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Inquisitor lord des English Sturmkrieg

Just so this doesn't get lumped in with the rain of spam we've been having lately: 'Sturmkrieg' is a legit player's wiki for a sector of space in the role-playing setting Warhammer 40,000. It was also founded by ex-/b/tard Dondrekhan.

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40k army history[edit]

I started playing 40k several years ago, and created backstory for my IG army. My army name is Freiwehrkrieg 403rd Army Group "Anonymafräulein" of the Sturmkrieg sector.

I'm also working with a few other users there on an invasion of the Stardust Empire. We have one other user, Dondrekhan, who has a Rooskie themed IG army and who should be going us (he fought a few battles IRL), though he seems a bit brain dead and only occasionally posts army lists, which are not entertaining.

A certain someone decides to use /tg/ as his personal army[edit]

Someone, whose identity is known to Sturmkrieg Intelligence and has been for some time, decided that it would be a good idea to try to use /tg/ as his personal army. He's a projecting closet Nazi who has been banned from the Stardust Empire wiki (it's total shit fanfiction, I know) for cyberbullying people with disabilities.