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"We, the fa/tg/uys, with the intent of designing a suitable wiki to archive significant parts of our culture and to serve as a convergence point for much of our own collected community content, have made this declaration. From this point onward, 1d4chan shall be used as a place merely for /tg/ users and people familiar with our style. No longer shall we allow shit and agendas to place itself alongside our quality OC. Our duty to this wiki is to preserve its unique style of commentary and purpose, while simultaneously adding to it. It is with this responsibility that we save this haven for homebrews, writefaggotry, and insight on tabletop gaming from the muddied hands of SJWs, /b/tards, and etc."

The Scale of /tg/ Relation. Basically, a very simple numerical scale where the lower you go, the less related to /tg/ it is.

5: Actual tabletop games and supplements to those games. Articles on these are a given as they are the foundation for /tg/ culture and discussion. Ex. 40k, D&D, Dominion

4: Creators, Canon Fluff, and Companies. Things that relate directly to the games themselves, including lore, the publishers, or the people who create the games. Ex. Matt Ward, The EMPRAH, WoTC

3: /tg/ Creations, Homebrew, writefaggotry, and memes that come directly from the board itself. Very important in documenting a lot of our own additions to games and just games we've made. Arguably a more fitting 4, but I'll leave it right here. Still deserving of articles. Ex. Old Man Henderson, Time Wizards, All Homebrew pages

2: Things like videogames, books, and supplementary products that relate to the above three. This is also for general stuff /tg/ likes. This is where you put stuff that can be talked about, but not necessarily should. Still makes for good articles. Ex. Transformers

1: Topics that involve other boards and other sites. You can also put just about any hamfisted attempt at pushing a social, political, or any kind of agenda through tabletop games. Making articles on these? You really shouldn't. ADDENDUM: This doesn't apply to things like Board-tans, where the subject being discussed has no other suitable wiki to be covered on. Ex. ?

0: Things that have absolutely nothing to do with tabletop games or the people who play them. Ex. 9/11.