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Smashfucker is one of the most cheesey, rapey, deadly character builds in Warhammer 40,000. An Iron Hands Chapter Master with a monstrous set of wargear, he is practically immortal and will smash your shit with extreme prejudice.

The O.G. Smash[edit]

Smashbane, Smashfucker's original incarnation, is an Iron Hands Chapter Master kitted out to be rock-hard. He was conceived using the 6th Edition Codex: Space Marines. In his most basic form, he looks a little something like this:

Smashbane (220 points)[edit]

6 5 4 5 4 5 4 10 2+


  • Chainsword
  • Frag grenades
  • Krak grenades
  • Iron Halo
  • Orbital strike
  • Shield Eternal
  • Space Marine Bike

Special Rules:

  • Adamantium Will
  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Chapter Tactics (Iron Hands)
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Feel No Pain (6+)
  • Independent Character
  • Invulnerable (3+)
  • It Will Not Die (5+)

It'd be a damned shame to leave him like that, though; he's damned near unkillable but won't do much killing. You'll want a real weapon, plus maybe some melta bombs for special occasions and digital weapons to help your hits land. If you take a Thunder Hammer - and there's really no reason not to, you're paying so much for him as it is that there's no point in trying to save points - you'll be hitting at strength 8, AP2 with Concussive, and you won't need to worry about initiative as you're not going to die anyway. While he won't win against everyone - notably, he'll (mathematically) lose against Be'lakor, Skarbrand, Abaddon, and a Waaagh-buffed Ghazghkull - he's still dead 'ard and dead killy.

Also of note is the fact that he managed to go head-to-head with Darnath Lysander and the two punched each other out, despite Lysander's S10.

Clan Raukaan Supplement version[edit]

With the release of the Clan Raukaan supplement, Smashbane evolved into Smashfucker: a Clan Raukaan detachment loses access to C:SM relics (i.e. The Shield Eternal), but gains its own, including the amazing (and 5 points cheaper) Gorgon's Chain. This piece of gear doesn't take up a weapons slot, unlike the Shield, and not only do you get 3++ and Eternal Warrior, you ALSO get +1 to your Feel No Pain! You lose the Shield's Adamantium Will, but that's hardly a big deal. Unfortunately its effectiveness decreases as you take wounds, first losing the Feel No Pain boost, then the Eternal Warrior, and then having its 3++ decreased to a 4++. However, you're unlikely to get that far, and if you regain wounds with your IWND, you get the previous levels of the Chain back!

Additionally, Clan Raukaan adds a new table of warlord traits that you can use in addition to the rulebook ones. One of the possibilities is a further +1 to FNP, for a total of FNP (4+). Sure, it takes luck, but with a CAD's rerollable warlord trait you have a not-terrible 31% chance of getting it.

Because the Gorgon's Chain doesn't take up a weapons slot, you can grab a Lightning Claw / Thunder Hammer combo, receiving an extra attack and the option to strike (weaker) blows at initiative. Alternatively, you could go with a ranged weapon, like Betrayer's Bane: it's a master-crafted, unlimited-use combi-melta for 25 points. If you're willing to make the argument that you're allowed to replace your bike's twin-linked boltguns (and let's be honest, if you're trying to field Smashfucker then you probably are), grab them all at once!

If you field it, they will die. Almost nothing short of a Daemon Prince of Nurgle wielding the Black Mace can even touch this guy, and even then the Daemon Prince might lose given one bad roll.

Angels of Death supplement[edit]

The new Angels of Death supplement has even more toys for you to break the game with. First, it extends the benefits from the Clan Raukaan supplement to all Iron Hands detachments, without imposing restrictions on what C:SM stuff you can use. Second, it adds a Gladius-style detachment specifically for the Iron Hands called the Fist of Medusa Strike Force which provides yet another +1 FNP. Last but not least, it adds a new Terminator Captain who has the ability to take Cataphractii Terminator Armor, allowing him to rerolls 1s on invulnerable saves.

This is Smashfucker's Final Form. The Smashiest, fucking hardest fucker to ever live. No Smashfucker can ever be more smashfuckery. The basic form starts with a Terminator Captain leading a Fist of Medusa, sacrificing Chapter Master status to take Cataphractii armor:


6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+


  • Cataphractii Terminator armor
  • Storm bolter
  • Power sword
  • Iron halo
  • Gorgon's Chain

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Chapter Tactics (Iron Hands)
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Feel No Pain (4+)
  • Independent Character
  • Invulnerable (3+)
  • It Will Not Die (5+)

Obviously already hard as diamonds, but wait, there's more! RAW, it appears that Cataphractii Armor isn't included in the restriction that prevents regular Terminators from taking bikes. Obviously it's nice not having to footslog any more, but equally important is the toughness boost so you don't have to worry about Instant Death from anything less than S10. Smashfucker 9000 has Eternal Warrior, so ID attacks only wound him, but they prevent him from taking his epic FNP roll. The bike will bump him up to 185 points, which is a goddamned bargain.

Of course you'll still need to make him killy, but that topic is pretty well covered by now. The only thing left to add is that because Smashgasm has two free hands and access to both the C:SM and AoD relic tables, you can grab a Thunder Hammer / Teeth of Terra combo instead of the cheaper, weaker, saner Thunder Hammer / Lightning Claw.

All by his lonesome, Smashfuckomatic has a 2+ armor save, a 3+ invulnerable save that rerolls 1s, a 4+ Feel No Pain save, and 5+ It Will Not Die. With just a little help (see below), though, Smashfucker Prime can be pushed to the absolutely monstrous saves line of:


Which means that you would need 1296 Conscripts to put a single wound on Smashfucker. And of course, even if you do somehow succeed in wounding him, he still has a 5+ IWND, so there's no guarantee that wound will still be around next turn. And let's face it, you already need multiple turns of your entire army laying into this guy non-stop to even tickle him.

Pretty much the only reliable way to even threaten Smashfucker is with either a massive amount of S10 AP2 or a roll of 6 on the Strength D chart. Even in the case of the S10 AP2 route, Smashfucker still has the ungodly 2++/2+++ to burn it off, so you need 36 shots at S10 AP2 to shave off a single wound.

Note : A much much cheaper Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage take Smashfucker in 2 turn mathematically, without sweating too much. So run like a Roid Forest Gump if you ever face one.

Bring Your Friends![edit]

Things only get smashier when you roll with your crew. Keep in mind that a Fist of Medusa Detachment and a good roll on the Iron Hands warlord traits table will improve FNP by an additional +1 each.


A command squad with an apothecary grants Feel No Pain (5+); when Smashbane was conceived, this replaced his Chapter Tactics FNP (6+), and Smashfucker's Gorgon's Chain improved it to FNP (4+). However, with C:SM 7th edition, Iron Hands get +1 to their rolls if they get FNP from somewhere else. That brings Smashbane to FNP (4+) and the Smashfuckers to a monstrous FNP (3+). Turn it up to 11 by taking a Salamanders detachment with Harath Shen, their Master Apothecary, instead of some nameless command squad schmuck; he grants FNP (4+), improved to FNP (3+) by Smashbane and Jesus-H-Christ FNP (2+) by Smashfucker. Keep in mind that Shen's on foot and will slow you down.


Because magic. Take a librarian, or go all-out and grab a whole fucking conclave. Grab bikes and attach them to Smash*'s squad. Finally, roll on Sanctic Daemonology and hope for Sanctuary. That will give Smashy and any shield-toting command squad vets a 2+ invulnerable save; if your fearless leader is rocking Cataphractii armor, that shit is rerollable. The libby and apothecary will have to settle for a 6+, so wrap them up tight and remember that even a command squad apothecary is a character who can make Look Out, Sir! rolls. If you successfully grab Sanctuary and still have powers left to roll, Endurance deserves a special look: It'll deliver FNP (4+) without taking Shen and his detachment.

You can even try to do the legendary "Psysmashfucker", an Iron Hands librarian in a big Librarius Conclave. Put him on a bike with a Force Maul and either the Gorgon's Chain or the Shield Eternal, and try to roll Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Endurance, and Life Leech. If you get the necessary buffs and still have librarians with powers to generate, try for Sanctuary so you can push that invulnerable save to 2+. Assuming you get them all up and running, get a load of this stat line:

5 4 7 8 2 7 5 10 3+


  • Bolt pistol
  • Force maul
  • Frag grenades
  • Krak grenades
  • Psychic hood
  • Space Marine Bike
  • The Gorgon's Chain

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Chapter Tactics (Iron Hands)
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Feel No Pain (3+)
  • Fleet
  • Smash
  • Independent Character
  • Invulnerable (3+)
  • It Will Not Die (5+)

With 5 S9/AP2 Instant Death attacks at I7, he's killier than Smashfucker, but much squishier too. He's 3+/3++ without Sanctuary (no artificer armor for you), and he has just two wounds. If you took Terminator armor instead of a bike, he'd have a 2+/3++, but he'd give up a point of toughness and lack the mobility to stay out of trouble (or at least choose the trouble he gets into). Use Life Leech to keep him healed up. If you went the Gorgon's Chain route, hold on to a pistol for yet another attack, or swap it out for more dakka (Betrayer's Bane again?).


Just in case you haven't already blown all your points on a single unit, Smashbane's command squad can grab the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant, which provides +1A in a 12" radius around the standard bearer. Unfortunately a Clan Raukaan detachment can't take C:SM relics, but with Angels of Death you can make a non-Raukaan Smashfucker and get in on this action.

For one more bonus attack, you can switch Smashfucker over to an Honour Guard equipped with a Chapter Banner (+1A to that unit), and keep them in the command squad's 12" +1A zone. Unfortunately the Honour Guard can't take bikes or an apothecary. You can compensate for the latter by taking Shen, who will no longer be the only footslogger, or use a librarian with Endurance. You can even embrace the slowness by swapping your librarians' bikes for Terminator armor and giving them storm shields. You give up Sweeping Advances, but now they're part of your hard candy shell instead of your gooey center.

Family Reunion[edit]

Because Angels of Death lets you use C:SM's relics as well as its own, and the Shield Eternal and Gorgon's Chain can make almost identical 'fuckers, you can take two of the Super Smash Brothers in the same detachment. Two Chapter Masters would probably be frowned upon (maybe take a "successor chapter" allied detachment if you want to use both Smashbane and the original Smashfucker), but Smashfucker Prime is a Captain! You could take him along with his boss, or go Psysmashfucker. You could also accept that nobody will ever play with you and just take two fucking Primes.

Of course, if you really don't give a fuck about points cost; or you're playing Apocalypse, then feel free to make sure your opponents understand why PRIME is referred to as such. Go ahead and give PRIME a retinue consisting of 10 Honour Guard, 5 Librarians, and 10 Terminator Captains in Cataphractii Armour on bikes.

The Bane of Smashfucker[edit]

Okay, we've seen what Chapter Master Smashfucker is. How do we effectively counter him? Cheap units that have fearless, eternal warrior, and/or a fuckload of models, namely Hormagaunts from Tervigon or a unit of 50 conscripts with Ministorium Priest attached to them. Note that this tarpitting strategy is only a temporary solution as Smashfucker inflicts around 4 wounds per turn to the tarpit unit, and might also have a retinue to thin it out. The strategy also suffers heavily if Smashfucker just decides to use his mobility to go around the blob. Although it is quite hard to go around 50 model units as they have the ability to smear themselves over the table. Astra Militarum blobs specifically give CMS problems as he cannot reliably inflict enough wounds, and most likely the blob is going to have primaris psyker attachments that WILL ruin smashfucker's day with their instant death power axes and possible psychic powers etc.

Strength 10 weapons are actually quite good in this regard: even though most rounds blink off 3++ or 2+, the master is still T5 so he gets no FNP, and AP2 or 1 weapons will force him to use his slightly worse 3++ instead of the 2+. This is the primary reason why Lysander and Ghazkhull do so well against him. Also remember that Gorgon's chain loses quite a lot of its power once the master gets wounded, and the third S10 hit will instagib him, having lost Eternal Warrior. Coordinate your weapons fire with this in mind.

Knights will actually give Smashfucker issues, as he only hits at S8 with no extra capabilities for armor penetration, and will have trouble going through AV13 with a 5++ for a Lancer, or 4++ from divination psykers. Meanwhile, D-strength weapons prevent FnP from coming into play, and a roll of 6 is likely to kill outright, as are good stomp results. While the biker command retinue can be a threat (if equipped with melta bombs), decent shooting can thin the scouts out. Also note that knight attacks first, so hope for those 6's!

For Chaos! Maulerfiends with magmacutters can cause pretty gory results if you manage to get one or two of these guys in combat with Smashfucker: S10 and extra attacks from magmacutters will chip off a few wounds, and that's all that is needed to deactivate gorgon's chain. A Daemon Prince with Nurgle, Wings, Armor, and Black Mace would ruin Captain Smashfucker pretty good, WS9, I8, 5+D6 Attacks, at S6 AP2, wounding on 2+. While Black Mace's toughness tests are flimsy at best against T5 units, it might get a wound off, but don't bet on it.

On the subject of psychic powers, he also lacks innate psychic defense, although this can be countered somewhat since he is a space marine and so can have a librarian in the same detachment to give access to psychic hoods. Most notable he has no way to counter psychic deathstars that spam invisibility, he may pulp what he hits but if he's only hitting on 6's that will stop him and he will be slowed down by the strategic summoning of demons to block charge lanes. And of course, there's spamming Wraithguard and their Strength D shots as Eldar like a douche.

Smashfucker's biggest bane however is objective based missions in general and Maelstrom of War in particular. While he may destroy what ever he charges, he is not in any way cheap and his "zone of control" (part of the game board he threatens in one turn), is limited to his bike move+average charge, and he can only commit himself to one charge per turn. If a unit takes three turns to finish off, (very likely against big blobs) then he's spent half the game pulping some conscripts/hormagaunts/boyz/guardians/sisters/scouts, and not helping his army. Most likely tho the rest of the CMS's army is tailored to counter what counters Smashfucker (in very "Just as Planned" way) so chances are that you need to get creative with the tarpits or they get squashed out beforehand. However, if you manage to delay Smashfucker and obliterate his anti-tarpit forces then your victory is most assuredly guaranteed since CMS is HQ choice and thusly lacks Objective Secured special rule (because you have it like a good boy, right?).

See the Smashfucker despair as he has that Secure Objective 1 and Domination Maelstorm cards on his hands and sees 40-man conscript blob sitting on objective 1, But that's what Thunderfire cannon's are for...

Win by objectives!


All of these fights are assuming that Smashfucker Prime has his command squad with him making up the points difference, and a single librarian giving him Sanctuary. This normally violates the "Fighting in a Vacuum" principle, but it is done for the sake of fairness given the extreme difference in points cost between Smashfucker Prime, and all of the Primarchs. We are assuming that the Command Squad is also collectively cowering behind a pillar to provide morale/medical support for Smashfucker's fights with literal demigods.


Perturabo strikes at the same time as Smashfucker, dealing 3.333 wounds at S10, which is brought down to 0.0925 wounds by Smashfuckers re-rollable invuln. Prime's 4+ IWND brings that down to 0.0462 wounds

Smashfucker Prime swings as well, hitting 2.333 times, and scoring 1.944 wounds. Perturabo's invuln save brings that down to 0.648, which IWND brings it down to 0.427

Smashfucker wins by a huge margin.


Angron Strikes First, hitting 4.667 times, and wounding 3.889 times. Smashfucker's invuln save brings that down to 0.108, and his Feel No Pain brings it down to 0.018. IWND brings that further down to 0.009

Smashfucker Prime swings next, hitting 2.333 times, and scoring 1.944 wounds. Angron's invuln save brings that down to 0.972, which IWND brings it down to 0.641

Smashfucker Prime wins


Horus Strikes First, hitting 4 times, and inflicting 3.333 wounds on Smashfucker. Smashfucker's re-rollable 2++ brings that down to 0.09, and his Feel No Pain brings that down further to 0.01. IWND brings that further down to 0.005

Knowing this, it will be 100 turns before Horus can alter Smashfucker's Statline with the Talon of Horus. Keep this in mind, as Smashfucker needs to kill Horus before his statline gets changed.

Smashfucker then strikes next with 4 attacks, hitting 2.333 times, and wounding 1.944 times. Horus' Invuln save brings that down to 0.648, and IWND brings it down further to 0.427.

Smashfucker wins in 14 turns, long before Talon of Horus ever comes into effect.

SMASHFUCKER PRIME Vs. Rowboat Girlyman

Rowboat uses his Hand of Dominion, because denying Smashfucker his 2+ Feel No Pain is apparently more useful than re-rolling to wound. In this case, Rowboat hits 3.333 times, and wounds 2.778. Smashfucker's Invuln brings that down to 0.0771, and IWND down to 0.0385

Smashfucker strikes back, hitting 2.333 times, and wounding 1.944 times. Rowboat's invuln brings that down to 0.972, and IWND down to 0.641

Smashfucker wins again


Corax hits 4 times, and inflicts 3.556 wounds. Smashfucker's Invuln save brings this down to 0.0987, and his FNP brings this down to 0.0164. IWND takes it further to 0.008

Smashfucker swings back, hitting 2.33 times, and wounding 1.944 times. Corax's shitty invuln save brings this down to 1.28, and IWND down to 0.84

Corax gets his shit kicked in so hard, he actually dies in 7 turns. Making him the only primarch that dies to Smashfucker in a standard length game.


Ferrus Manus strikes 4 times, hitting 2.667 times, and wounding 2.222 times. Smashfucker Prime's Invulnerable save brings this down to 0.061, and IWND down to 0.03

Smashfucker swings back, hitting 2.333 times, and wounding 1.556 times. Ferrus's Invuln brings this down to 0.51, and IWND down to 0.34.

Smashfucker wins against his own primarch, proving that he is superior to his own father.

SMASHFUCKER PRIME Vs. Magnus the Red, courtesy of Codex - Thousand Sons

We're assuming that Magnus has 10 warp charges worth of powers to activate before the battle starts, and isn't using Paralyze(Because I hate you mezzy)

Magnus starts the battle by using Flickering, Battle Form, Golden Way, Drowse, and Thief.

Magnus strikes first, hitting 7.111 times, and wounding 5.926 times. 2+ Invuln(Flickering cancels out the reroll) and FNP bring this down to 0.164, IWND brings this down to 0.082. Magnus kills Smashfucker in 36.585 turns.

Smashfucker returns by hitting 1.75 times, and wounding 0.583. Magnus's shitty 5+ invuln brings this down to 0.256, and IWND down to 0.167. Smashfucker can kill magnus then in 35.92 turns.

Smashfucker wins, but it's an incredibly hard fight with the psychic fuckery, and missing out on his lightning claw(Because the red giant steals it).

SMASHFUCKER PRIME Vs. The God Emperor of Mankind

For this fight, we are assuming that the God Emperor has the following Statline: WS10, BS10, S10, T10, W10, A10, I10, LD10, 2+/3++, and is also equipped with The Burning Blade, as it's his sword after all! In addition, he has Smash, Eternal Warrior, Fearless, IWND, Adamantium Will,

The God Emperor swings first, hitting 6.667 times, and wounding 5.556 times. Smashfucker's Invuln brings this down to 0.154, and IWND down to 0.0771

Smashfucker swings back, hitting 1.75 times, and wounding 0.291 times. The Emperor's Invuln brings this down to 0.077, and IWND down to 0.032.

The God Emperor of Mankind kills SMASHFUCKER PRIME in 38.91 turns. While SMASHFUCKER PRIME has a Time To Kill of 312.5.

The God Emperor Wins

The Matchups[edit] (The birth of Smashfucker. He's made near the end.) (Keep in mind that this doesn't factor in the warlord traits, digital weapons, the Betrayer's Bane, or the Tempered Helm.) (Some recalculations were made. Made some assumptions on Daemon Weapons and on Stalker and Disarming Strike abilities, as well as disregarding any rolled Powers)