sense. Another problem with your idea is the fact that there's a Farseer involved at all outside of the Lida 'dar. Rangers typically keep to themselves and wouldn't have a Farseer on them. It would be weird to have Eldar involved in this incident in my opinion with these current facts.
Honestly if I were the Eldar and knew there was little to be gained with fighting the Knights when they offer to leave the Eldar alone, I would take it. Especially since 95% of our Eldar psionics are useless against the Knights. The first encounter with Xerxes should be a human on (well, not so human) human ordeal. Remoon101 (talk) 00:20, 11 June 2015 (UTC)
  • Genestealer treatment is ok and all round a sound idea that wouldn't really evoke a heresy signal for the most part. It should have the same amount of success however (we can change them back, but the person is already long gone).
  • Chaos cultist treatment could also stay in, but they should be introduced later or not at all, considering what the Inquisitor might say about them.
  • Sneaky orks that are basically protecting the sector from Tyranids? Quite a bit of a stretch. How about: upon arriving in the sector and being hemmed in by Warp Storms, the Knights had to deal with a myriad of trials and enemies in the sector including orks. Essentially after a prolonged, bloody but ultimately successful cleansing campaign the Knights declare the area to be essentially free of the green taint. All except for a sizable force of Kommandos, being the sneaky gits they are, who avoid complete decimation and continue to harass the sector as well as picking fights with Tyranids in the area.
    • They are not friends of the 'humies, but the Knights see them (the Kommandos at least) to be good practice for fighting with stealthy opponents and often send in Scouts to fight and subdue them. The Orks are always happy to have someone to scrap with when they're not fighting bugs or spiky eldar.
  • Public information about Daemons and such should be taken out. Rightina had a point when she said that not everyone might view these Chaos guys as bad. Besides the Knights wouldn't know too much either besides their psyker fighting department. That aside, they would probably give PSAs about insurgents and cultists, in order to aid local law enforcement and military when needed.
    • A possible PSA could have one of the ex-chaos cultists coming in to talk about his horrible experiences publicly to discourage the public from following his path of damnation.
  • MASSIVE technology reduction. Already I'm trying to reflect this in the Codex - Knights Inductor. Nano-machines in power armor and repairing vehicles is not far fetched (this is M41 we're talking about). Complete and gravitic control to create hand grenades that create a gravitic field? Not so much. As someone said, STC study and reverse engineering should be limited in its success. Gravitic Accelerator Cannon is fine example, something that's in progress but not perfect due to limited knowledge even from reverse engineering what they could.
  • The null gene is a unique concept and is what supposedly gave birth to the Knights Inductor, however in its current form it is too overpowered and doesn't have any immediate drawbacks besides longer training times and slightly reduced reaction speed. While I was vehemently against removing it outright, I believe that it could do with a nerf. For example reducing immunity to a mere resistance (especially since that's the Grey Knights' thing anyway). This resistance is stronger when they are in greater numbers but a Knight for the most part has to fend off the temptations of chaos on his own.
    • Most Knights virtually have no null aura at all, being "incompatible" with the null-gene but still suffering the same drawbacks. As such the average person wouldn't react to a Knight at all, but still feel the same effects from a Silencer. The presence of multiple Knights does increase the strength of their resistance to Chaos, but it is all but worthless when they are separated.
    • The null-gene doesn't so much enhance as more like bring out potential nulls from the genetic code of the average inductee. When it does however, for a recruit who would not normally be a null, this is an excruciatingly painful thing as their soul is basically inverted into nothing. Out of those compatible to become Silencers due to the null gene, very few survive.
    • The null-gene -does- enhance those who are already nulls, but as we all know, these natural nulls are rare in the extreme (being rare to the psyker population as psykers are to normal humans). These Silencers often rank higher in terms of power (Secundus, Primaris)
    • Drawbacks so far include: deadening psychic potential, lesser reaction times, inability to accept hypnotic training, being a null (for Silencers) is not exactly a great thing; they are shunned by the common man
    • Silencers are the only real true nulls, and they are fewer in number than the Librarians. So while they make excellent strategic tools, they are almost too valuable to put into battle. A loss of a Silencer is a great blow to the Chapter's psychic defense, especially as the majority of their psykers are not really stronger than an ordinary human one.
  • Institute radical elements of the Inquisition as having their eyes on the Knights ever since their founding (the 21st founding, the Cursed Founding) as a potential source of nulls for use in the Inquisition, perhaps even as a replacement for the Grey Knights. Cue disappointment as besides the level-headedness, inability to be indoctrinated hypnotically and slow training time as a result, they are a pitiful source of nulls, barely producing above average Silencers. Though this means that some elements of the Inquisition are on the Knight's side (obfuscating investigations into them, tolerating some elements of their deviant behavior, protecting them from hostile Inquisitorial elements), it's only on the basis that the Knights are useful for providing Silencers when they can spare them. All in all this gives the KI a useful ally in a mutual relationship with some radical (and a few puritan) inquisitors in the long run as they were a Chapter meant to be a counter to chaos.
    • Ordo Malleus holds the most interest in them for being a counter to chaos, but despises them for being nulls (or minor minor nulls) and they can't work alongside grey knights preventing them from being absorbed as recruits into their chamber militant. Alternatively, let the Chapter have strong ties to Ordo Malleus due to having similar functions and purpose. This would allow there to be a reason why the Knights know so much about Daemons and how to combat them.
    • Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Xenos are more partial towards the grey knights, as being able to stifle the power of the witch is highly valued, and those in the Ordos Xenos who deal with eldar, tyranids or psychic races in general would also prefer to have a null or two by their side
    • The Chapter Master and Lord of the Nullarium are well aware that this is the only thing keeping them on bargaining terms with the Inquisition and always attempt to loan portions of their Silencers when they are requested.
    • This also sets up the stage for the key investigation after the Warp Storms pass in the Aprior sector. All these interested parties want to know whether the Knights Inductor can still be of use to them, aside from checking for overt deviancies and possibly heresy.
  • "The most important thing to realize is that with the exception of the Emperor and the Primarchs, we Astartes are descended from mortal human beings and to look down on them is to look down on our duty to protect mankind." -Chaplain Marcus.
    • I believe the Chaplaincy of the Knights Inductor would stress humility above all, despite their demi-god like physiques and stature.
      • on that note, the Knights have a lot of room for characterization beyond the "Honor the Emperor, Pray and Fight" mantra that most Space Marines have going for them since Knights should technically retain their human memories and emotions due to not being to be properly brainwashed. This should be a cornerstone for all the Knights.
    • With that being said, I believe that at some point Chapter Master Zakis or one of the diplomats of the Knights Inductor would have realized at some point that despite the above, they are all innately missing the human perspective. Even if they weren't brainwashed like most Astartes and retain memories of before their induction, they lack the human touch and the ability to see things from the ground up. I think they might keep a selection of human diplomats (kept up with rejuvenat treatments) whose job is to communicate to the Chapter leadership what the humans on the other side of the negotiating table may be thinking, etc. Similar to how the Emperor had a close mortal confidant, Zakis or Randi would keep close contact with this Inductor diplomat to be able to get a perspective on the situation that they (or any other Chapter for that matter) would not normally have.
  • The pacification of the Aprior sector should be a long-winded and arduous affair. Basically when the Warp storms come in and locking them in, shit goes down. Orks are rampaging, forces of Chaos come from the Warp storms, daemonic incursions threaten several planets, heretics and rebels opposed to the Imperium and unification cause havoc, etc.
    • This would allow for some nice stories to show exactly what happened as the Knights Inductor were trying to establish control within the sector.

Random Ideas[edit]

Scary Marines General Special Rules:

  • Fearless
  • Fear
  • Shrouded
  • The Shrouding- Always fight Night-Fighting which lifts on a roll of 6 (cannot roll first turn) at the beginning of each turn. Add +1 for every turn passed. All Scary Marine units during this time count as having Acute Senses. As long as The Shrouding is still active Fliers may not come from reserves.

All Scary Marines shooting attacks are Pinning. Terror Warfare- Roll a d6 for every enemy unit and HQ, on a 1 they permanently suffer -1Ld for the rest of the game Hallucinogen Grenades

Shroudlord 235pts WS7 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I6 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ Wargear: Wraith claws- Range: Melee Strength: User AP: 2 Type: Specialist Weapon, Rending Special Rules: Fear, Fearless, Eternal Warrior Doom Mark- See Dante's mask

Emperor's Shadow 60pts WS6 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/5++ Wargear: Wraith Sword- Range: Melee Strength: User AP: 2 Type: Poisoned (3+) Bolt Pistol Special Rules: Fear, Fearless Path of the Assassin- He must direct all attacks against enemy characters and HQs if there are any present in close combat I Am the Shadows- Counts as hidden in a friendly unit (make note of which). Is revealed when that unit makes close combat contact with an enemy unit containing an enemy HQ, after which he must immediately challenge the HQ (who cannot refuse). If the unit is destroyed before he can assassinate the HQ put him in reserves and arrive via Right Behind You.

Wraith guard WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 A1 Ld9 Sv3+

Banshees (Jump packs) Wail of Despair- The turn they deepstrike, all units within 6" must take a morale and pinning check.

Herald of Despair (Chaplain equivalent) Dread of the Shadows- Enemy units within 12" of the Chaplain count as -1Ld Litanies of Terror- the enemy re-rolls all successful rolls to hit

Shadows Rising

Sleeper Agents- D3 models in a chosen enemy squad, marked models immediately attacks the unit that it is in and engages it in close combat. The models involved are randomly selected. An Independent Character cannot be a sleeper agent.

Banshee's Wail- Wraith jump squads inflict a Pinning check on enemy units within 6" of where they deep strike and end their jump pack moves.

Scout- WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv4+ 65pts each Right Behind You- Always start in reserves, may be placed anywhere on the board that is 1" away from an enemy model. Can Shoot but not Run. Born Assassin- must re-roll all failed rolls to hit and wound in a challenge

Special Character Assassin- Remains hidden like before in a squad but can only assassinate via Glorious Intervention. If he does so, the target model must take an Initiative test, if he passes, it hits at WS1 this round of combat.

/tg/ Chapters Codex Supplements[edit]

Pretty Marines

And They Shall Be Fabulous- Pretty Marines with this rule have the And They Shall Know No Fear universal special rule. In addition, they have a Feel No Pain save based off of their unmodified leadership value as follow: Ld8 is 6+, L9 is 5+, Ld10 is 4+. Being Fearless does not grant a Fabulous save.

Sparkle Gland- Pretty Marines must take a Leadership check when charging or being charged. If they pass, the enemy unit must re-roll successful rolls to hit for the the first round of combat.

Lazy Marines

And They Shall Be Lazy- Lazy Marines with this rule are Fearless and have the Slow and Purposeful special rule.

Yawn- Such is the overwhelming lack of energy of a Lazy Marine that nearby soldiers will find themselves drained of energy, unable to hold up their weapons properly. Each time an enemy unit within 12" wishes to attack a Lazy Marine unit with this rule, they must take a Leadership test. If they fail, they count as being 1 BS/WS lower than normal for that attack.

Disco Marines

And They Shall KNOW DA BEAT!- Disco Marines with this rule have the And They Shall Know No Fear universal special rule. In addition, in a challenge, Characters get an extra attack as they whip out their advanced combat dance moves!

Preferred Enemy (Slaneeshi Noise Marines)