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Has done up some spreadsheets for 40K Army Building. If you're looking for him, you're probably looking for them.

The CONTENT[edit]

4e Eldar Spreadsheet Statblocks update on the fly depending on model wargear.

A Shitty Necromunda Spreadsheet It has dropdown menus for selection of options, but it's pretty bare-bones.

5e Imperial Guard Spreadsheet (With Fast Vehicle bug fixed) Megaupload Mirror

4e Tau Spreadsheet (Updated to fix Ethereal Wargear) Megaupload Mirror

4e Orks Spreadsheet (Updated to fix the Stikkbombz/Shoota Boyz problem) Megaupload Mirror

5e Space Marines Spreadsheet Megaupload Mirror

Other Spreadsheets[edit]

Sheets made by other users. Might be useful.

4e Chaos Space Marines Spreadsheet - by Sommunist


Mahjong Rules Quicksheet (For the hell of it)