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savagereaper really likes to get shit done[edit]

Here is my personal page where i talk about myself and post updates for my various homebrew settings i am involved with: down below is a list of future projects i wouid like to try them and below that is some projects i am working on currently.

coming soon:

alpha-beta-gamma: the quake rpg

tabletop fun on lh'owon: marathon rpg revival

unreal tournament rpg:

edge of chaos: the world of heretic and hexen rpg

serious sam rpg: roll for random encounters

unforseen consequences for a critical fail: the half-life rpg

world of ghoul rpg

setting:warhammer 40,000 for pokemon tabletop united

tyrian: the high-flyin rpg

reich of the dead (generic nazi zombies) for tales of arcadia

welcome to... CARNEVIL!!! the rpg

works in progress:

Welcome to your life: the blood rpg

Forces of the cabal for tales of arcadia

setting:warhammer 40,000 for pokemon tabletop united

hr giger's dark world campaign setting

shit i despise[edit]

  • karens
  • weebs
  • 4th ed dnd
  • avatar teh film
  • weeb space commies (tau)
  • harry potter, books and the movies
  • thaco
  • slannesh
  • blood 2 (fuckin raw!)
  • wiilliam shatner's tekwar (fuckin raw!)
  • star wars sequel trilogy
  • people who insist on political correctness
  • sjw

shit i like[edit]

  • da orks (green is best!)
  • 40k, obviously
  • hr giger
  • doom
  • half life
  • madness combat
  • the salamanders
  • the iron warriors
  • civvie 11
  • terminator
  • blood
  • marathon
  • unreal tournament 2004
  • duke nukem
  • quake
  • bolt thrower
  • dnd 5e
  • serious sam
  • heretic and hexen series
  • dawn of war
  • epic 40,000 final liberation
  • the angry marines
  • humanity fuck yeah!
  • megadeth
  • tabletop games (duh because otherwise i woudnt be here)
  • slayer
  • tyrian
  • pokemon (only for the lulz)
  • ghoul
  • carnevil!!!

/tg/ buddies[edit]

here is a list of some of savagereapers good friends on /tg/:

  • wammnebu: he's a cool guy and the person i work with the most on /tg/ he's also good at drawing things.
  • death korps of krieg soldier: he is always editing various articles all over 1d4chan looking for the slightest grammar heresies.
  • konrad 13: one of the original contributors to infinicon, he now maintains the infinicon pages, he is probably the last person alive who edited those pages.

missing in action[edit]

here is a list of personalities around /tg/ that have gone misssing in action around 1d4chan please observe a moment of silence for them now. and pray for their return. if YOU know any people that have gone mia and made important contributions to this wiki feel free to add them HERE

  • chrowx/infinicon chairman:

creator of infinicon and the endless wilds also motherfuckin beyblades, went mia in 2014 try his gmail if you dare.