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Yeah I'm just a dude...who does stuff. Mostly writey stuff.

Also, part time /u/nionist and a Shopfag of repute on /vp/.

Return of the Primarchs[edit]

Also, writefag member for the Return of the Primarchs tale as Lorgarfag.

Things I personally wrote were:

  • Lorgar beheading Kor Phaeron for being a poisonous old fart.
  • Kharn meeting his BFFL, Argel Tal.
  • A Kill-Team finding one of the lost Primarchs.
  • Fulgrim meeting a Farseer student of a certain prick.
  • Jaghatai Khan becoming an Archon
  • Kaptin Bluddflagg fighting the other Lost Legion, which is full of Pirates.
  • Magnus the Red on Titan seeing Grey Knights and getting bling.
  • Deathwatch (RPG) rules for these Legions that are back in the fold. (See the RotP Page for link)
  • Captain Titus joining Nathaniel Garro and Loken in forming a new iteration of the Knights-Errant
  • Kharn punching himself.
  • Cypher and Omegon scheming the beginning of this whole plot
  • Taimak (The Son of Thunder) and some of his Tau allies discovering the Farsight Enclaves and Commander Blacksun and Aun'Shi II.
  • A Prioress of the Adepta Sororitas who is in love with a PDF Colonel while also being responsible for a whole Convent of her own.
  • Cypher flees from the forces of Malal. Guest starring Doomrider and the Warp Riders.
  • An unfinished tale about Cypher's role in saving Terra from a madman.

DOW Continuity[edit]

A timeline (sorta) trying to line up Return of the Primarchs with the Dawn of War series. Any other ideas welcome.

Other Writestuffs[edit]

For those who are aware of Storythread's existence, I have been a frequent attendant. Very frequent. Examples include:

  • A Mummy Lich riding zombie dinosaurs
  • A tale about a Scottish dame punching sheep.
  • Three tales about three stormtroopers in postapocalyptic England
  • A setting about goddesses and mortals having hot, smutty /u/ sex. And one story without smut involving a fortuneteller. And another about the origin of the gods.
  • A story about the CharMarine
  • A story about a guy and his regrets over a girl he liked.
    • An unrelated story about another guy's regrets about his dead wife.
  • A short about a Crusader avenging her dad...and feeling shit over it after
  • An origin story about the /co/ character Hope Corgi
  • One lucky Tau ambssador pulling a fast one on the Mechanicus using an over-decorated drone.
  • Optimus Prime and the Emprah arm-wrestling and discussing personal philosophy.
  • Five stories about Christmas and 40k: One about Bjorn, one about Eldar sisters, one about a lost Necron, and one last overview. Oh and one about If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device and Santa Claus.
  • A story which is essentially a tribute to Ronnie James Dio while putting in as many song references in a story.
  • A two-parter about a girl's romance with a mermaid while their worlds are on the brink of war.
  • A story about an insane zealous crusader who fought during the Fifth Crusade.
  • One in which a mercenary company accidentally awakens what might be angels and bringing about the end of cyberfuturistic capitalist America
    • An unrelated tale where another mercenary company in a decidedly more modern setting gets eaten by succubi, which catches the intentions of Van Helsing....'s international monster hunting agency. Because I was playing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing a lot.
  • A larger plot which essentially amounts to turning Touhou into a gaslight London motif where shrine maidens with open armpits are actually detectives.

Star Commandos[edit]


Chapter Tactics (Star Commandos)

  • Falling with Style - All units with the Deep Strike rule can re-roll their scatter die when they Deep Strike.
  • Orbital Assault - Any detachment of Space Marines using Chapter Tactics (Star Commandos) may never have more vehicles than infantry in the army. The only exception to this rule is the Drop Pod. Assault Squads also now have Objective Secured.



Name Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Buzzar Luxanos 170 5 6 4 4 4 5 3 10 3+/5++

Unit Type: 1 Jump Infantry (Unique) Wargear: Power Armor, Jump Pack, Iron Halo, Frag & Krak Grenades, Power Sword

Chapter Relic: Nova Band This arm-mounted las-weapon was originally an untested prototype built by the Adeptus Mechanicus before the Star Commandos' fateful voyage to the edges of the Imperium. However, as their resources dwindled both through basic consumption and the intra-chapter war, the reservations over this uncertain technology had to be pushed aside and these weapons were forcibly cannibalized from Guardsmen lasguns to build more of them. After his promotion to Chapter Master, Buzzar has had this weapon upgraded to utilise technology from a Hot-shot lasgun. This weapon counts as a digital weapon, an auspex, and a shooting weapon with the profile mentioned.

Name Range S AP Special
Nova Band 18" 4 3 Assault 4

Rules: ATSKNF, Chapter Tactics (Star Commandos), Independent Character, Hit and Run, Orbital Bombardment NOTE: Before deployment, Buzzar can only join other Jump Infantry units.

  • Wings of the Federation - Buzzar Luxanos may give all Vanguard Veterans in his detachment the Objective Secured rule.
  • Swift Firing - All infantry in the detachment with Heavy weapons have Relentless.


Name Pts WS BS S F S R I A HP
Honoured Hecex Sarr 130 5 6 7 13 12 10 4 2 3

Unit Type: 1 Walker (Unique) Wargear: Twin-Linked Autocannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with underslung heavy flamer, searchlights, smoke launcher

Rules: Venerable, Tank Hunter

Interface: If Hecex Sarr is within 6" of an LGM-Pattern Servitor as it attempts to use Blessing of the Omnissiah, Hecex Sarr can assume control over the Servitor's Machine Spirit, granting it a +1 to the Blessing of the Omnissiah.

Hecex Sarr can replace his Twin-Linked Autocannon for: - Plasma Cannon: Free - Twin-Linked Lascannon: 25 Pts.


A detachment with Hecex Sarr or a Master of the Forge can purchase 0-5 LGM-Pattern Servitors. After deployment, these Servitors can attach themselves to another squad or stay with Sarr or the Master of the Forge. Those Servitors that join a squad cannot leave it unless the unit is completely destroyed.

Name Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
LGM-Pattern Servitor 20 2 3 3 2 1 4 1 8 4+

Type: Infantry (Character)

Wargear: Servo-Arm

Rules: Blessing of the Omnissiah

Unseen Ingenuity: After deployment, roll d6 with +1 for the result for each LGM-class servitor beyond the first. The result will only apply for the unit the LGM-Class Servitor is initially deployed with.

  1. The Claw Is Empty! - No changes.
  2. Reforge Steel! - All melee weapons wielded by the squad (but not the Servitor himself) strike at +1S.
  3. Faster! - One weapon in the attached squad (All boltguns, all flamers, all plasma guns) gets Twin-Linked.
  4. Protection! - The attached squad gets a 5++ Invulnerable Save. If they already have an Invulnerable Save, then it gets improved by +1.
  5. Over There! - All non-template weapons have their range increased by 6"
  6. The Claw Gifts Us! - Roll twice on this table and add both results. Re-roll any duplicate results or other rolls of 6.