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I am a salty fucker, married and with a job that makes me get up at 5:00AM and go back home around 22:00 so I hate you soft living faggots.

I love many /tg/ and vidya related things, particularly Fallout.

I hate Drowtales, Forsaken of World of Warcraft and Twilight. Ironically (or hypocritically, being the colossal BDSM faggot I am; in my defence I do not agree with the retarded moral relativism of Drowtales) I love my own pet Dark Elf fictions stolen from Kenkou Cross' Monstergirls, and I write in Literotica, being the hypocrite I am.

At weekends, feel free to poke me for a round of Killing Floor 2

Otherwise I'm a pretty chill guy who hates bullshit, tends to go off like a bomb at unexplained things and dissonant themes and especially Ego trips of little dweebs, and likes to see stuff blowing up.