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As dzіnched dog I am serious. I lurk around /tg/ once in a while along with /b/, /a/, /w/, other boards relevant to my interest, and I'm a bit of a WH40K fan sooo....meh.

Srs bsns

List of failures[edit]

Things to know about this user[edit]

  • This user enjoys certain types of animu and is therefore a heretical weeaboo. You can help thin down his kind by ruthlessly mocking him until he gives himself the Emperor's peace.
  • This user is a part-time writefag because he's too retarded to be a drawfag, he's also terrible at being one as he's a talentless hack.
  • This user moderates the STALKER wikia as SHIELD unit. He however, does not do much as he's a lazy fuck.
  • This user likes the Tau Empire fluff and models, even more evidence that he's a weeaboo.
  • This user fucks up any page he edits, you can help by reverting the shit he inserts in pages he edits.
  • This user creates shit articles, you can help by blanking it and putting the delete template on it.
  • This user thinks that INDRICK BALDEALE is the best force commander ever fo' real, you can help by constantly saying to him that Boreale was a failure like he is.
  • This user has a Facebook account to fill the giant social void within him as he's too anti-social to communicate with other people IRL.