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I just correct some shit whenever i see it and throw my two cents in the discussion tab. Other than that, go find someone else.

I also get rather pissed at the rampant faggotry shown by those fucking Mary Sues, furries, and godamn fucking chakats. Oh, and female space marines. No, that's not how it works, fuck off back to your own corner of the internet, i stick to the lore here (except for custom chapters/legions/regiments but even then i try to keep it sensible).

Ideas for Imperial guard regiments:

264th Hessian Jaegers

339th Hessian Armoured Company

863rd Hessian Line Infantry.

Force org? Hopefully it'll end up being mostly two squads of guard backed up by a generic Leman Russ. Maybe a few heavy bolters/Lascannons to even this shit out but it should just be combined arms supreme. God help the tyranid hormagants who get to charge x2 Guard squads and a Leman Russ (note that when i say this i mean there'll be multiples of this. As in, say, five sets of x2 guard squads and a Russ).

Also, jesus wikifag, i know you have to bring in money to keep the place running, but why must the ads be so cancerous? Taumanta (talk) 23:36, 6 April 2017