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I'm a big gamer and sci-fi/fantasy fan going way back, and am a long-time neckbeard. I dabble in the occassional draw-faggotry. I enjoy my fair share of write-faggotry, and the content on this site is often good enough to get me through my worst days at work. I maintain my own deviantart page but am far too lazy a fuck to put anything up less than two months apart.

I wrote most of the page for the Sanguinary Guard (read: everything that wasn't delicious copypasta)and did a lot of the revisions for Sanguinius and the Blood Angels and even tried to make a full page on the Storm Wardens before I realized I couldn't give them proper credit and left that in the capable hands of those of /tg/.

I'm obviously a big Blood Angel fan. I've played 'em since Angels of Death and read damn near every bit of Black Library that comes out about them, however good it may be. Though I do try and remain even-handed about any modifications I make to articles about the boys in red, because if there's anything I dislike worse than outright disrespect, it's severe fanwank like to the point where it's no fun for anyone.

my to do list includes:

-cleaning up the BA really is a fuckin' mess.

-putting some short stories up on the writefaggotry page

-finish one of my Throne-damned articles up.... got a few down. Blood Angel successor chapters and a few of the named characters from the new Blood Angel Dex like Karlaen and Donatos Aphael just cuz.