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I'm Root (a.k.a Tuber), and I run this place. I do my best to monitor the goings-on on the wiki, but I can't be expected to catch everything that happens. If you feel there is an important administrative issue which needs my attention, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. If you need to talk to me privately or urgently, I can be e-mailed at root[at]1d4chan[dot]org. It's worth noting that I have a rather hands-off approach to administration and I prefer users to settle disputes between themselves if possible before it becomes necessary for intervention. AssistantWikifag is my deputy and should be contacted in my stead if I prove to unavailable.

Although it might seem like all I do is ban spammers and delete pages, I do occasionally anonymously contribute to the wiki's articles.

Urist McTestsection

This is where I make edits in order to test that something I've just tried to mess around with is actually working and hasn't horribly broken everything forever.

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at first load time
just like my vag

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