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April 20, 2022

I'm busy with school.

September 5, 2020

The URL of should be redirected to

I haven't touched the board tans wiki for around two years. This page hasn't been editing since April 8th of 2018.

Anyway I'm doing weekly doodles for /pol/'s character on the above site, plus assisting other old board tans to establish their relevance and continuity. I want to ensure that they have their spotlights and that /pol/ is minor in hindsight (/v/, /a/, /tg/, and /co/ along with encouragements from /cgl/ is the reason that I hopped aboard the 4chanhouse project).

There is nothing I can do about /pol/'s wiki page if others want to continue building him up to be in het? relationships. Personally I'm uncomfortable with portraying those relationships canonically as oppose to shenanigans like Winter Ball stuff but hey, others are free to do as they will. Artists and writers like to work without restrictions. I know that feeling.


-slug jelly